Friday, June 18th, 2021
   Irish American Ice Hockey Classic: Boston:
Irish Youth Hockey Players arrive in Boston
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As a prelude to the annual Irish American Ice Hockey Classic, the Irish American Ice Hockey Association is pleased to announce that a group of U10 and U12 Hockey Players will be traveling to Boston from Ireland to participate in daily on ice skills sessions as well as a number of friendly games in Boston and surrounding communities just before the St. Patrick week festivities in Boston.

Mr. Aaron Guli, President of IIHA in Dublin, Ireland has arranged the visit and will be accompanying the group on their 10 day hockey trip to Boston and Toronto.

With the only permanent rink in Ireland (Dundalk) still closed, trips like this are essential to keep the spirit as well as the game of hockey itself alive and thriving in Ireland.


As it stands now, the kids and all hockey players from Ireland need to head north to Belfast to get on the ice on a consistent basis.

Being a two hour drive on the M1 each way from Dublin to Belfast makes it difficult for more than a trip or two each week for the youth hockey players in Ireland to stay fully engaged in the sport.

The trip to Boston will allow these young hockey players from Ireland to be on the ice twice daily with skill sessions as well as friendlly games with local teams throughout Greater Boston and keep their passion and love for the game of hockey alive.

The Irish American Hockey Association is in need of a few more billet families willing to host some of the youth hockey players from Ireland who will be visiting in March.

Please contact Eileen O'Mara at: for complete details and information for Billet Families for the upcoming trip March.

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