Orillia District Fastball League: Bat Rule
THE OFFICAL BAT (Softball Canada FP Rule 3-1)
The Orillia District Fastball League will have all of its umpires in force Fastpitch rule 3-1 “The Official Bat” in the Softball Canada fastpitch rulebook. Under rule 3-1 all bats are to meet the following requirements.
  • Any bat that appears on the ISF approved bat list and has an ISF 2005 stamp (Homeplate Logo) will be accepted for play. The bat must meet a compression standard outlined by the ISF.  (ISF 2000 is no longer Accepted) 
  • Any bat that has an ASA 2000 or ASA 2004 certification stamp and is NOT on the non-approved bat list on provided below
  • All bats must pass a visual inspection per the current Softball Canada Rulebook
  • If a bat has only the 2013 ASA stamp on it then it CAN NOT be used for Fastpitch unless that bat also meets the ISF 2005 standards listed above.     
Bat rules are enforced by the umpires and as per the Softball Canada Rulebook and not the Orillia District Fastball League.
ASA NON-Approved Bat List


The bats listed have had their ASA approval is voided