Kamloops Community Football Society (SMART): KCFS Player Expectations & Res
KCFS Player Expectations & Responsibilities
1.Athletes of KCFS will be committed to the football program by:
• Following the rules set by the coaches and the school.
• Participating enthusiastically.
• Making appropriate personal sacrifices for the good of the team.
• Recognizing that participation in athletics is a privilege.
• Setting challenging and realistic goals.
• Developing a winning attitude.
• Maintaining high academic standards.
• Being committed to skill development in football
2. Athletes of KCFS will communicate openly and honestly with respect for coaches,teammates, parents, officials, and opponents by:
• Developing a team attitude.
• Being coachable and open to constructive feedback.
• Sharing appropriate individual and team concerns with the coaching staff.
3. Athletes of KCFS will demonstrate good citizenship and sportsmanship by:
• Behaving with integrity.
• Exhibiting pride in their team.
• Playing by the rules.
• Accepting responsibility as a role model for others.
• Playing with dignity and grace, regardless of winning or losing.
4. Athletes of KCFS will develop and maintain mental and physical (health) behaviors by:
• Being alcohol and drug free.
• Practicing self-discipline.
• Demonstrating good personal health habits.
• Dealing with challenges in a positive manner.
                                        Player Rules
  • When the whistle blows.... Listen and be quiet!
  • Never speak when a coach is talking.
  • No swearing. EVER.
  • No arguing with the officials
  • No arguing with teammates. This is a sign of a team in trouble.
  • Do what you are instructed to do and good things will happen
  • Play the game with class. Taunting other players or intentional illegal hits will not be tolerated.
  • Players must be thinking out on the field. 90 % of this game is mental desire. Other 10 % is physical ability.
  • Must be in full gear by practice time and lined up in cal lines. Full gear will be determined the day before by coaches.
  • Quarterbacks and centers will take 25 snaps either before or after practice.
  • Must be in Cal lines at the start of practice. Cal lines will rotate each week to allow each player to lead cals.
  • If a player gets hurt and goes to the doctor, the player must get a signed release from the doctor to play again.
  • What is said on the field, stays on the field. This includes information about our playbook.
  • Have FUN, HUSTLE and put forth your BEST EFFORT each day.
  • Weekly player awards will be given at coaches discretion







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