Greely Softball League: G3P Rules & Policies

1.0                 Game
1.1                  Team must have a minimum of 8 players to begin a game. If a team doesn’t have a minimum of 8 players, 3 of which are female, the game will be declared a forfeit.
1.1.1               Batting order options for teams are as follows:

a) 1 to 1 ratio (male / female) or

b) 2 to 1 ratio (male / male / female) *  

* For teams using option b) all efforts should be made to have a set batting order where possible to prevent players from batting more often than others, e.g. if team has 7 males and 4 females batting order should be as follows:

M1 M2 F1 M3 M4 F2 M5 M6 F3 M7 F4

If a player is scheduled to bat and is currently on a base (i.e. courtesy runner) and the team does not have the option to use another courtesy runner, the team will receive an automatic out.

1.1.2               A grace period of 15 minutes will be given at the beginning of each game. At the end of this grace period, if the team doesn't have the minimum number of players to begin a game, the umpire will discuss with the opposing team who have the right to call a forfeit.
1.2                  A maximum of 10 players will be allowed in the field. A maximum of 6 males can be in the field.
1.3                  Games will consist of a minimum of 4 innings and a maximum of 7.  No new innings will be started after 1 hour and 15 minutes from the scheduled start time.
1.4                  A maximum of 5 runs per inning (per team) will be allowed.  The 7th inning is unlimited.
1.5                  The mercy rule only applies when a team is ahead by 15 or more runs after 5 complete innings. At this point the game will be declared over.  Should the 6th inning begin, the mercy rule is no longer in effect and the game must be played out. The mercy rule is automatic, but if teams wish to finish the game, the score will not be counted after the rule has been invoked.

1.6                  Infield fly rule is applied when a batter hits a fly ball that the umpire considers to be easily catchable around the infield and there is a forced play, i.e.: a runner on 2nd and 1st, or a runner on 3rd, 2nd and 1st and with less than 2 out.  Infield fly rule is in place to protect the batting team from getting two easy outs.
1.7                  Each team will pitch to their own players. Only 3 pitches will be allowed. A foul ball or a ball hitting the pitching net on the 3rd pitch will be considered an out.  
1.7.1               A batted ball that strikes the pitcher or the pitching net is considered a dead ball.  

1.7.2               Pitching nets are required to be used.  Nets are to be located between home plate and the pitcher's mound.  Nets can be turned to a maximum of 45 degrees.  Pitchers cannot pitch from in front on the pitching nets.

1.7.3               A pitched ball that hits the ground or home plate is a dead ball and must not be hit.
1.8                  No bunting or half-hitting is to be permitted.  The umpire will call time and count the pitch as a strike.
1.8.1               Bunting or half-hitting will be defined as a ball that does not cross the hitting line (i.e., a line drawn from the post of the fence to the pitching mound).
1.9                  Interference by the pitcher with a batted ball shall result in the batter being declared out.  Any motion towards the ball by the pitcher will be called interference at the discretion of the umpire. This includes while the ball is in play be the fielders (e.g. interfering in a throw from 3rd to 1st).

1.10                A ball being returned to the pitcher must be thrown from the infield (More than 50 % of their body in the dirt part of the diamond). It may be thrown by an outfielder as long as he/she is standing on the infield (More than 50% of their body is on the dirt part of the diamond). Any ball returned to the pitcher from the outfield (More than 50 % of their body is in the grassy part of the diamond) is considered playable.
1.10.1             A runner may not be thrown out by an outfielder at first base.

1.10.2             An outfielder is to be defined as a player that has more than 50% of their body in the grassy part of the diamond.
1.10.3             An infielder is to be defined as a player that has more than 50% of their body in the dirt part of the diamond. 
1.11                A ground rule double shall be awarded should the ball roll under the outfield fence, regardless if touched by a fielder. The fielder shall signal the umpire with a raised hand that the ball has rolled under the fence. The fielder must not retrieve the ball until told to do so.  Each runner is awarded 2 bases from where they started before the play, regardless of whether or not there is a forced play. 

1.12                Scoring plays
1.12.1             A commitment line shall be drawn approximately 2/3 of the way home between 3rd and home plate.  Once a runner crosses or touches this line, they must proceed home. A runner can be tagged out anywhere before the commitment line. Once the runner crosses the commitment line, they can only be forced out at home.
1.12.2             A second line will be drawn from the front of home plate to the fence.  Runners must cross this line to score a run. The runner is not permitted to touch home plate at any time. Touching home plate or interfering with the catcher will result in the runner being called out.
1.12.3             Being too close to any player on the opposing team may be considered interference to the discretion of the umpire. Therefore, no player running home may cross the line that defines the batters box. Should they cross this line (i.e., too close to the back-catcher) they will be considered out.
1.12.4             Homerun rule is match + 1.  No team can have more than one homerun more than the other team.  A homerun after being +1 will result in a strike. If the homerun is hit on the third pitch, the batter will is to be considered out.
1.12.5             In the event of a homerun, all players on base are allowed to walk-off. These players may choose to run home if they wish. 
1.12.6             A 4 base award shall be given for a ball that strikes a player and goes over the outfield fence.  This is not considered a homerun.
1.13                No outfielder may encroach inside of the line painted on the fence prior to the batter making contact with the ball. This rule shall apply to both male and female players.
1.14                Foul tipped balls caught by the catcher must be a minimum of six feet in the air to be ruled an out.
1.15                Ties at the end of 7 innings will count.  There will be no extra innings.
1.16                Protests of any game must be done in writing within 72 hours of the game.  Judgment calls by an umpire are not subject to protests, only controversies regarding the application of the rules.  A $75.00 cheque payable to the Greely 3-Pitch League must accompany such requests.  The $75.00 fee will be refunded if the protest is upheld.  If not, the league will retain the funds.
1.16.1             Should a team be playing with ineligible players, this protest rule will be used to decide the forfeit of a game. (See 4.0 Playoffs for ineligible players).                 
2.0                  Equipment
2.1                  Bats must be NSA approved. You can download the bat list from NSA Canada ( The umpire will decide whether the use of a bat is illegal and will ask that the bat no longer be used. If the team refuses to end the use of the bat, they will forfeit the game.
2.2                  Cleats must be rubber only.  Any player using improper footwear will be asked to change the footwear. If the player refuses, they will be ejected from the game.
2.3                  12” Worth Hot Dot yellow softballs will be used.
2.4                  Bases and pitching nets are to be put out by the home team of the first game. Bases and pitching nets are to be put away by the home team of the last game. Should there only be one game played, the home team will take out and put away the bases and pitching net. This rule is held regardless of whether the team bats or fields first (see 4.0 Playoffs).

2.5                  Pitching nets will be provided and must be used.  
3.0                  Players
3.1                  Any team is allowed to pick up people from other teams whenever required. Any player can be used regardless of skill level. If the team has 10 players, the spares must be let go. This rule changes during playoffs (see 4.0 Playoffs for more).
3.2                  Everyone on the game sheet must bat and play a minimum of one inning in the field.  Any player who is unable to bat on their turn will be declared out.  
3.3                  If a player is listed on the game sheet, they must arrive at the game prior to the completion of the 3rd inning to participate in the game. The late person must be put at the end of the batting order.
3.4                  If a player is injured during the game and can no longer compete, the batting order can be compressed. 

3.5                  Courtesy runners can be used to a maximum of 3 per game at the discretion of the team.  A male must run for a male, a female must run for a female. If a courtesy runner is on base and he or she is due up at the plate, the courtesy runner must be courtesied by another player. If the team has no courtesies left, an out will occur at the plate.
3.5.1               A courtesy runner will be defined as a player who replaces another, once the batter reaches first base; that is, in order to use a courtesy runner, the player must have at least made it to first base. 

3.6                  No substitutions allowed. To play in the field, the player must be in the batting order at the start of the game.
3.7                  Runners are NOT allowed to lead off a base. The runner will be called out if they leave their base prior to the batter making contact with the ball.
3.8                  For player safety, a double base (half white, half orange) is used at first base.  The batter/runner must use the orange part of the bag at first base, or be called out. Defensive players must use the white part of the bag at all times.  
3.9                  No sliding is permitted.  This will result in the runner being called out.
3.10                Tagging up shall be permitted from any base, after contact with a fly ball.
3.11                Games will be played on Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays, unless it’s a makeup game, then you will be advised on the date and time. Games will be played at McKendry Park in Metcalfe and Andy Shields park in Greely. 
4.0                  Playoffs
4.1                  Playoffs will consist of a round robin and a one or two-day tournament.
4.1.1               The round robin will consist of 3 games per team and will be played the last two weeks of the ball season. The schedule for this will be decided after the last game of the regular season. The standings from the regular season will be used to determine who plays whom.
4.1.2               The tournament will take place on the Saturday following the Labour day long weekend.   The standings from the round robin will decide who plays whom.
4.2                  Ineligible players: Any team using an ineligible player will forfeit the game if protested properly. The forfeit is retroactive and the team will lose the game 7-0 by default.

4.2.1               A player that has not played at least 4 regular season games for that team will be deemed an ineligible player.
4.2.2               Each player must play a minimum of 4 regular season games to qualify for the playoffs.  There are times when teams have no control over people that cannot make the playoff tournament. If a team does not have enough to field a team and they have players they have used throughout the season and don't have enough games to qualify, a request can be submitted to the exec and a decision will be made to allow that player to join the team or not.
4.2.3               The captain must submit their game sheet to the president of the league electronically upon the completion of a game. The president will keep a manifest of players who have played for each team. If the president does not have record of a player playing 4 regular season games for that team, the player is deemed ineligible to play.
4.2.4               Any player who plays on multiple teams will be deemed an ineligible player. No player may play on two teams throughout the playoffs, regardless of division. 

4.3                  The team who finished higher in the standings during the regular season (i.e., the home team) will choose whether they bat or field first at the beginning of the game.

5.0                  Other Rules
5.1                  NSA rules will apply unless stated otherwise on this page.   
1.0                  All rules and policies will be upheld at the discretion of the Board of Executives.
2.0                  Disturbing the peace at either park will not be tolerated. The following actions will apply.
              1st offence: you will receive a written warning.
              2nd offence: your team will be charged $100 payable to the Greely 3-pitch league.
              3rd offence: your team will be expelled from the league.
3.0                  League fees are due no later than the end of May.  The league fee is payable to the League treasurer and the cheques must be made out to the Greely 3-Pitch.  Should fees be turned in later than the end of May, that team will pay a $50 penalty for each week that the fee remains unpaid.
4.0                  The League President will call all rainouts.  Rainouts will not be called before 6 pm on that day. In the event of rain during a started game, the home plate umpire will call the game, and it will stand should 4 innings be completed.
5.0                  Should your team be unable to field a team for a scheduled game, it is your responsibility to notify the League President at least 24 hours prior to the game so that the umpires can be cancelled.  If a team fails to provide 24 hours notice, they will be forfeit their $100 team bond with half going to the opposing team and half going to the league to cover expenses (i.e. diamond rental and umpire fee).

6.0                  There will 1 paid umpire per game.  Under no circumstances, will abuse of an umpire be tolerated.  His/Her decision is final.  The umpire has the right to eject a player from the game.
6.1                  If a player is ejected from the game, that player will receive an automatic 2 game suspension.  If a player is ejected from a playoff game, that player will be suspended for the remainder of the playoffs and perhaps a portion of the following season.  
6.2                  Physical fighting before/during/after games on ballpark property will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the League.   

6.3                  Harassment and inappropriate conduct of any kind will not be tolerated including, but not limited to, inappropriate comments or gestures towards other players, umpires or fans.

7.0                  Bringing in your own alcohol during league run tournaments is strictly forbidden.  Anyone caught doing so could be banned.
8.0                  The Executive consists of volunteers.  They will not tolerate any abuse and their decisions are final.
9.0                  Manipulation of League finances, under any circumstances, will result in immediate expulsion from the League, and a lifetime ban.
10.0                There will be a league meeting held on the day following the tournament (i.e., Sunday). This meeting is mandatory for all captains. Should a captain not be able to attend, they will be allowed to send their co-captain in place.
10.1                Should no representative for a team be present, the team will not be able to suggest topics to bring up for a vote.
10.2                Voting will take place online following the meetings.
10.3                Once a topic has been voted down, it may not be brought up for 2 years for voting.