Shelly's on fire
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Shelly from the Melbourne Dragons has played local hockey in both NSW and Victoria. The three Australian Women's Ice Hockey Tier 2 Showcase Series Tournaments held in Canberra, Adelaide and Melbourne give her the chance to catch up with old friends and to make some new ones. Catch her at the T2 Finals on 22/23 September at O'Brien Group Arena, Docklands.

"T2 is a fast and furious ice hockey tournament, women from all over the country take part. Traveling and competing in events like these is a great opportunity to build teamship and lifelong friends while enjoying playing ice hockey. Having younger and developing players in this very competitive environment prepares them for further representative experiences. I love the speed of playing on the ice, the intensity of competing for the puck. I love the jubilation of goal scoring and achieving as a team. I love the passion that is shared by the like-minded who spend a lot of time and money honing the many skills required to play.

To those who want to learn this great sport, learn how to skate first of all. Once skating is second nature, the other skills can be built on top. In my mind, this is key. It is the hardest to learn and takes a lot of practice to do really well." 

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Shelly's on fire