London Minor Ball Hockey Association
London Minor Ball Hockey Association 2010 SEASON
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Although its only November and it seems like we just ended our summer season we wanted to touch base with all those involved with the LMBHA this past season.


First off, we want to thank everyone in assisting us making our first season a major success.  We knew that a minor ball hockey league in London was much needed and we had hoped that with our combined experiences of both playing and running a men’s league we could do just that.  


We could not have done this though without the help from our Sponsors, Volunteer Coaches, Referees, Time Keepers and of course the parents and players who decided to give our league a chance.


As with all leagues and new ventures we plan on growing greatly in the next 5 years.  We had approximately 250 participants in our initial season.  Comparing these numbers with market research and that of leagues through out the Province of Ontario, there is no reason why the LMBHA can not reach 1000 participants over the above mentioned time frame.  Doing this, will require the continued assistance of parents, players, volunteers, sponsors, coaches and of course 100% dedication from us.


Ball hockey is considered by many involved in recreational activities as the fastest growing rec-sport in Ontario and Canada.  Being cost effective, a game that everyone can play, and most importantly fun, only helps the growth.  


You can look at the London Ball Hockey Association (LBHA), Men’s League as a prime example of this.  Rick Price, Co-Founder of LMBHA took over management of the Men’s league 2 years ago and under his guidance has seen the league grow from 18 teams to 40 summer teams.  A winter league is also in place and Rick has had to turn away over 10 full teams this winter season due to demand and lack of facility.  It can be estimated that the Men’s league will top 60 summer teams in the near to immediate future.


The men’s league consists of players ranging in age of 18-55.  Some have never played organized hockey at all and other have played pro hockey in North America and Europe.  London’s Tier 2 Champion ‘Tiger Jacks’ recently finished 4th in the annual OBHA Provincial Championships.


Because of the obvious growth and potential for the sport, some have formed business and are starting up leagues through out the

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