Earn Money from your Website

By becoming a member of the publisher network, you will benefit from our professional advertising sales representation services. There is no risk and no investment needed; all that is required of you is to apply for membership in the publisher network and keep your website up to date for your players and fans. You can then sit back and watch as your website's traffic turns into cash. If you don't yet have a custom website from esportsdesk.com, click here to learn more.

Once you are accepted as a publisher, your website will be tagged to enable the display of advertisements through our ad server. When an advertiser launches a new campaign on your website you have the right to refuse the campaign if, for any reason, you don't want it to appear on your website.

We negotiate advertising contracts with a wide range of companies on behalf of our publishers network. This aggregation of publishers allows for larger contracts and further reach for advertisers (and thus more profit for publishers). Advertisers will choose which of the publishers they would like to advertise to in order to best suit their needs. If an advertiser selects your website, their ad(s) will be placed on your website via our ad server and your website's traffic will immediately begin to generate cash flow.

Become a Publisher Now

Please fill out the application form below to apply to the publisher's network. We'll get back to you within one business day.

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