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   Irish American Ice Hockey Classic: Boston:
PJ Stock & Family need your support as ALS strikes the Stock Family
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PJ Stock, one of the all time toughest Irish Hockey Players who played 4 seasons with the Boston Bruins and who is one of the original founding members of the IAIHA, shares what will be the toughest fight of he's ever encountered as he cares for his brother Dean who was just diagnosed with ALS.

Just 4 short months ago, Dean Stock (pictured in the photo with PJ, John Cusack and Dan McLaughlin at a Pond Hockey fundraiser to benefit  Montreal Childrens hospital) accepted his brother PJ's challenge of the ice bucket as did many thousands across the US and Canada. Little did any of the Stocks know that just 121 days later, Dean would be diagnosed with the ALS affliction himself.

The Stock Family, including Phil SR, Cathy, PJ, Jill, Dean, Paula and Jean Marie have always had their hearts open and time available to anyone who needed it in the past; now it would be great if we could help the Stock Family out in their time of need.

Now is our chance to give back and support the Stock Family as they face this challenge together to their loving, Brother, Son, Father and Husband.

The road ahead will not be an easy one, but with your help, together we can unite and stand strong alongside them.

Please click on the link below to view the heart warming video in which  PJ pours his heart and love out to his brother Dean and please consider making a small donation to the Stock Family ALS fund after viewing the video.,AAACBGYf4RE~,lPDDMsSikw2It4EjIxSvvtBc9KaErT7F&bctid=4028408215001

Professional Hockey players are always the first to give back to the community or any one who needs help; it's just in their DNA and how they are wired. It's what separates Hockey Players from every other kind of athlete.

We never truly think about and appreciate how much time Professional Hockey Players give back, never asking for anything in return, but are glad to do so to brighten the days of young hockey players or to donate items to raise funds for 100's of charities.

If you remember and enjoyed any of PJ fights while he was a Boston Bruin, please donate $20 or so dollars to the fight he Stock Family has in front of them.

Please visit the "Donate Here" button below  and make a difference in the Stock Family as they face this dreaded disease head on.

We Love You Dean!

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