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BCHSHL Season 2 a success
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As the season wraped up on Sunday night with Yale Blue once again retaining their title as Tier 1 Champions, it became apparent that the BCHSHL is here to stay. 

The finals shaped up perfectly as the two alpha dogs of tier 1 met for the first time.  Yale looked to be a bit fresher due to a longer break in between games and the return of some of their key players from U17 who made it just in time for the finals.  That being said, the Mariners didn't go down without a fight and gave the Lions all they could handle considering the short break they had in between games.

The game of the weekend definately had to go to the Terry Fox Ravens vs. Yale White in the quarters.  This was a back and forth slugfest that went the distance and then some, as it took a shootout to determine a winner.  A good crowd out for both teams that excentuated this marque matchup.

The Tier 2 finals was no joke either as two underestimated teams squared off.  Riverside vs. Walnut Grove was interesting because the gators went winless in the regular season only to go on a tear in the playoff to reach the finals.  They were hot coming in, but were cooled off by a veteran Riverside squad in a tight game.  Lots of skill shown by both teams in this one, and a well represented game that shows the competitiveness of the league to date.

In all, the season was a huge success from a growth standpoint.  Going from a 6 team league to a 20 team league in one year was a challenge but we pulled it off.  The teachers and principals helped in a huge way to get their programs ready for play in time, and were more than willing to help out when crunch time came.

As for next year, we are expecting another big explosion of teams to register, and are working on a plan to deal with that, but were looking at it as a good problem to have!

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BCHSHL Season 2 a success
A wild season 2 is set to begin!
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West Vancouver

Spencer plays for the West Vancouver Highlanders in zone 3. The Highlanders are led by coach Dan Stoddart.