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MAY 14, 2023

First Ever Floorball Tournament in Nashville!

First Ever Floorball Tournament in Nashville!

Jon DaCosta

This past weekend the Music City Floorball Club hosted the first ever floorball tournament in Nashville, Tennessee and now Jon DaCosta tells us all about it.

It all started a few years back when my family were in Orlando, FL and we had reached out to Daniel Williamsson about stopping by one of his club's public drop in events. Until that point my sons were playing floorball around the house but had never played with anyone else before, since there weren't a lot of people playing it in our area. Daniel then invited my youngest to play on what would become his Orlando Vikings Youth Nationals championship team in 2021 and my oldest played on his Y16 USA team in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was at that fantastic tournament, run by Utah Floorball Club and we knew heading home from that tournament that we had to go home and start our own club. We knew we wanted to be a part of growing the sport here in the U.S.

Flash forward a year and a half and we just wrapped up our first floorball invitational tournament here in Nashville. We decided to make this an invitational for multiple reasons. First, to keep it small enough to handle/organize but also to ensure it would focus on the development of the teams involved. We thoughtfully did this in hopes to prepare all participating teams for future, larger USA Floorball sanctioned tournaments.

In addition to the five team adult tournament, we hosted a best of three series for our U14 team against the defending 2022 Youth National Champions, the Chicago Bulldogs. It was an exciting series that was settled in a narrow win by Chicago in game 3 after an OT winner by Music City's Ethan Smith in game 2. Elliott DaCosta (Music City) came home with the most goals award and Bogdan Durbala (Music City) with the most assists, while Max Weinberg (Chicago) had the most saves.
We also hosted a 3v3 U11 game, giving our youngest age group an opportunity to play a competitive game against other kids their age.

Overall it went incredibly smooth but we learned a lot and hope to make the next one even better. It felt like a great dress rehearsal for maybe a larger USA Floorball sanction event one day.

We're so excited about the growth of floorball in Nashville and the U.S. We love the floorball community. There are definitely rivalries but the mutual goal to grow the sport puts us all on the same team.

To learn more or get involved with the Music City Floorball Club you can email Jon at jondacosta@gmail.com.
You can find the Music City Floorball Club on Facebook here:

You can find the Music City Floorball Club on Instagram here:
Photo by Courtney Youngs


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