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   : U11/U12 Mini-Hockey Rules


Greater Vancouver Junior Field Hockey League
U11/U12 Mini-Hockey Rules
Updated April 5th, 2015

1)  Follow all of the regular rules of hockey as in the FIH Rules of the Game except where specified below.
2)  Play 8-a-side, with 7 field players and a GK wearing full GK protection (i.e. no option to play 8 players without a GK or to play 7 players and a kicking back).
3)  Play half-field or cross field in either a 60 x 50 metre area, or in a 70 x 55 metre area, depending on local turf markings.
4)  No intentional aerial balls except for shots on net that are scooped or flicked safely. No hits on net to be intentionally raised. Unintentionally raised balls shall be judged solely on danger.
5)  Emphasis on safety such that high sticks (over shoulder height) with any other player within playing distance should not be allowed.
6)  No tackles from behind.
7)  Umpires should call dangerous play whenever a field player goes to ground and continues to try to play the ball while on the ground, within playing distance of other players.
8)  Parents, coaches and spectators who make negative comments to the umpire during the game shall be asked to leave the park.
Further, we should encourage umpires to talk, teach, and explain. We should encourage them to let the unintentional feet and back-sticks kinds of things go whenever possible - but to abandon that position and make the call when an advantage is unfairly gained or lost.