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School District 34 totally gets it
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If anyone has ever wondered why Abbotsford sports teams are usually among the elite in the province, They need only to go to any game any time any where in Abby to see how they do it.

Kids play sports for all kinds of reasons, but when they know their games will be watched and supported by more than just parents, it may be the deciding factor for most kids.  Now its probably safe to assume that the more kids who play sports in an area, the better the high end teams in that area will be.   However if that is not the case, don't tell the folks in Abby cause they seemed to have a winning formula.  I'm not gonna list all the schools and their acheivements (thats what Wikipedia is for).

As in all communities most sport programs are introduced to kids through school, but what seperates Abby from the rest is their enthusiasm towards competing for school pride.  I experienced this energy for the first time on Monday night at the MRC Arena when Yale took on cross town rivals W.J. Mouat in the newly created BC High School Hockey League.  Apparently it is like this everytime those schools meet in any sport, but I mean for kids to support their school like that in a new concept league is remarkable.  Not only were they there to cheer, but to volunteer as well.  Hanging banners, selling tickets and 50/50, and singing the anthem all made the experince that much better.  An example is the 5 shirtless dudes who showed up to spelled out M.O.U.A.T and chased poor Jordan Jutras (Goalie of Yale White) from one end of the rink to the other, taunting him from behind the glass.  Could I have stopped it?  Sure I COULD HAVE.... but apparently thats how they do it in rivalry games in Abby, and who am I to interfere with a tradition that obviously works for the district as a whole!

The BCHSHL needs a few things to go right in order to be successful, and one of them is a district to act as an anchor.  Well SD 34 has answered the call, and are not only running with it, they are innovating as they go.   The teachers in this area saw the oppourtunity right away and jumped in with both feet.  Not to say that other districts arent passionate about their teams, its just that SD 34 has it down to a fine science.  From the players to the coaches to the parents to the fans to the volunteers, everyone chips in and everyone WINS!





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BCHSHL Season 2 a success
A wild season 2 is set to begin!
School District 34 totally gets it
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Spencer plays for the West Vancouver Highlanders in zone 3. The Highlanders are led by coach Dan Stoddart.