BML House League: League Rules


1. Masters players must attain their 20th birthday in the calendar year they participate.
2. An individual cannot play for more than 1 team during the regular season or playoffs. Goalies are an exception when necessary.
1. The game will be a maximum of 3 - 15 minute periods with a 1 minute rest between periods. Play will be straight time except for the last 3 minutes of the 3rd period which will be stop-time if the score differential is 3 goals or less. There is 5:00 minute sudden death overtime, followed by 3 player shootout if necessary for regular season games. Two 30 second timeouts will be awarded per game but only one can be used in a period. Each team will receive a 30 second timeout for overtime (playoffs). Timeouts must be called by a player on the floor while their team is in possession or at a stoppage in play.

2. There will be a 5 second possession rule applied. This rule is waived if the player receives the ball on a breakaway with only the goaltender to beat. If the last defender halts his pursuit, he is considered to have given up & any shot will be allowed as a breakaway with no 5 second rule.

3. All players, excluding the goalie, must wear the same colour sweaters.

4. CSA approved helmet with a cage covering the face plus gloves & proper footwear are mandatory. Chin cup & groin protection are recommended.

5. All goaltender equipment worn above the waist (except the helmet & gloves) must be fully covered by the sweater. Sweaters must conform to the body of the goaltender (no extra material under the arms) & cannot extend past the inseam.

6. There will be no stick measurements. Only box regulation sticks allowed.

7. The end of the stick’s shaft must be covered with a plastic or tape knob.

8. Any equipment considered dangerous by the referee will be removed immediately.
During the regular season the scoring system will be as follows:
i. Points will only be awarded for a win, and overtime loss.
ii. 2 points shall be awarded for a win.
iii. 1 point for an overtime loss. (One 3-man shootout)
The teams will be rated by the most points to the least number of points.
1. GF-GA differential
2. Head to head
3. Fewest penalty minutes for the season
1. 10 minute overtime ( Full Period )
1. First round of the playoffs will be based upon the final regular season standings. (1 vs 4 & 2 vs 3).  Round 1 will be 2 games, first to 4 points. if Both teams are tied on 2 points each a full overtime period will be played, with team winning the overtime moving on to the championship game.

2. Championship final games are as follows: Championship: Winner 1/4 vs Winner 2/3 & Consolation final: Loser 1/4 vs Loser 2/3.  Championship games will be played in the same fashion as round 1. with the winning teams requiring 4 points.
1. A team must have a minimum of 6 players from their own roster. If unable to field a team for any game, there will be a forfeit (1-0) at which time substitute players may be used but the game will not count towards the standings. An exception will be made if the short-handed team chooses to start play with a minimum of 4 runners & a goalie or 5 runners & no goalie but this exception will only be extended to the end of the first period at which time it is a forfeit. GAMES WILL BEGIN ON TIME (3 min warning buzzer).
(CLA rules will apply except where noted below)
1. The first player to a loose ball along the boards is awarded possession. If, in the case of horizontal movement along the boards, the play isn’t deemed to be a safety risk, the referee can choose to let the play continue. Any play can be whistled down within 10 feet of the boards. All of the above is at the referee’s discretion.

2. The ball carrier may not run past more than 1 player when ADVANCING TOWARDS THE NET outside of their own defensive zone. A loss of possession will result. This does not pertain to lateral movement across the floor unless advancing towards the net.

3. A team has 10 seconds to advance the ball into the offensive zone when shorthanded or loss of possession.

4. Over & back will be called when the short-handed team proceeds past the offensive zone line & allows the ball to cross back over the line without making contact with a defensive player or the goal post. A change of possession at centre will result.

5. No team may use a ZONE DEFENSE inside the 24' circle when teams are at even strength. First offense will result in a warning (loss of possession). Any subsequent zone defense will result in a bench minor penalty to the defensive team. (Note: double-team or help-defence is not a zone.)

6. Possession of the ball will be awarded to the opponent of the team who was last to touch the ball before it goes out of bounds. The only exception to this rule is if the ball strikes the goalie’s head before leaving the playing surface. Play will be stopped when the ball strikes the goalie in the head at any time. Possession will be given to the goalie in the crease when play resumes. Post or crossbar & out goes to the defence.

7. Team in possession retains possession for restart after stoppage for ANY injury. The shot clock will start from the point of the stoppage.

8. FACE-OFFS: Only the players facing-off may be within the restraining lines before the ball leaves the face-off circle or is in possession of a player. Face-off players may not kick, hit, hold or step on the stick of an opponent. Any infraction will result in the non-offending team having possession at centre. Players cannot make any contact (body or stick) with the other player in the circle. If the ball becomes trapped in the player’s stick during the play, the referee will blow the play down & give possession to the other team at the point of the infraction. Draw men start with their sticks 3 inches from the ball. On the referee's 'SET' command, there can be no movement until the whistle. On the whistle, the players will draw the ball. They cannot hold the ball in the circle & there must be a fluid motion to get the ball out of the circle.

9. After a penalty is assessed to a player, play shall resume with the non-offending team having possession at centre.

10. The team has 30 seconds to place a shot on the opposing goal. Otherwise, change of possession will occur where time has expired. The shot clock will be reset when a shot hits the goal or goalie or if the defending team gains possession of the ball.

11. A shot at the net can originate from anywhere on the playing surface except from behind the offensive goal. The ball must leave the stick from in front of the goal line. Hitting a goalie from behind the goal will be considered a dangerous shot (draw line from crease to boards).

12. SHOOTING THROUGH A CROWD / DANGEROUS SHOT RULE: Every player is to be responsible for their shot. Players are encouraged to go around an opponent before shooting. Any player hitting another player on either team or an official with the ball while shooting at the goal from anywhere will be assessed a 4 minute penalty. The player has to serve the full 4 minutes regardless of the number of goals scored. This will count as 1 penalty towards the 3 penalty per game expulsion rule. However, a second dangerous shot penalty by the same player will result in his disqualification from the remainder of that game, in which case, another player from that team must serve the 4 minutes. This is a stackable penalty so in the case of that team already being shorthanded, the offending player must serve it with the time starting after the first penalty has been served. NOTE: It is not a penalty if the defensive player is hit while in the crease, makes a deliberate move to stop the shot & is hit with the ball or in the case of deflections or rebounds.

13. In the event of a follow-through penalty on a shot, the player will incur a 2 minute minor penalty & any goal scored will NOT count.

i) No offensive or defensive picks.
ii) Defensive player moving his stick to strike an opponent's stick.
iii) Defensive player bumping opponent on the way to the net or pushing him with his hands (with defensive player's hands on or off the stick).
iv) Offensive player running recklessly into a stationary defender resulting in heavy contact.

15. An interference penalty will be assessed to any player who deliberately holds his stick in the face of his opponent.

16. Any unsportsmanlike penalty will result in a penalty shot & a 2 minute minor penalty. This is a stackable penalty so if the team is shorthanded, the player goes to the box & the penalty starts when the first penalty expires. The unsportsmanlike penalty is released with a goal. The offending player officially has 2 penalties towards the 3 penalty expulsion rule. If no goal is scored on the shot, play will restart with possession to the non-offending team at centre. ANY FOUL LANGUAGE WILL BE DEEMED UNSPORTMANLIKE BEHAVIOUR!

17. No team will be more than 1 player short as a result of penalties. Any subsequent penalty shall result in a penalty shot. The referee will immediately stop play when another infraction occurs if a team already has a delayed penalty. Play will restart with possession to the non-offending team at centre if no goal is scored.

18. Any penalties on the ball carrier during a breakaway shall result in a penalty shot. If no goal is scored, play will restart with possession to the non-offending team at centre.

19. Any player receiving 3 penalties in the game will be expelled from the balance of the game. If the third penalty occurs after the end of the game, the player will miss the next scheduled game.

20. If the offensive team is caught with too many players on a fast break, the play will be stopped & restarted with possession to the non-offending team at centre. The defensive team caught with too many men will result in a minor penalty.

21. A penalty shot or shots will be awarded instead when there isn't sufficient time left in the game or overtime to fully serve a penalty for any infraction.

22. Only the captain or an assistant captain may discuss a call with an official. Any other player who argues or questions a call will receive an unsportsmanlike penalty. The second incident in that game for the same player will result in a game misconduct including another unsportsmanlike penalty. A 'team' unsportsmanlike warning can be given at the referee's discretion if undetermined players argue calls or try to direct the way the game is called (loss of possession). A second infraction by any player on the same team will result in an unsportsmanlike penalty to be served by any player.

23. On a whistle for change of possession the ball must be set down immediately. Failure to do so will result in a delay of game penalty.

24. When shooting on goal, a player may not leave his feet & enter the crease. Any goal scored by a player while in opponent's crease shall be disallowed & possession awarded to the defending team in their crease. If contact is made with the goalie, an interference penalty will be assessed or an attempt to injure call, depending on severity of contact. After stepping in the crease, that player may possess the ball once it goes outside of the 24' circle as there is no longer an advantage.

25. Any player receiving a major or misconduct penalty will be expelled from the game PLUS the next scheduled game & will also carry a $25.00 fine which must be paid in cash before being allowed to play again. If the expulsion takes place in the last game of the season, the suspension carries over to the next scheduled game. The non-offending team will be awarded 2 penalty shots if it pertains to on-floor play.

26. Any player receiving a match or gross penalty will be immediately suspended until the incident is reviewed by the Barrie Masters Lacrosse League. The non-offending team will be awarded 2 penalty shots if it pertains to on-floor play.

27. Any face-to-face confrontation will result in a 2 minute delay penalty + a 10 minute misconduct ($25 fine). If it escalates, an additonal game misconduct will be assessed.

28. Any player penalized for fighting & deemed to be the instigator/aggressor will be expelled from the Barrie Masters Lacrosse League for 1 full year from the date of the incident without refund.