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JANUARY 10, 2017

2017 News & Membership fees

2017 News & Membership fees

BCCFA 2017 Registration Information 
The following is an explanation of the 2017 Annual Football Membership fees: 
1. Football Canada - $11 
Football Canada is the governing body for ALL football in Canada.  In June 2016, BC became a member of Football Canada in order to benefit from National Certification, and to have input at a national level regarding rules and the development of the game. Membership is mandatory, and has to be done separately at 2017 National Registration or via the BCPFA website. 
2. BC Provincial Football Association - $23 ($13 BCPFA membership & $10 insurance) 
The BCPFA is our Provincial governing body for ALL Football in BC. This includes the BCCFA, BCFC Junior Football, BCFOA and UBC. They manage the required Insurance for players, and provide guidance to all associations.  This fee is paid automatically when you register with your local club, and has always been built in to Registration.   
3. BC Community Football Association - $15 ($5 BCCFA membership & $10 coaching development) 
The BCCFA is the governing body for Community Football, including Spring Flag, and Tackle Programs across the Province, and facilitates the Provincials for Community Football.  Coaching Development is a priority, with a focus on Making Ethical Decisions and Safe Contact.  The 5 Zones include Vancouver Island, Vancouver Mainland, Valley, Southern Interior, and North.  This fee is paid automatically when you register with your local club, and has always been built into Registration. 
4. The combined $49 for National membership, Provincial Membership, Insurance, and Coaching Development is less than the National Average for Football other sports.  This is something that BC is extremely proud of.  These memberships are paid only once per calendar year. 
*Note*: The BCPFA and BCCFA websites are interlinked and registration information is recognized by both websites on esportsdesk for your local club.  *Please use only one esportsdesk User Account to avoid duplication in the system and to avoid paying the non-refundable annual football memberships more than once.* 
NEW for 2017 Tax Year 
Children’s Fitness and Arts Tax Credits

This measure has received Royal Assent. 

Budget 2016 proposes to phase out the children’s fitness and arts tax credits: 

Effective for the 2016 taxation year, the maximum eligible amount per child will be reduced to $500 from $1,000 for the children’s fitness tax credit (which will remain refundable for 2016) and to $250 from $500 for the children’s arts tax credit. The supplemental amounts for children eligible for the disability tax credit will remain at $500 for both credits for 2016.

Effective for the 2017 and subsequent taxation years, both credits will be eliminated.


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