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On Sunday October 3rd after our game we held a parent meeting at the Tri Leisure Centre.  Thanks to all that attended.  It is looking like we will have great parent support this year.  Also the enthusiasm from the kids was great.

When I was paying for the pizza, after everyone had left, the waitress made a comment that I would like to share.  She said "you guys are sure lucky to have a coach like that".  She said that she has played sports for over 10 years and good coaches are very few and far between.  She recognized the impact that the coach had on the players.  She said he was so focused on making sure that the kids knew that it is about the team and the development not on the winning. 

I thanked her for her comments and just wanted to share them with everyone as I am sure our team all agrees that we are fortunate to have Wade as our coach.


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