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Parents Guide
Being a Supportive Parent
  • Help your child take care of their body. The right food, plenty of rest and water.
  • Encourage your child to do the best they can, everyday.
  • Encourage your child to put the team first. Football is tough because it asks the members of the team to put everyone ahead of themselves which is not a natural instinct.
  • Issues affecting your child’s attitude and performance should be brought to the coaches attention by email or face to face conversation.
  • Issues related to playing time and touching the ball should be handled by the player and the coach. This is a coaches’ decision.
  • Encourage your child to never give up and see the football season through. Don't let quitting be an option. Football is a tough sport but the skills they developwill help your child to make better choices later in life.
  • Do your part by helping on the sidelines or fundraising
  • Volunteering to help out is mandatory and failing to meet your volunteer obligations will result in your child missing playing time.
  • Getting to practice on time is the parent’s responsibility, keeping up with equipment, filling water bottles etc., is the responsibility of the player.
  • If you have concerns about the coaching, play selection or players on the field and you feel compelled to raise them, please honour the 24 hour rule on the next page. Verbalizing those thoughts in front of your child will lead them to question the coaches ability and impact their attitude and/or performance.
24 Hour Rule:
Games and practices are never an appropriate place to resolve conflicts
It is imperative to discuss the issues with your son/daughter prior to initiating a complaint. Many times the player has information that may and can resolve the issue. KCFS recommends that all parties involved adhere to the following set of guidelines to resolve conflicts:
1. Cool heads will prevail – allow a minimum of 24 hours to pass prior to any attempt to address an issue. Use this cooling-off period to validate the facts and collect your thoughts. (The 24Hour Rule)
2. The parent and player is the first step in the conflict resolution process. Parent and player should discuss issue then email the coach involved in the issue to discuss the conflict or issue.
Please do not attempt to contact nor confront other parents about your concerns, this will only escalate the situation.
3. If the email fails to resolve the issue, the player’s parent(s) should contact the coach involved in the issue to arrange a face-to-face meeting to discuss the problem. The goal of this meeting is to SOLVE THE PROBLEM, NOT WIN THE ARGUMENT.
4. After meeting with the coach in question, if there is still no resolution, contact the Coach Coordinators. It is anticipated that the Coach Coordinators will be able to resolve the issue at hand and make a decision. Once the complaint/concern has been received, the coaching coordinators will conduct and complete their investigation within 7 days and render a written decision within 24 hours of completion of the investigation.
Player Discipline Procedures
Infractions are based on the player’s code of conduct. After being redirected verbally several times coaches will then proceed to the following steps.
1st Infraction:
Discussion with player and Head Coach. This discussion will be documented.
2nd Infration:
Discussion with player and parent if available; Face to Face meeting. Laps or sprints after practice. Email if parent is not available after or before the next practice. Will be documented.
3rd Infraction:
Discussion with player and parent; Face to Face meeting; Laps and/or sprints. Coach Coordinator will be notified.
4th Infraction:
Suspend for 1-2 practices depending on severity of situation. Head Coach should sit player remainder of practice and meet Coach Coordinator to explain infraction and email all prior infractions, dates and discipline taken; Coach Coordinator will contact parents to notify of suspension from practice explaining all incidents that led to suspension.
5th Infraction:
1-2 game suspension. Head Coach should sit player remainder of practice and contact Coach Coordinator ASAP to discuss incident and Coach Coordinators will notify parents of the suspension and provide information of all infractions, dates and discipline taken.
6th Infraction:
Possible expulsion from KCFS. Head Coach will sit player for remainder of practice and notify Coach Coordinators immediately with all pertinent information. Coach Coordinator will review all information and make a decision.
The escalation of discipline will be at the discretion of the head coach and coaching coordinators based on the severity of the infraction.
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