British Columbia High School Hockey League: FAQ

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I play Major Midget and am AP'd by a Junior team, am I still eligible?

A: Yes, as long as you haven't de-carded from BC Hockey.

Q:  I dont play minor hockey, can I still play in the BCHSHL?

A:  Yes, BC Hockey has made it possible for anybody to participate.  Just sign up with your team and BC Hockey will register you in their system.

Q: At my school there is more than a rosters' worth of kids that want to play, how many players can be on a team?

A: You can roster as many as you want, but may only have 19 skaters and 2 goalies on a game sheet.

Q: I don't play, but I would like to be involved some how, what can I do?

A: you can volunteer to help at any of the games.  There are many positions available. You can check out the Volunteers page for more info.

Q: Does the registration cost cover team jerseys/socks/practice ice?

A: No, it will be up to each team to purchase those things for their own program.  If your team is just starting you may want to find out what other teams in the area have for jersey colors, and take that into consideration when designing your teams unique look.

Q: Who provides the insurance coverage?

A: BC Hockey has provided the insurance for the league.  Each Player, Coach and Official will be covered under their insurance.  For complete details on all the coverage check out the BC Hockey Website under the Risk Management tab. 

More will be posted as they arise...

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