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   : Game Score Reporting Procedure
Game Score Reporting Procedures:
  • One (1) member from each field hockey team should be designated as the individual who will be responsible for reporting the final game score, no matter whether you are the home or visiting team. This could be a coach, manager or parent
  • The final game score should be emailed within twenty-four (24) hours of game completion
  • Send the email to:
  • The following details need to be indentified in the email:
·         The date the game was played 
(Ex: April 18th)
·         The gender of the players (boys or girls) 
(Ex: Girls)
·         The division & tier of the participating teams
  (Ex: U12, Tier 1)
·         The full names of the (2) two participating teams 
(Ex: WV Dolphins vs Richmond Penguins)
·         The final score 
(Ex: Dolphins – 2, Penguins – 1)
  • Game results will be posted within twenty-four (24) hours of receiving the final game score and can be viewed at:
  • If conflicting game scores are received for the same game, the web administrator will send a reply email back requesting clarification from the two teams reporting the game scores.
  • If a game has been rescheduled, please indicate this in the email and advise what the original scheduled date was for the game
By following the above procedures, not only will it streamline the process of keeping up-to-date scores on the website, but ensure the accuracy of the reporting.
Have a great season!