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Get your game face on because this is where we dig in to the variety and complexity of functions offered on the esportsdesk.com platform. We pioneered this industry when we established our company back in 1997 and have been continually innovating to strengthen our offerings ever since. We are dedicated to bringing your sports or social organization the very best that the web has to offer.

These core features are born out of a 16 year track record of directly responding to the expressed needs of our clients. They form the foundation of the custom solutions we've built for teams, leagues, tournaments, associations, universties and institutions in more than 60 countries around the world. Today, we are well positioned to reach into new markets and serve a more diverse clientele than ever before.

The following lists are long but not exhaustive, so if you have any questions or want advice regarding your specific needs, don't hesitate to contact us for a chat.

Universal Features

The features below are available on all of our websites, whether Free, Plus or Pro.

  • Individual Online Registration

    Whether you're running a league, offering a course or holding a conference, our registration tools ease the entire process from data collection to payment to financial reporting.

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  • Team Online Registration

    Teams enter their own roster which automatically populates your league or tournament website, saving your staff hours of data entry work.

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  • Volunteer Manager

    All in one volunteer management solution that streamlines the onboarding of volunteers, job configuration, shift scheduling and communication processes.

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  • Accreditation

    Dynamically generate accreditation badges by delegation, name or role on an individual or bulk basis.

  • Fee Collection

    Securely collect and track miscellaneous fees through your esportsdesk.com website on a one-time only, recurring, or installment basis using your choice of Online Payment Processing methods.

  • Fundraising

    Run a fundraiser through your website, allowing supporters to easily donate to your organization online.

  • Schedule Importer*

    You can import your schedule from a CSV spreadsheet file directly into your website using our basic template and instructions. All you need to do is download the template, add your schedule, save the file and upload it to your website.

    * There is a 10¢ per game convenience fee charged at the time of upload

  • Custom Page Creation

    Create your own pages complete with text, pictures, tables and more - no technical knowledge required!

  • Site Categories

    A simple and convenient way for organizations with many teams, leagues, or tournaments within their website to organize all of their sub-sites for easier navigation.

  • Administrator Permissions

    Create multiple administrator accounts with varying levels of site and feature access to share the load without giving up control.

  • Seasons

    When your current season is over, simply add a new one and decide whether you want to carry over your teams, players, locations, etc. Historical stats are available on individual player profiles as well as on the standings, schedules and other pages.

  • Archiving

    No need to delete a site that is no longer in use; archive it for historical reference.

  • Data Exporting

    Your organization's data is just that - yours. You can export it using this function as needed to run whatever reports you may need.

  • Playoff Brackets

    Build single or double conference playoff brackets in minutes using our simple three step process. You can have as many rounds as you need and can easily set the number of matchups per round and number of games per matchup.

  • Game Officials

    Add referees, umpires, linesmen, scorekeepers, etc. to your website and then assign these officials to games. Your visitors, and the officials themselves, can switch from the "Main Schedule" to the "Officials Schedule" to see who is officiating which games. They can even filter by official and print the whole thing for off-line reference.

  • Game Scores

    Once your schedule has been created, it takes only a few seconds to enter a game score from any internet connected computer in the world; the score is instantly posted on your website and, in the case of a league, your standings will automatically be updated.

    More detailed game scores and stats can be entered with our Advanced Statistics packages available in the Plus and Pro packages.

  • Basic Player Statistics

    When entering the game score, you can also enter individual player statistics. You are presented with a list of all players and possible stats. Simply fill in the blanks and press submit. The game's stats are immediately added to the season and career stats and posted online in real time.

  • Standings

    Standings are generated automatically based on your sport and settings and are updated whenever games scores are entered.

  • Location Maps

    When you enter the full address of the location, the system will automatically generate a link to the location in Yahoo! Maps for your visitors to click on. If you'd rather show a map from Google or the facility's own website, you can add a direct link that will over-ride the default generated by the system. You also have the option to enter comments and/or directions to each location.

  • News Articles

    Post news articles on your website complete with a photo and your own formatting, as well as a title, date published and author.

  • Links

    This section allows you to include links to other useful websites for your visitors.

  • Photo Albums

    Post your photos on your website in a convenient and easy to use photo album system. Add one photo at a time or upload in bulk.

  • Board of Directors

    A listing of the board of directors of an organization with their name, position and contact information.

  • Team Rosters

    A basic listing of a team's players with whatever information you set as publicly visible.

  • Player Profiles

    Player Profiles allow for a picture of each player along with their name, jersey number, position, height, weight, hometown and date of birth. There is also a spot for a blurb about each player and a detailed breakdown of that player's statistics for this season along with a career breakdown.

  • Calendar & Events

    Easy to administer, view and print, the Calendar & Events feature presents all your key dates in a familiar format. It's also easy to export as an iCal file.

  • Submit a Story

    This feature offers players and fans the opportunity to write their own news articles for the website. Administrators can view submitted stories and decide whether to approve them for publishing.

  • Bulk Email

    Allows the administrator to easily send out emails to participants, captains and managers.

Plus & Pro Exclusive Features

Features marked with an asterisk (*) can be added to Free Package websites for a fee.

  • Recent & Upcoming Games

    Showcase your team's next and last game on your Plus site, or your organization's upcoming and recent games on your Pro site.

  • Feature Player

    Recognize an outstanding player by including his/her picture and a small write-up about them on your site's front page.

  • Domain Names *

    A domain name (yourorganization.com for example) is included with the Pro package. With the Free or Plus packages, there is an annual fee of $30.00.

  • Email Addresses *

    Custom email addresses (you@yourdomainname.com) are available at $25 per account per year.

  • File Upload Utility

    Post Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations and Adobe PDF files on your website for your visitors to download at their leisure.

  • Inter-Website Data Sharing (IDS)

    Eliminate the double entry of data. This feature is most commonly used for team websites where the league they play in also has an esportsdesk.com website. All team, roster, personnel, schedule and statistical data is entered into the league's website and flows seamlessly to the team's website, updating it in real-time. Team's can focus on their own local news, photos, videos and community features while the rest is taken care of behind the scenes.

    IDS can also be used for a league or a tournament whose parent organization also uses an esportsdesk.com website.

  • Social Media Integrations

    Embed your Facebook and/or Twitter feeds on your website.

  • Google Analytics Integrations

    Track and view reports on your website's traffic.

  • Photo ID Cards

    Produce and distribute identification cards to your organization members. Data used to populate the cards is seamlessly uploaded during the online player registration process. Each registrant has the ability to upload their own photo during registration or the administrator can upload the photo on the player's behalf.

  • Printable Scoresheets *

    Printable scoresheets are automatically filled out with Team Roster information from the database. Whether the information was entered via Team Online Registration, Single Player Online Registration or manually by the administrator, this feature is a huge time saver and ensures accuracy and legibility while providing a more professional touch to your organization.

    Printable scoresheets are currently only available for Hockey, Soccer and Field Hockey. If you require printable scoresheets for your organization, please contact us about adapting the system to your sport.

  • Videos

    An integration with YouTube, this feature allows you to embed and play your YouTube videos directly in your website. You can also organize your videos into different channels.

  • Advanced Slideshow Widget *

    Display a photo carousel on your home page, complete with a title, a tag line and link to more information (a news article, custom page, downloadable file or custom link).

  • Ticker/Scrollbar

    Add rotating linked messages for your visitors to see throughout your website.

    * Currently available on Pro sites only

  • Polls

    Ask your visitors their opinion about whatever you want using our fully customizable poll feature. Just enter a question and its possible answers.

    * Currently available on Pro sites only

  • Real-Time Scoring

    Enter scores, statistics and game details as they happen, publishing live for your fans to see. In the past, this level of functionality and timeliness was available only for major professional sports - not anymore.

    We currently support the following sports with our Real-Time Scoring: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey, Roller/Inline Hockey and Lacrosse.

    If your sport was not listed above, we still have a solution for you complete with detailed statistics for most sports, just not yet in real-time. If you require Real-Time Scoring for your sport, please contact us about getting the system developed to adapt to your sport.

  • Publisher's Network

    Join our network of publishers who are earning money every month from the advertisements placed on their websites. We have built a large network of websites with significant traffic that allows us to approach large media buyers en masse and provide advertising sales services to smaller local organizations. There is no investment to get setup and our partnerships are non-exclusive so you can still gather your own local sponsors.

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Add-On Features

These features can be added to a Plus or Pro website for a fee.

  • Mobile Websites

    Our Mobile Website offering enhances your organization's web presence and eases browsing for your visitors and clients on their smartphones. We made a strategic decision to develop a mobile website that works great and functions the same across all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone). Rather than requiring the download of an app, your users simply type in your web address and are automatically redirected to your mobile website.

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  • Tournament Screen Display

    If you have screens at your venue that can display a webpage, we can provide an up to the minute custom rotation that includes schedules, standings and stats for each of your divisions throughout the event.

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Custom Developments

We are constantly developing new tools and adapting existing tools to new user requirements. The longevity of our company (through several 'tech industry bubbles') is due in large part to our constant interaction with clients and our open door policy for any new ideas or requests - it's what drives our innovation and keeps us in front. If there is anything you'd like to see added please contact us.

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