SMARTSports Membership and Registration Tools

Our setup and registration process is simple,
intuitive and highly secure. The responsive design
is optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Our Membership tools are fully integrated
with our Online Registration tools within SMART.

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Our flexible membership management tools allow you to create, configure and sell memberships through your website. Whether you are administering a single facility, club or group or are the registrar for a national organization, our tools can adapt to you. We've been facilitating membership sales and management since 2011, processing and disbursing millions and millions of dollars in online payments on behalf of our clients.

For large hierarchical organizations, the solution facilitates easy, automated and transparent relationships between local, regional and national levels of an organization. This means the higher levels can ensure required memberships are purchased, waivers are agreed to and funds are disbursed by a trusted 3rd party in It also means the local club doesn't need to file reports and send payments to their parent organization(s) and, most importantly, the individual user only needs to create one account and process one transaction.

Memberships are fully integrated with our online registration tools and where they intersect, you can offer separate member and non-member pricing, validated by Real-Time Membership Verification.

Our membership tools can also act as a completely stand-alone service if you maintain your website elsewhere.

SMART Features

Tiered Pricing

Set different member and non-member registration pricing as an incentive for registrants to purchase one of your memberships.

Coupon/Promo Codes

Create codes for a percentage or dollar value discount that can be applied at checkout. These can be single-use individuals or promo codes that anyone can use.

Front Desk Tools

Process registrations manually in any situation outside of the norm. Can be used for in-person cash payments or when someone doesn't have internet access.

Report Generator

Build a custom report on your registration and membership data by selecting and arranging your columns and adding your own custom filters.

Custom Profile Fields

Track details on each of your users for admin use only - great for things like certifications!

Custom Emails

Use our defaults or create your own messages for each email the system sends to your clients.

Custom Waivers

Create waivers as needed for clients to read and accept during the registration process.

Custom Questions

Create custom questions with the ability to adjust the fee based on the client's answer.

Membership Periods

Sell memberships for any time period your organization requires.

Membership Cards

Print your own membership cards with all necessary personal/medical information and ID photo.

Payment Report

Get detailed, robust and flexible reporting on all of your payments in real-time.

Promote & Embed

Use a custom link or QR code to direct clients to your login page, or embed your event listing in your website on any platform.

SMART Highlights

Family Management

Your clients will love how simple the registration process is using SMART and how it enables them to track the whole family's activities all in one calendar. Users create an account for themselves and then have the option to add their spouse or children to their account. Once added, they can purchase memberships and register for events for themselves, their children or the whole family at once.

Governance and Information

The SMART system allows for connections between international, national, regional and local organizations for an unprecedented level of cooperation and control. For example, a registrant at the local grass-roots level can be required to purchase a national association membership during the checkout process. The membership is added to the cart and purchased as part of one transaction. Once complete, funds are distributed appropriately and client information is available at each level.


The SMART design has been optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone usage. Your clients can easily register for an event, purchase a membership or check their calendar from whatever device they choose; at the office or on the go.

Payment Processing & Security

Transactions that run through our merchant account are fully secure and protected by a 128 bit SSL certificate guaranteed up to $100,000. Credit card and Interac Online payments are processed by our partner on their servers and we never store credit card details. We mail checks monthly, or deposit via EFT directly to your bank account.

We can also help you to secure preferred rates while setting up your own internet merchant account, or integrate with your existing account and provider. Please contact us for more details.


We charge a flat convenience fee on every purchase made through the platform. If you do not have your own internet merchant account, an additional transaction fee on Visa and Mastercard payments covers standard credit card processing fees as well the administrative cost of financial reconciliation and disbursement. For more information or a quote, please contact us.

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