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11 NOVEMBER, 2022

NEW 2022 Prior Participation Membership Now Active

NEW 2022 Prior Participation Membership Now Active

Mal Moss


Exciting News.

December the 8th 2022 is the Ice Hockey Tasmania’s AGM and just in time we have relaunched our memberships ready for what the future hold.  As an Ice Hockey Tasmania member, you will be able to attend the AGM and have your say in the future of Ice Hockey Tasmania.

Currently – we have open the IHT 2022 Prior Participation Membership.

This membership offer is open to previous players, officials, support staff, volunteers and their family members who have given their time and energy to Tasmanian Ice Hockey in years gone by.

This membership is designed to keep connected to our Ice Hockey community. Membership is free and intended to keep everyone connected to IHT and received IHT updates.

Future participation membership and community support memberships will be open following the AGM in early 2023.

Please log into your Ice Hockey Tasmania Account on and follow the simple steps.

If you’re not already a member – SIGN UP.

Once you’re in click on memberships and follow your nose to the IHT 2022 Participation membership and sign up – it’s free.

If you have family members who don’t have their own email or account – add them to yours.  Once added to your account you can sign them up for a membership as well.

Like we said this membership is for previous players, officials, support staff, volunteers, and their family members. 

We look forward to welcoming you back and lookout for AGM information soon.

The Ice Hockey Tasmania Family.


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