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Enfield Twin Rinks Adult Hockey League: Suspension Length

Enfield Twin Rinks Minimum Suspension Guidelines

**Players who play on two or more teams MUST serve the suspension in the division they received it before participating in any other league game. 


1st Fight- 3 game suspension                                                                  

2nd Fight within a calendar year-league review league expulsion 


Major Penalties                                                                                      

All major penalties are subject to immediate suspension. The length of the suspension is determined by the referees and the league.

Abuse of an Official      

Minimum 1 game suspension

Excessive penalties (Four penalties in a game)                        

Game ejection no additional suspension.

Two Game Ejections/Game Misconducts in a single season              

Balance of the season including playoffs.

Please note the league reserves the right to expel incorrigible players who demonstrate they cannot appreciate the wrongfulness of their conduct at any time.