Friday, July 30th, 2021
   Irish American Ice Hockey Classic: Boston:Dundalk Bulls IRELAND

Dundalk Bulls (Ireland)  to send kids from Dundalk to Boston to train.

Through the efforts of Aeidamar Sally, Secretary of the Dundalk Bulls Ice Hockey Club, Ireland's only youth to Junior organization, the paths have been opened and a number of Bulls players will be visiting Boston this summer to train and enhance their hockey careers and will bring what they've learned here in Boston back to Ireland.

Any Dundalk Bull that would like to particpate in any of the Irish American Ice Hockey Camps being held in Boston should contact Aeidamar for complete details.

All tuitions to the Irish American Ice Hockey Camps are waived for any player of the Bulls organization in hopes that the efforts of the Irish American Hockey Association will have a positive impact on the growth and development of ice hockey in Ireland.

The Dundalk Bulls is a fast growing organization in Ireland and have between 60-70 kids who train twice weekly in Ireland.

The Bulls Youth Hockey Club organize cross border games with the Junior Giants in Dundalk and Belfast where Catholic and Protestant kids are mixing and becoming fast friends, particularly in the under 10/12 age groups. Aeidamar points out if not for the love of Hockey, these children would never have met and developed these friendships and bonds.

For additional information on the Dundalk Bulls and the fine work Aeidamar and others are doing to develop the game of Ice Hockey in Ireland, please visit the Bulls website at:

The Boston Bruins Alumni recently donned the jerseys of the Dundalk Bulls for their game vs. the Irish American All-Stars held in Boston. The Boston Bruins Alumni team signed the games jersey and they're headed back to Ireland in hopes that they can be auctioned off to raise funds which will enhance the development of the Bulls Ice Hockey Program in Ireland for the benefit of all youth hockey players who are beginning to see what a special game ice hockey truly is.

Bob Sweeney of the Boston Bruins Charitable Foundation was kind enough  to donate 3 glass seats to an upcoming Boston Bruins game to benefit the Dundalk Bulls Youth Hockey Program. 100% of the proceeds from the auction are on their way to the Bulls organization in Ireland courtesy of Glacial Energy who was kind enough to purchase the set.

Appreciation to Bob Sweeney and the Boston Bruins Charitable Foundation and to all of the fine folks at Glacial Energy as well as Aeidamar Sally of the Bulls Youth Hockey Club for their hard work and dedication to promoting and enhancing the great game of ice hockey in Ireland.