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JANUARY 31, 2023

New General Manager for the USMNT!

New General Manager for the USMNT!

USA Floorball

After 25 years with Adam Troy as General Manager of the men’s team it is time for a change and Stefan Hedlund will take the helm of the USMNT moving forward.

“I feel it is time for someone new to take over with new energy and a new perspective and so I have decided to make this move. I have full confidence that Stefan Hedlund will take the men’s national team to the next level but I will still be a part of USA Floorball and will be giving them any support they may need along the way,” says long time General Manager Adam Troy who is also Executive Director and Content Producer for USA Floorball.

Stepping into his shoes is Stefan Hedlund who is based in Sweden and has long-time experience of floorball at many levels. Both on the coaching side as well as organization side of things. He has been both coach and team manager of team USA in the past as well as the head of many different floorball organizations in Sweden.

“The task of succeeding Adam Troy will be special in many ways. It is impossible to describe what Adam has done and means to USA Floorball and the men's national team. Adam is worthy of many choruses of praise for his life's work. I can't replace Adam, I can't be Adam - but I will do everything I can to manage and develop the team to the best of my ability. I won't be alone though. I have a growing American floorball movement, I have the board of directors, I have my assistant General Manager and I have the national team organization with me in this mission. Together, the goal is not to lose speed but to continue advancing our positions organizationally, financially, and on the field,” says new General Manager Stefan Hedlund.

In the new role of assistant General Manager we will have Joakim Soederbaum. Joakim Soederbaum is well known in the USA Floorball community as a player on NTFA as well as president of the same. By having an assistant General Manager based in the US we hope to be able to keep a closer eye on the budding talents in the US as well as spread the workload of the huge undertaking of General Manager for one of our national teams.

This duo have already set a high goal for the USMNT.

“The U.S. is in an expansion phase. It really feels like within the foreseeable future we can be the first nation outside of Europe to reach the top 8 at the World Floorball Championship. We have been close in the past and I want us to continue to strive towards this goal. Once there, we will take aim at our next goal,“ Stefan Hedlund continues.

Another piece of the puzzle will continue to be Joel Olofsson as he will be taking on a new role of Team Manager once a new head coach has been appointed. Both Stefan Hedlund and Joel Olofsson will also mantle the role as assistant coaches and the search for a new head coach is well underway.

“This is the perfect time for this change as we have a little bit of a window after an intense couple of months of USMNT events. The next big IFF event will be the WFCQ in February of 2024 and now the new staff will set to planning what events to have building up to the WFCQ to give the team the best possible chance of securing a spot at the WFC in Sweden in 2024,” says Executive Director Adam Troy.

The future of the men’s team is bright and exciting. Moving forward we will see even closer ties to the MU19 and talks are under way with Floorball Canada to have more of an North American exchange in the future. Soon we hope to be able to present a detailed plan for the men’s team but planning has already commenced.

“We will be present during the Texas Open and participate in the development camp there. We will scout the American players during the tournament and make new contacts. We will have a Europe-based camp in the summer/early autumn and will again be on site in the autumn/winter in the U.S. before presenting the WFCQ squad that will try to win against the team, that can now be termed as big brother in terms of results – Canada, in February 2024 .The goal is of course to win and get to play in the WFC in Sweden in December 2024,” Stefan Hedlund concludes.

If you would like to be part of the team behind the US Men’s National Team you can email Stefan Hedlund at

If you are interested in playing on the men’s national team you can read more here.

Keep an eye on the USA Floorball website and social channels for the latest news surrounding the USMNT and all things USA Floorball.

Adam Troy is to the left in the picture and Stefan Hedlund to the right.
Stefan Hedlund resume

Head coach Team USA 2010-2018
Team Manager Team USA 2021-2023
Elite coach adults highest level in Sweden 2004-2016 (for instance SSL with Västerås IB and Linköpings IBK men and women)
Coach of the year in Sweden 2011
Head instructor Floorball High school in Västerås & Linköping 2006-2013
Swedish Floorball Federation Medal of Merit
Head of World Floorball Championship analyzes Swedish Floorball Federation 2015-2018
Head of Swedish Floorball Federations coaching courses
Member of the board, now President of the district of Östergötland’s floorball federation
Works as a principal


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