1. Payment of League Fees

  • 50% of fees must be paid in full by the first league game.
  • The balance of fees must be paid in full by the 31st of May (or closest date) of that playing year.
  • Any team with an outstanding balance (not able to meet the deadlines as stated) will default all subsequent games until the fee schedule has been adhered to and that portion of the fees paid.
  • Should a team default a game for any reason, including those stated above, a fine of $50 will be applied for each defaulter which must be paid along with any unpaid balance fees owing in accordance with the fee schedule. If a 48hrs notice was given, this fee may be waived off.

2. Rosters:

  1. The OBHF team registration form must be completed and submitted to the Secretary at the first league game.
  2. Additions or deletions must be placed on the OBHF additions/deletions form and submitted to the Secretary by June 5th.
  3. No players can be added or deleted from any team (including moving from one team to another) after June 5th.
  4. Each team can sign a maximum of 22 players and a minimum of 12 players.
  5. Each team can have a maximum of 18 runners and 2 goaltenders on the bench.
  6. Each player must play a minimum of 3 league games to be eligible for playoffs. A player who is unable to satisfy this requirement but feels she has a valid reason, may submit a request to the Executive Council.
  7. Each team can borrow a goalie a maximum of three times during regular season play only. Each team can only borrow the same individual once as a substitute goalie. No goalies may be borrowed during playoffs (see eligibility requirements in Rosters item 2.6).

3. Regular Season Play

  1. The regular season schedule will be developed by the Executive Council and discussed with members of the Executive Committee each year with the agreed upon format determined before the beginning of each season.
  2. Each team will have a 3 minute warm-up.
  3. Playing Time - 2 16-minute periods stop time regardless of the time on the clock.
  4. Teams will receive 3 points for a win and 0 points for a loss.
  5. In the case of a tie, 3 penalty shots will be assigned to each team to break the tie. Each team will be assigned one point for the tie and an extra point will be awarded to the winner of the shoot-out. If the game is still tied after 3 shots are taken by each team then the game will end in a tie with one point awarded to each team. Penalty shots will be taken one team at a time not simultaneously regardless of the amount of time left on the clock.
  6. If a team is winning by a margin of 6 goals, running time will commence. If the differential becomes less that 6 goals any time during the game then stop time will resume.
  7. A registered player can join their team at any time in the first or second period.
  8. Teams must start games with a minimum of 6 players.
  9. Each team will be given a grace period of 7 minutes after the warm-up has concluded in order to place 6 players on the floor to begin the game, before a forfeit is issued. Referees may assess a Delay of Game penalty if a team is unable to place 6 players on the floor to begin the game.
  10. In the case of a default, the team that is present must dress at least one player and have them shoot the ball into the opponents net. This player will be credited with the goal for statistics purposes. The team present can then use this hour for their own team practice if they so wish.
  11. Mandatory equipment includes: helmet with face mask, hockey gloves, running shoes, matching sweaters and a stick. Although not mandatory shin guards, elbow pads and knee pads are recommended. All hard plastic equipment must be covered. CBHA approved equipment can be worn and does not need to be covered (e.g. D-Gel and Mylex). Shoulder pads are not permitted.
  12. Jewellery is not permitted.
  13. Captains and alternate captains (2) must be identified with a ‘C’ or ‘A’ on their jersey. It is the captain’s responsibility to speak with the referees about any questions during the game.
  14. In the event that any two teams cannot be distinguished as a result of sweater clashes it will be the responsibility of the home team to change their jerseys.
  15. For fairness, a higher level goalie cannot play for lower level teams after the split.
  16. No competitive player shall play in the recreational division unless they have registered for both divisions.
  17. The following rules will apply for ranking during round robin:
    1. Points
    2. Record between teams if applicable (if 2 teams are tied) If more than 2 teams are tied then go to step 3
    3. Wins
    4. Goals percentage (%) for and against (which is goals for divided by the sum of goals for and against); use a many decimal points as needed. Highest number ranks first.
    5. Goal differential + or –
    6. Goals for
    7. Goals against
    8. Coin toss

5. Play-Off Season Play

  1. The play-off schedule will be discussed with members of the Executive Committee with the format determined before the beginning of each split (round robin or series).
  2. There will be no shoot-outs during playoffs except for the final game (see below).
  3. The final (championship) playoff round will be determined by a semi final and finals. Another option is a best-of-game series (number to be determined prior to beginning of season). In the case of a one-game final, the tie breaking procedure outlined below will apply. In the case of a multiple game series, the first team to (4 points in a best of 3 game series) or (6 points in a best of 5 game series) will be the winner. All but the final game of series will be decided using OVWBHL regular season game rules (except shootouts). If team records are still tied at the end of regulation in the semi and final game of the series, the following tie breaking procedure will occur

a) one 10 minute sudden death overtime in semi-finals, two 10 minute sudden death overtime in the finals;

b) if the game is still tied penalty shots will decide the game:

  1. Five shooters from each team shoot. The highest overall score from the five shooters wins
  2. If score is tied then the remaining players shoot (players 6-22). The players go one to one for sudden death win.
  3. If score is still tied, shooters begin again from player one and continue until there is a winner in this sudden death shoot-out.
  4. The following rules will apply for ranking during if round robin playoff is chosen:
  1. Points
  2. Record between teams if applicable (if 2 teams are tied) If more than 2 teams are tied then go to step 3
  3. Wins
  4. Goals percentage (%) for and against (which is goals for divided by the sum of goals for and against) use a many decimal points as needed. Highest number ranks first
  5. Goal differential + or –
  6. Goals for
  7. Goals against
  8. Coin toss.


6. Provincial Representative Teams

  1. The first place team (after the first round robin) of the A Division will compete in the "A" Division of the Ontario Provincials.
  2. The first place team in the B Division (after the first round robin) of the league will compete in the "B" Division of the Ontario Provincials.
  3. Spots are based on the number of teams in the league and what is allotted to us by the OBHF, but should we continue to have 3 spots, they will be given to top A, top B and a Masters team. If the first place teams in the Divisions are not interested in attending provincials, teams from the A Division will be approached first followed by teams in the B Divisions to fill the spots allotted to the OVWBHL by the OBHF.
  4. Additional interested teams will be responsible for paying the Provincial tournament fee as outlined by the OBHF.


7. Accumulative Penalties
Any player who accumulates 30 minutes in penalties throughout the season (Minors, majors or match penalties) will be automatically suspended for their next game. Upon return if the player then accumulates another 10 minutes (now at a total of 40 minutes) the player will be suspended for 3 games. Upon return if the player accumulates another 10 minutes (total of 50 minutes) the players will be suspended for the remainder of the season and will have a disciplinary hearing conducted at the end of the season.


The league is a member of the Ontario Ball Hockey Federation and, accordingly, the Canadian Ball Hockey Association. The full CBHA rules can be found on the OBHF Website. Important rules to note:
A four minute (NOT A DOUBLE MINOR ie 2+2) minor penalty will be assessed to any player who commits any of the following infractions:
  • Cross-Checking,
  • High Sticking,
  • Slashing,
  • Butt-Ending,
  • and Spearing in a poking or jabbing motion.

When such a penalty is assessed the penalized player will be required to serve the full 4 minutes of penalty time before returning to the playing surface. Should the opposing team score a power play goal as of the result of the 4 minute minor penalty the penalty will be over but the player will serve the remaining time like a Misconduct Penalty and returning to the playing surface at the first stoppage of play once the time has expired.


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