British Columbia High School Hockey League
A wild season 2 is set to begin!

Any off season worries by the league of if they would fill all 20 spots this year are over, as schools stepped up in a huge way to support the young BCHSHL.

This season we had over 27 teams put in applications, which is up from 6 from the previous year.  Unfortunately to continue on the decided growth pattern we had to limit the league to 20 teams on a first come first serve basis.

“We couldn’t be more excited and optimistic about this year and the future of the league,” says Tim Knight Co-President of Scholastic Hockey Operations West.  “We have every reason to believe that there is a hunger out there from students who want to continue playing after the minor hockey season, as well as schools who want to support it.”

Tim went on to add that it works great for those grade 12 students to cap off their graduation year by leaving a lasting impression on their school.

As for this year, the stakes have been raised and the competition has been leveled out to include a tier 1 and tier 2 Championship.  This will make for a very interesting and exciting couple of weeks in May, as it is wide open for any team to take home either of the two banners.

By the looks of each teams rosters, its clear who some of the front runners could be, but for the most part each team has a good mix of high and low level playing experience.  That being said, anything can happen as it will depend on how fast each team can come together as a group and learn the systems that their coaches deploy.

Speaking of coaches, it is great to see a lot of teams bringing in high-level coaches from their communities to better their chances of a banner.  It shows us at the league that teams are taking this seriously as they build their programs properly by involving the right personnel.

We at the league can’t wait to experience the energy and competitiveness of Championship weekend, and wish all the teams the best of luck!   

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BCHSHL Season 2 a success
A wild season 2 is set to begin!
School District 34 totally gets it
West Vancouver

Spencer plays for the West Vancouver Highlanders in zone 3. The Highlanders are led by coach Dan Stoddart.