: Board of Directors
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Vice President John Kennedy 780-892-3575 780-245-5893  - SEND
Finance Dee Dietrich - -  - SEND
Secretary Barb Borynec 780-968-2615 780-818-4491  - SEND
Director of Coaches & Player Development Jared Kravontka 780-892-3539 780-566-7866  - SEND
Ice/Referee Schedular Aleigha (Lee) Kravontka 780-892-3539 780-566-7766  - SEND
Registar Colette Velichko 780-963-0480 -  - SEND
Concession Heather Doerr 780-963-9837 -  - SEND
Bingo Director Jackie Pearson 780-892-3733 -  - SEND
Tournaments & Promotions Norm Desnoyers 780-963-4181 780-221-8390  - SEND
Equipment Manager Steve Cote 780-892-2765 780-777-2095  - SEND

Notes and Minutes:
Board Meeting Sept 15, 2009 (added September 15, 2009)
Wabamun Minor Hockey Assoc Board Meeting Jubilee Hall Sept 15, 2009 6:30 pm Minutes President Darrel absent and Ken Davie chaired in his absence.

ITEM MINUTES & ACTIONS 1. Call to order • Introductions • Acceptance of agenda • Lynne introduced the new concession manager to the board - Krista Wilflingsidor. • Moved by Dee 2nd Colette to approve agenda as provided • meeting moved to arena as Lynne misplaced key 2. Approval of Minutes • Ken moves to accept as circulated 3. Business arising from the Minutes

• 4.1 Releases: Stony Plain has been approached once more with no response to date. The board decided unanimously that the boundary enforcement must start at the Initiation and Novice level.

• Ken read a letter from Dianne Pilla requesting a release for Talon Pilla. The board declines the release and welcomes the family as we have room on our Novice team. Discussion is regards to hiring a lawyer for the McDermott release. Moved by Dee 2nd by Wade that Lynne call and arrange to hire a lawyer (Engel). All in favour. This must be done 7 days from Sept 15. Action by Lynne. • Moved by Dee 2nd by Colette that the board of WMHA may make a motion by email. All in favour.

• 4.2 Web Site to be put on hold at this time.

• 4.3 Fundraising Colette is submitting a Casino Application and Lynne to submit Grant Application by Oct 1st. • Dodge Caravan by Oct 15th - application once team is in place.

4. Correspondence Releases have been dealt with

5.1 Treasurer’s Report Reported by: Dee Dietrich • Files and accounting have been sent to accountant. Moved by Dee 2nd by Colette we approve payment of $1600.00 for audit from the Dash Group. All in favour. Dee will use a different program than Simply. Action: Dee

• Moved by Lynne 2nd by Dee that 2 of the 3 bank signing officers may pay invoices under $250.00. If over $250.00 and payment is required before a board meeting invoice may be approved by board via email and quorum. All in favour. Action: Dee

• Dee presented a proposed budget. The budget reflects that the concession will staff by volunteers during the week for one position and the 2nd will be paid, and 2 paid on the weekends. Volunteers will allow one home tournament and up to $500.00 entry into an away tournament. This increases concession by $8000.00.

• Dee rescinds the motion made Aug 12 RE: concession and Volunteers.

• Moved by Dee 2nd by Wade If a parent on a team does not volunteer to work their shifts in the concession they have the option of paying $75.00 for a tournament entry fee. All in favour.

• Dee recommends signing a one year Pepsi agreement.

• Bank balance Bingo $569.82, Concession $44707.14 General $22,741.98. Invoices circulated for approval. Copy attached.

5. 5.2 Registration Reported by Colette Velichko

• Colette circulated the number of registered players to date. Colette gave forms to Midget and Bantam players to attend the Onoway conditioning program. This is not a release. No releases will be issued at this time because WMHA may still be able to have a Bantam or Midget team. Ken will follow up with Onoway President in good faith and make sure they understand the registration system. If any player owes money to WMHA they do not get a release until paid in full. Jackie has advised she has heard players in Darwell may be registered outside of boundary in Onoway.

5.3 Coaches • coaches con"t • Wade would like to purchase 12 shirts for appreciation gifts. • Speak out planned Sept 26th. Moved by Wade 2nd by Dee we pay for any interested WMHA member. Pizza will be bought for lunch. All in favour. • Wade has secured a major donor for the Peewee team. Wade has arranged for the jerseys to reflect the name of the sponsor and will be the same colour and name as the Atom A jerseys. The sponsor is the Stony Plain Co-operators North Star Insurance. WMHA will have to recognize this sponsor and appreciate them. • Moved by Dee 2nd Wade we accept the Wildcats logo and colour for the team colours. All in favour. • Tabled next meeting to discuss approved team logos and colours. • Memo circulated on HA HINI policy • Wade would like to host a jamboree for young players to increase membership at the younger levels. The board gave approval to finalize and bring back details to approve. • Wade has put together binders for all teams. These are all inclusive and anyone wanting info to be circulated get the info to Wade. These have had a lot of work put into them and will be a great tool for the teams. • Coaches for all teams are in place. • Barry Medori will provide mentorship at the first coaches meeting.

5.4 Concession • Reported by Lynne Scheideman Moved by Dee 2nd Colette to change the locks on the concession. All in favour. Action: Lynne • Lynne will hire all staff at rates in last minutes. Lynne will stock items and arrange with health department. Cash register purchased.

5.5 Bingo Reported by Jackie Pearson • Jackie requires a transfer of $1000 to pay workers. Action: Dee • Jackie will provide numbers to Darrel to request payment from Lions for previous period. Action: Jackie • Jackie to initiate meeting with the Lions Action : Jackie

5.6 Ice/Refs

Reported by: Wade Borynec as Jamie unavailable • Ref list attached for reference • Tournament list attached. Novice Nov 21,22 Peewee A Dec 5,6 Peewee B Jan 9,10 Atom A Feb 13,14 Atom B Mar 27,28 Initiation Mar 21 • Power Skating Oct 11 3-5:15 by Quantam • Also Oct 18, 25, Nov 1 and 8th • Goalie training will be Tuesdays • Dee to show Jamie ice schedule . Action: Dee

5.7 Equipment Reported by Frank Auburn • Inventory was taken by board members. Socks are required for teams. Pucks s/b sufficient for now. • Frank has offered to look after recycling providing it does not interfere with Annie. Action: Frank • Outdated Goalie equipment will be offered to all paid members of Minor Hockey.

5.8 Vice Pres Reported By Ken Davie • Ken would like to purchase rule books for discipline committee. Committee in place of Greg Florkewich and Gerald Paul. Action: Darrel at Zone • Ken attended 1660 meeting. Dates will be Oct 17th - Feb 28th for the league. 1660 still to make decision on retie ring. Game sheets will be online. One copy of all game sheets to be left in concession for Ken from EVERY team. Action: Ken

5.9 Secretary Reported by Lynne Scheideman • Mail boxes will be set up in concession • Phone mailboxes will be set up for Colette, Wade, Ken, Bingo, Darrel, General (Lynne) Action: Lynne • A replacement is required if Lynne is to do concession

5.10 President Reported by Ken Davie in Darrel Velichkos absence • Email from JR. Team. Tom will provide a bond to cover team costs and details have been worked out with Darrel. • Wade has spoken to RCMP to do walk through • Moved by Wade 2nd by Colette that Darrel sign the lease with the Village. All in favour. Action: Darrel.

6.0 Old business • covered

7.0 New Business • 50/50 license must be obtained by member of executive. Tabled • Wade wants to do a "walk Through" after conditioning camp this weekend.

Motion to Adjourn at 10:30 p.m. Moved: Dee Dietrich Next Meeting TBA Submitted by Lynne Scheideman

Board Meeting August 12,2009 (added August 12, 2009)
WABAMUN MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION Board Meeting Minutes August 12, 2009 Wabamun Bingo Hall @6:30PM

In attendance as per sign in sheet: President Darrel Velichko, Vice President Ken Davie, Secretary Lynne Scheideman, Treasurer Dee Dietrich, Director of Registration Colette Velichko, Director of Coaches Wade Borynec, Appointed committee Bingo Jackie Pearson and Guests Cheryl Watt and Frank Auburn.

1.0 Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm by President Darrel

2.0 Moved by Wade Borynec Second by Ken Davie to approve minutes from June 22, 2009 with no errors or omissions……………………… ……………carried

3.0 Approval of Agenda with addition of 8.4 Critical paths

4.0 Business Arising

4.1 Releases The Denton and Allard previous requests for releases were discussed at length. A player must be registered with a LMHA in order to obtain a release. Darrel will speak to both families. Mike Olson from Hockey Alberta has advised that WMHA must accept players (with full payments) on valid teams until the max # is reached or the cut off date supplied by Hockey Alberta. Players can be refused for non-payment

4.2 Websites A co-ordinator is required from WMHA to work on the web site. Kevin David has a system ready for us, but information and pictures are required to get the site up and running. Cheryl Watt volunteered to take this position on and the board voted to accept her for the position. Welcome Cheryl. Lynne will advise Kevin of Cheryl’s contact and Cheryl of Kevin’s.

5.0 Correspondence No correspondence this month

6.0 Committee Reports

6.1 Treasurer Bank balance reported by Dee and accepted for information. A summary of accounts payable was circulated and approved with the exception of he Birdsell, Grant Gardner. Dee will obtain clarification before payment. Dee suggested merging the 2 existing bank accounts (leaving the Bingo separate) as the accounting system supplies all the information we need to separate out P&L statements by account. Tabled. Jackie will supply Dee the bingo sheets so Dee can take them to the auditor to finish the books. General $22998.09 and Concession $44705.47 for a total of $67,703.56

6.2 Registrar Colette advised a refund is to be issued to Kootenay's as per letter from Delores Rain Kootenay. Also Greany's as they have moved and are released to Stony. There are a few players that have paid their $25.00 fee but have not made their final payment. To date the following are paid registrations:

Paid 09/10 Hockey Alberta’s Possible Initiation 4 8 Novice 4 16 Atom 12 20 PeeWee 12 30 Bantam 1 14 Midget 0 24 JR unkn unkn

• No player will be allowed on ice without payment in full from any team. • Darrel attempted to contact Alexis and Paul First Nations and no one has returned his calls. It was suggested to look into holding registrations at each First Nations. Darrel will explore possibility. • Communication with Pembina will be important before teams are finalized as they may not have enough players to make some teams and may send some players to WMHA. • Phone lists were distributed. Barb Borynec will contact Novice, Wade PeeWee and Darrel Atom.

6.3 Coaches Coach applications have been received for the following teams and Wade will contact coaches by the end of September. All coaches and teams must have applications, training and criminal record checks.

Initiation 0 Novice 3 Atom 6 PeeWee 5 Bantam 1 Jr 1

Wade together with Mikk hope to host and assist with the following training this season: • Speak out and checking clinics have been applied for to host in WMHA • Power skating and goal tending clinics within year • Small area games fun tourney in Season • To mentor and help coaches from the sidelines Wade requires a list of all players by Mid September and the end of September.

6.4 Concession Lisa has not formally quit this position. Darrel to contact Lisa to find out her position. Lynne has offered to switch to Concession from Secretary if a Secretary can be found. Colette will contact Heidi Paul to see if she is interested in concession, fundraising or promotions. For now Dee and Lynne will get the concession rolling for start of season. Moved by Dee seconded by Ken that WMHA hire a paid employee for the concession manager at $15.00/hour and fill the second spot with a volunteer. A credit will go to the reduction of fees for the 2010/11 season. If spots can not be filled individually teams may apply to fill the position as a team fundraiser………………………………………………………………....carried Dee will purchase cash register and meet with Pepsi. Dee provided info on other vending machines but the board is not interested at this time. Lynne will place an ad for a full time seasonal employee at a rate of $15.00/hour. Lynne will contact Health Department. Darrel will ask the Village if we can install a security system.

6.5 Bingo Jackie suggests we explore a monetary increase to Bingo workers only if they are working towards registration fees. More discussion is required. A meeting is to be set up with the Lions. WMHA has a signed agreement with the Lions (as per Gaming Commission) and any changes as per volunteers will require a changed contract. Lynne to provide Darrel with copy of agreement. Jackie will provide Darrel with Jan-June Bingo numbers so a request for donation can be given to the Lions. The board has set the following condition for Bingo workers and has given Jackie authority to use it at her discretion: If a Bingo worker does not show up for the time provided Jackie does not have to provide them any more Bingos to work. Also if a worker does not show up each worker that was to be provided will be fined the bingo fee per worker and the amount will be deducted from any credits.

6.6 Secretary Voice mail to be changed to say registrations paid in full will still be accepted. Colette advised she is picking up messages as well. Lynne asked about insurance and there is Director liability BUT as a board we must do our best to make sure we follow rules.

6.7 President Darrel will contact Jamie to get an ice schedule meeting set up. Course dates to be provided from Wade. At this time ice will be booked for Initiation, Novice, 2 Atom, 2 PeeWee, Bantam and JR. Jamie will have to look at minimum league times required to book ice. Look at calander to book tournament dates. Do not include playoff times or until end of November and remember to look at holidays. Hockey Alberta is looking at hiring a Native Liaison for the north. Darrel spoke to Mike Olson in regards to boundaries. Hockey AB will supply the ruling. Darrel will continue discussions. The board cleaned the lock up room. An inventory list must be established. There is no JR inventory so Darrel will ask Tom to provide a full listing and tell him space is available in lock-up for the JR’s. Colette will look into a Casino application and possibility of working with other rural communities as a fundraiser.

7.0 Old Business Completed in other areas

8.0 New Business

8.1 Sponsorship Casino Moved by Dee and seconded by Ken that WMHA approves Colette to apply for a Casino license to be used for fundraising as per Casino guidelines……………………………………………………………..…..carried Borynec’s are trying to obtain sponsorship from the Co-operators. It was agreed that if any team obtains pre-approved sponsorship that it may go directly to a team. Wade is looking at applying this sponsorship to new PeeWee uniforms. It is suggested if there is a second PeeWee or a second Atom team the board approve new uniforms for that team as well. Uniform colours and logos to be tabled to next meeting for discussion.

8.2 Oilers

Board Meeting May 19, 2009 (added May 19, 2009)
WABAMUN MINOR HOCKEY ASSOCIATION Board Meeting May 19th, 2009 Wabamun Jubilee Bingo Hall @ 7:00 PM Meeting Minutes

Board Members: Present: Tom Bartosch, Denise Bartosch, Lynne Scheideman, Colette Velichko, Lori Moger, Wade Borynec, Dee Dietrich, Marty House Others Present: As per signed sheet Absent Members: Tannis Aginas, & Leon Aginas

1.0 Call to order Tom called to order the board meeting of the Wabamun Minor Hockey Association at 7:00 pm on May 19th, 2009 in Wabamun Jubilee Bingo Hall.

2.0 Introduction of Guests • Ray Broudure from Hockey Alberta attended.

3.0 Reading of Last Years Minutes • Colette read that last years minutes out loud for all members.

Corrections of AGM Meeting Minutes • Dee said that she has another copy of 2008 AGM Minutes and they do not match the ones that were given to the board. • Tom said the minutes were corrected. • Lynne Scheideman’s name was on the minutes and she did not attend the meeting. • Tanis & Leon name should be removed as they never attended the meeting. • Dee made a MOTION to make remove the names of people that were not in attendance of the AGM 2008. All in favor, CARRIED

4.0 Adoption of Agenda • We need to find out the level target of our association to determine what level we play at the provincials. • Lynne mentioned that we need to clarify who has to vote as our bylaws are not in affect.

8.0 Explanations – This is where Colette should do her first call of nominations. • Change: 10.0 to Elections • Change: 11.0 to New Business • Lynne made a motion to accept the changes to the agenda Darrel second, all in favor, CARRIED.

5.0 Correspondence • Nothing to report

6.0 Business Arising from Minutes • Nothing to report.

7.0 Hockey Alberta Key Note address from Ray Boudreau • Lynne had introduced Mr. Ray Boudreau to everyone by giving them a little history about him. • Ray mentions the biggest issues in Hockey are there are no volunteers for Board Members. • Ray made a good point about Hockey programs in our community should be treated as a business. Everyone on the board should run the Association like a business. • All Registrations should be clear and transparent. • Ray says all Business Reports should be presented at the AGM. • People think that Hockey Alberta & Hockey Canada is the same. Hockey Alberta is a branch of Hockey Canada. • Denise Bird asked Ray Boudreau – What does it take to start an Association. Ray said you need Board Members, Bylaws, and a good business case. • Ted Carter is the Native Liaison for WMHA.

8.0 Explanation of By-Laws from Dee Dietrich • Dee spoke to everyone about the Society Bylaws. WMHA Bylaws are not registered therefore; we need to us the Society Bylaws. • Dawn Negrey asked what is wrong with our (WMHA) bylaws? Tom asked that the Bylaws were not filed. • Lynne has read the Lawyer’s email about who is a member of WMHA. If your child was released from the current year and if their fees are paid, they are entitled to vote.

9.0 Committee Reports

9.1 Treasurers Report • We have in the General Account $21,810.11 and in the Concession Account $44,817.88. • There is no Financial Statements available because adjustments have to be made.

9.2 Audit Update • Dee has reviewed the statements and corrections have to be made. • Heidi Paul asked why we choose the Dash Group to do our audit. Dee answered that WMHA have been using them for a will. It was suggested to find someone else as they are expensive.

9.3 Registrar • Denise has we have 46 kids registered. • The questioned was asked what kind of promotion and advertising is done for Registration. Lynne said that we advertise in the Reporter, at the Arena and around town.

9.4 Game & Conduct • Leon was absent – Nothing to report.

9.5 Director of Equipment • Where is the inventory list? • Marty said new Goalie equipment needs to be purchased as per Hockey Alberta new rule.

9.6 Publicity & Special Events • Lynne said that we need to publicize WMHA more. • All tournaments were successful this year. • 3 Tournaments were not run this year due to lack of interest. • We should look into Grants from the Government. • Lynne requests that the cabinets in the arena should be fixed and cleaned up. • Lynne suggests that a Year End party is too expensive. • 50/50 needs to established new guidelines.

9.7 Referees • We had three referees this year and they had good attendance. • Frank Auburn asked how old do the refs have to be? 12 or 13 years old.

9.8 Bingo • Denise said the bingo was successful this year. • We have 14 bingos to do in Spruce Grove. • Dee questioned the amount of $25.00 and should the amount be increased. • Denise states that Wabamun Lions will currently donate $50.00 per bingo to WHMA.

9.9 Concession • Nothing to report.

9.10 Ice Scheduler • Dee had put a website for Ice Scheduling. It worked great and it is free. This system will apply again for the next hockey season. • When payoffs arrive there is hardly any ice. • It was suggested to have Power Skating clinics preplanned.

9.11 Coaches • Was has researched all the coaches. Anyone who would like to coach will have to fill out an application and have a criminal record check. • Wade has recommended an assistance for him as there is more work to be done. • Parkland Hockey Academy has been accepted Duffield and Evansburg school for Grade 6 to 9 to attend their hockey academy. • Ongoing player development mentorship should be available to all coaches. • Early Powerskating clinics are also good for coaches. • All players need direction and development.

9.12 President Report • Tom thanked the Board for all their help. • There was good success with some teams for playing and coaching. • We should all work together to make a better place for our children.

10.0 Elections As nominating committee I Colette Velichko put forward the following for the position of: President: For a term of one year 2009-2010 Season Nominations: Tom Bartosch/Darrel Velichko Nominee: Darrel Velichko (accepted)

No other nominees: All in favor 13 votes Voted in by acclamation

Vice-President: For a term of one year 2009-2010 Season Nominations: Ken Davie/Jim Negery Nominee: Ken Davie (accepted)

No other nominees: All in favor 15 votes Voted in by acclamation

Secretary: For a term of one year 2009-2010 Season Nominations: Lynne Scheideman, Denise Bartosch, Dawn Negrey Nominee: Lynne Scheideman (accepted)

No other nominees: All in favor 20 votes Voted in by acclamation

Treasurer: For a term of one year 2009-2010 Season Nominations: Dee Dietrich Nominee: Dee Dietrich

Voted in by acclamation

Director of Concession: For a term of one year 2009-2010 Season Nominations: Lisa Blais Nominee: Lisa Blais

Voted in by acclamation

Director of Coaches: For a term of one year 2009-2010 Season Nominations: Wade Borynec Nominee: Wade Borynec

Voted in by acclamation

Registrar: For a term of one year 2009-2010 Season Nominations: Colette Velichko, Denise Bartosch Nominee: Colette Velichko

Voted in by acclamation

• Lynne made a motion to destroy the ballots, all in favor, CARRIED • The new President Darrel Velichko, made a speech. • Recommendations: We need 2 auditor positions, Game & Conduct committee, Director of Equipment. Tom said to take all these recommendation to the board.

11.0 New Business • Thursday night is bingo and we need payment that night. Denise Bartosch is stepping down for the Bingo Director position. She will stay on until June 30, 2009. • Jackie Pearson will do a trial run on the Bingo. • Concession money was not balance. Se we need to look into a cash register. Denise said the new cash register will serve the purpose. • Requesting a Release f

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