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The United States Floorball Association is the official governing body of floorball in the USA.

The United States Floorball Association is here to help support the growth of Floorball in the United States.

Floorball is an easy sport for all to learn and love!
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MAY 9, 2023

Historic partnership with UNIHOC and Floorball Planet!

Historic partnership with UNIHOC and Floorball Planet!

Adam Troy

We are very excited to announce that USA Floorball has reached an agreement with UNIHOC and Floorball Planet to be official suppliers of all U.S National floorball teams.

“We are very proud to partner up with the largest and most experienced Floorball company in the world and FloorballPlanet who is the largest Floorball reseller in the US. Our partnership with UNIHOC and FloorballPlanet gives all of our USA Floorball national teams an amazing opportunity have the support of the best Floorball supplier there is bar none, every game. To become a top 10 team in the world you must be able to trust that you have the best possible coaches, organization, and equipment to succeed, and this is something we been working on for a long time now,” says USA Floorball President Calle Karlsson and continues.

“It is very exciting to take this next step together with UNIHOC and FloorballPlanet.  We need quality and reliability, UNIHOC has proved that they are the best in the world since the beginning of Floorball.”

UNIHOC, that also sponsor the International Floorball Federation, was already started in 1972 in Mölndal, by Floorball missionary Carl-Åke Ahlqvist. A few years before that, he had introduced the sport in Sweden by starting to import plastic hockey sticks that could be used for indoor ball games. In this way, floorball and UNIHOC have grown side by side, making them the first and oldest Floorball brand still in existence.

”We are excited to be able to join this partnership with USA Floorball and FloorballPlanet. The U.S. is a market with a great future and endless possibilities to grow the sport of Floorball. It is a country that always has the international eyes on it, and for us as an international brand it is very important to have a strong presence here. Therefore, it feels natural for UNIHOC, as perhaps the most well-known international brand in Floorball, to support the association as the obvious choice for the material supply”, says Torbjörn Jonsson, Sales Manager and Vice President at UNIHOC.

UNIHOC’s official reseller in the states, Floorball Planet, are well known in the USA Floorball community for always doing everything they can to support the growth of Floorball as well as delivering first class service and being at a majority, if not all, USA Floorball events across the country.

“We are thrilled to be working with USA Floorball and UNIHOC to develop Floorball in the United States.  We have supported the efforts of USA Floorball since our company was founded 15 years ago and to join with the premier floorball company in the world to take this support to the next level is truly exciting.  We look forward to helping the United States reach the next level in international competition and increase its Floorball presence globally.” says Darryl Gross, Managing Partner, FloorballPlanet.

The current contract runs until 2025.

The first national team to get be supported by this new partnership was the MU19 team that competed in Denmark at the World Floorball Championships.

To find out more about UNIHOC check out their website here.

To find out more about Floorball Planet check out their website here.

Read more about the MU19 World Floorball Championships in Denmark here.


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