Kirkland Ladies Slo-Pitch League: Notice Board
June 28, 2022
Week 6 highlights only 4 teams play a game with two nights rained out

Week 6 June 20 only 4 teams get to play a game so here goes the highlights of the 2 games 

IGA has a big win 19-11 against JOHNS. IGA offensive stars with HEATHER lead off with a perfect 5 for 5 with 2 RBIS. Missing 2 of their big bats KIZZIE and MEL CAMPBELL, Spares RACHEL DELORME and KAYLA GUITARD fill in and both go 3 for 4 with an RBI each (KAYLA a DOUBLE and a TRIPLE) SUE ROY 4 for 5 and 4 RBIS !!!!! CAYLIE 4 for 5 one DOUBLE and 4 RBIS !! CHERYL BARON 4 for 5 one DOUBLE and 5 RBIS

JOHNS did get 11 runs in their loss 19-11 against IGA. You would thing 11 runs would be enough ???? JOHNS missing three big hitters (LINDSEY, TANYA V, and ANDREA) but we had a few standout offensive stars. MICHELLE CAMPBELL as lead off 3 for 4 with a DOUBLE and an RBI. Both CHRISTINE VV and CHRISTINE LAPOINTE go 3 for 4 both with a DOUBLE and 3 +2 RBIS. LISA MARIE 3 RBIS and MICHELLE TERRY 2 RBIS.

PHYSIO beats KRB 11-7 even with LISE missing. DEBBIE T. as lead off goes 4 for 5 with a DOUBLE and 2 RBIS. ROSA 3 for 4 and 3 RBIS. SHANNON really learning the game gets a DOUBLE and caught stealing but aggressive running. spares NEVINE and RACHEL both 3 for 4 pulling their weight and helping the team. NEVINE had a DOUBLE and RACHEL a TRIPLE and 2 RBIS. I hope some of our spares come back full time next year :) 

KRB loss to PHYSIO 11-7 was disappointing as they were ahead most of the game and even though I was not here for the game, I heard and saw we had a bad inning in the 6th letting 5 runs score and not scoring any runs since the 4th. Our spares sure helped us MARCELA 2 for 4, LAURA SWINBURNE 4 for 4 and SONYA 3 for 4 and bringing in a couple of RBIS. DIANE HEAGANTON was 1 for 1 before getting injured running the bases and had to come out of the game. We hope she recovers soon and have booked NEVINE to replace her until then. DIANE was able to hobble to the park last night to score and cheer on her team. KAREN 3 for 5 with 2 RBIS and HALINA 3 for 5 with an RBI.

Have a good week with no more rain outs and no more injuries :) 



June 23, 2022
WIN highlights week 5

WIN week 5 highlights

Game 1 WIN have a win versus Physio 22-3

BONNIE back in full form leads off with 6 for 6 with 3 RBIS. Our famous player assignment Gail Sumeraj has her first time 5 for 5 with daughter APRIL in front of her with 4 for 5 !! Great night !! STEPH ROY 5 for 6 with a couple of RBIS. Spare LESLIE OLES 5 for 5 with a 3 run HOMER in the 5th for a total of 7 RBIS. MC 5 RBIs !! The bats were hot !!

Maybe WIN needed a rest after two consecutive rain outs ?? The tram welcomed back Captain ANITA. SATTIE from Physio robbed Nancy Forget with her snow cone catch. April returned the favor and robbed Rosa of a hit at rover…tip toe Tinkerbell version x 2. Spare Leslie Oles was full of giddy up tearing up the bases. GAIL with ANITA great out at home plate. The team’s two As ANITA and APRIL ran and ran the bases all night.

Game 2 was a loss 13-5 versus John’s.

Not sure if WIN ran out of steam or hits as they only had 11 hits. NICOLE with a night of work goes 3 for 3. BRITTANY 2 for 3 with a RBI. KELLY Collard 2 for 3. ANITA brings in 2 RBIS. Bats were flat and missing speedster APRIL on the bases as WIN were caught in two Double plays and a very rare Triple play executed by Johns. A few defensive plays worth mentioning: BRITTANY at 3rd made the hot corner hotter with her line drive catch and a pop up. Touch you bag touch your bag touch your bag was there cry to BRITTANY at 3rd. STEPH ROY was sizzling at SS !! Cirque du soleil tryouts at 3rd and SS with balls rolling off one player onto the other. Rest up WIN and come back strong next game !!

June 23, 2022
KRB week 5 highlights

week 5 for KRB brings a win and a loss. 

game 1 : Lerner gives KRB their 2nd loss 6-9. KELLY CORSI goes 3 for 4 with a DOUBLE and a HOMERUN and a RBI. LISA CHARBONNEAU 3 for 4 and an RBI. JOAN 3 for 4. DIANE HEAGANTON 3 for 4 with an RBI. DEBBIE DIGREGORIO brings in 2 RBIS. spare ALAJANDRA was a pleasure to play with and almost caught a fly ball in right field :) KELLY CORSI dove in the dirt for one and JOAN steals one off her also. KELLY+JOAN catch MAEGAN HUPE in a tag play. 

Game 2: KRB wins versus Johns in a close match 7-6. KELLY CORSI a DOUBLE and a TRIPLE and RBI. DIANE HEAGANTON 3 for 4 a DOUBLE and 3 RBIS. 

June 23, 2022

Physio week 5 highlights

It was a tough week for physio losing both their games.

Game 1 WIN beats them 22-3 SATTIE was 3 for 3. DANA 2 for 3. LISE and CAROLYN get the only RBIs. A few dropped balls but this is a good team on a bad day and we’ve all been there.

Game 2 is a close game losing 11-9. Team had a few caught stealing. Helene Papineau solid 4 for 4 with a DOUBLE. Lise Begin and Debbie Trenholm both 3 for 4 with Lise 3 RBIs !!

Good luck this week !!

June 18, 2022

Lerner wins both their games this week 5. They give KRB their 2nd loss. They got our number that is for sure :)

game one versus KRB is a win 9-6. MAEGAN HUPE continues her hot streak going 4 for 4 with a TRIPLE. DT 3 for 3 with a DOUBLE and 3 RBIS. MARY NORMAN is 3 for 4 with 2 DOUBLES and a RBI. DENISE makes a great catch in the outfield. MARY keeps a couple of Kelly Corsi's hard hits in front of her stopping her from advancing past 2. Ozlem impressed me on her quick release from 3rd that gives the extra second to get the outs. 

Game 2 was very exciting as a fan to watch. It was a freaking SLUG fest between LERNER and IGA. LERNER trailing all game starts the rally going in the bottom of the 7th. Down 13-8, Mo starts off with a single and the next thing you know, they are behind only by a couple of runs. MAEGAN HUPE is the hero of the game when she brings in the 2 winning RBIS on a huge HOMERUN hit. Sadly because Tania was the winning run, MAEGAN's HOMERUN is recorded as a DOUBLE but in our eyes it was a HOMERUN. Momma was proud as well as her team. Don't worry Maegan you have more home runs in you !! TANIA DUCZAK as lead off was 4 for 5 with a RBI, MAEGAN HUPE 3 for 5 with 3 RBIS. CHRISTINE DUCZAK, MO, KELLY NEIMAN and DENISE all 3 for 4 and all had 1 or 2 RBIS. MINDIE was cute when TANIA sent her home with 3 outs and then she realized and had a funny grin !! MARY NORMAN had a great hit down the 3rd base side. 

Let's see what week 6 brings !!! 

June 18, 2022


GAME 1 close game losing 7-6 versus KRB. Good defense by JOHNS holding them scoreless for three straight innings and getting a run in 4 straight innings but couldn't tie it up in the 7th. LINDSEY 3 for 4 with a DOUBLE and TRIPLE and an RBI. CHRIS LAPOINTE 3 for 4 and a RBI. LUISA 3 for 4 (she's been clocking the ball) EMILY 2 for 2.

GAME 2 brings JOHNS a big win against WIN 13-5. Lots of hits. LISA MARIE as lead off 3 for 5 with a RBI. Rookie TANYA gets a 3 run HOMERUN in the 6th inning and gets a total of 4 RBIS. LINDSEY 2 for 3 a DOUBLE and an RBI. rookie ANDREA goes 3 for 4 with a TRIPLE and also gets a 2 run HOMERUN in the 6th bringing in a total of 4 RBIS. on the defense side JOHNS was solid and even got a TRIPLE PLAY !! Ground ball to SS Lindsey who tags the runner and throwing to ANDREA at 2nd who then tossed it to 1. WOW !!

Keep up the vibe !!

June 18, 2022

IGA week 5 highlights

Last week has IGA winning 1 and losing 1. In both games IGA scored a ton of runs.

Game 1 win over physio 11-9

HEATHER leads off with 3 for 4. SUE ROY perfect game 4 for 4 including a DOUBLE and a TRIPLE and 4 RBIs and playing awesome at 1st. CAPTAIN CAYLIE 4 for 4 with a TRIPLE and 3 RBIS followed by captain TILLY with 3 for 4 with 2 DOUBLES and 2 RBIS. KIZZY with 3 for 4 including 2 DOUBLES but Physio does catch her stealing.

Game 2 was a disappointing loss 14-13 considering IGA was ahead the whole game until the 7th when Lerner batting last with IGA leading 13-7 can’t stop Lerner from stealing the win from them.

KIZZIE hits for the CYCLE ( do you know how hard that is ? ) she goes 5 for 5 with 2 singles, a DOUBLE, a TRIPLE and a HOMERUN and 4 RBIS. Spare SUE RACK brings in a couple of RBIS on her 2 hits. AMANDA 4 for 5 with 2 DOUBLES and 2 RBIs. CAYLIE 4 for 5.

HEATHER 3 for 5 and ALICIA gets an RBI. It was a nail biter game to watch !!

Just another fun night at the park !!