January 17, 2022



Playoffs will be the same set-up as in prior years:

Games will begin at the home of the team with the higher winning percentage and move back and forth between venues for Round One and Round Two.

Round One – Best of 3: South First v Fourth Second v Third

North First v Fourth Second v Third

Round Two – Best of 3: Winner of each playoff series in Round One (North v North) (South v South)

Round Three – Best of 5: Winner of Round Two South v Winner of Round Two North

Guidelines on the schedule:

Our last league games are scheduled for February 13th.

1. Round One begins Friday February 18th and must be complete on or before Friday February 25th. If two competing teams agree, Round One can begin earlier that week.

2. Round Two begins Saturday February 26th and must be completed on or before Sunday March 6th. If both teams moving on in a division are decided at end of week one, Round Two may begin Friday February 25th at the discretion of the home team for game one of Round Two.

3. Round Three begins Saturday March 12th (two games that weekend at highest win percentage team between North and South)

a. Two games Saturday March 19th and Sunday March 20th (if third game is required) at home of the team with lower winning percentage b. Final game if required Saturday March 26th back at home of team with the highest win percentage.

If teams are unable to complete their full schedule for any reason beyond their control the team ranking for playoffs will be based on the winning percentage rather than total points.

Tie-breaker rules for playoff ranking if teams have same number of points and same winning percentage: First tie-breaker – Best team head-to-head (most points awarded in games played between the teams tied) Second tie-breaker – Head to head highest net value of goals for minus goals against (Goals for minus goals against in games played between teams tied) Third tie-breaker – Most wins (v Ties) – if different number of games played this will be normalized for games played by comparing games against the same competitors, only count wins where teams played the same number of games against same competition (i.e. if Amazons and Jags are tied for fourth in division and Amazons played Steele 2 times and Jags played Steele only 1 time all games against the Steele for both teams would be dropped from the tie-breaker point totals) Fourth tie-breaker – Most points v divisional teams Fifth tie-breaker – Highest net value of goals for minus goals against (Goals for minus goals against in all games played) Sixth tie-breaker – lowest penalty minutes gets higher ranking Final – If still tied – Executive meeting to determine team ranking

January 17, 2022

SHOWCASE weekend schedule February 5-6 - REVISED AND POSTED: ALL STAR game canceled

SHOWCASE weekend schedule February 5-6 - REVISED AND POSTED: ALL STAR game canceled

The Showcase weekend schedule of games has been revised and posted. We play at 10:30am, Saturday, February 5 and 6:00pm on Sunday, February 6, 2022, both games at the Gary W. Harris arena in Red Deer.


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