Constitution and By-Laws




ARTICLE I: Name of the Organization


  1. The name of the organization shall be called the ANCASTER VETERANS SLO-PITCH LEAGUE, hereinafter referred to as the LEAGUE.


ARTICLE II: Purposes


  1. To provide amateur slo-pitch play for men in the Hamilton area.

  2. To promote sportsmanship, recreation, fitness, competition and fellowship.

  3. To operate as a non-profit organization.


ARTICLE III: Requirements for Membership in the LEAGUE


  1. A player must reach the age of forty-five (45) during the current playing year, although this age requirement may be temporarily waived by the Executive Committee to reach the full LEAGUE membership.

  2. Membership in the LEAGUE shall not be denied to any person on the basis of race, creed, religion, political affiliation, or sexual orientation.



ARTICLE IV: Executive Committee


1. Qualifications

  1. To be an approved LEAGUE member in the current or prior years.

  2. Any member of the LEAGUE may put forth their name to be an Executive Committee member.


2. Authority

(a) Manage the day-to-day operations of the LEAGUE.

(b) Receive monies from membership fees, sponsorship fees, grants or donations.

(c) Associate with other organizations to provide for the purpose of the LEAGUE.


3. Elected Officers and Team Managers

(a) Elected Officers and Team Managers form the Executive Committee, each member having one vote.

(b) The elected officers of the LEAGUE shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

  1. Team Managers of the LEAGUE shall be approved and appointed by the Executive Committee, for an initial term of 1 year, and may continue annually thereafter subject to the re-approval of the Executive Committee.

4. Meetings

  1. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be convened by the President.

  2. Additional general membership meetings may be held during the course of the year with the approval of the Executive Committee, or by a request of any member representing a quorum of the League membership.

  3. Executive Committee meetings may be held as requested by the President or by request of any Executive Committee member, representing a quorum of the Executive Committee.


5. Accounts

(a) The funds of the LEAGUE shall be paid into an account operated by the Elected Officers.

(b) All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by the Treasurer, or pre-approved by the Treasurer

if signed by another Elected Officer.

(c) The funds belonging to the LEAGUE shall be applied only to further the aims of the LEAGUE.

(d) The monthly bank statement for the LEAGUE will be sent by the bank directly to the President.

(e) The financial transactions and accounts of the LEAGUE will be reviewed annually by a LEAGUE

member who is not a member of the Executive Committee.


6. Rules of Procedure

  1. The rules contained in Robert’s Rules of Order shall govern the LEAGUE in all cases to which they are applicable, and in which they are not inconsistent with the by-laws or the special rules of order of this LEAGUE.


7. Amendments

(a) Prior to the AGM, the membership will be given electronic or written notice of any proposed

amendments to the Constitution & By-Laws, including the proposers’ names and their rationale for

proposing the amendments.

  1. A vote in favor by over 50% of the LEAGUE members present (a quorum* of the membership being

present) at the AGM is necessary for the adoption of any proposed amendment. *See By-law 5.

(c) A vote is by a show of hands or by a secret ballot, if requested.




By-law 1: Non-Profit Status


  1. The LEAGUE is to be operated as a non-profit organization.

  2. No profits are to be disbursed.

  3. The LEAGUE is to be operated on a volunteer basis. No salaries are to be paid to LEAGUE Executive members.


By-law 2: Membership


  1. Membership is subject to approval by the Executive Committee.

  2. The LEAGUE retains the right to revoke membership at any time should a player conduct himself in any manner detrimental to the well-being of the LEAGUE. The Good Sportsmanship Committee shall review any reported unacceptable behavior and submit their recommendations to the Executive Committee.


By-law 3: Membership Fee


  1. All members shall pay an annual membership fee as stipulated by the LEAGUE Executive, within pre-defined time limits.

  2. The membership fee is used to cover the operating costs. Operating costs may include, but are not limited to: diamond permit fees, umpire fees, administration fees, uniforms, insurance, equipment.


By-law 4: Liability


  1. All players participating in the LEAGUE do so at their own risk.

  2. The LEAGUE and its representatives are not liable for any loss or injury whatsoever incurred while so participating.

  3. Team managers shall make their players aware of this liability waiver and have them sign this form annually prior to their first LEAGUE game.

  4. The LEAGUE will annually purchase Liability Insurance coverage for the players and Executive Committee.


By-law 5: Quorum

  1. A quorum shall consist of a simple majority (over 50%).


By-law 6: Elections of Elected Officers


  1. Elections are to be held at any Executive Committee meeting prior to the start of the season.

  2. The LEAGUE President shall be given the names of candidates for the various LEAGUE officers and these names shall be forwarded to the Executive Committee by electronic or written notice before the meeting.

  3. A plurality vote by a show of hands (or a secret ballot if so requested) is required to elect each officer

and the candidate receiving the largest number of votes has a plurality.

  1. The officers shall assume office immediately following their election and shall serve for a period of one (1) year and may continue annually thereafter subject to the re-approval of the Executive Committee.

  2. A vacancy in any office, during the year, may be filled by the appointment of an interim officer, by the Executive Committee, with the mandate for the remainder of the year only.


By-law 7: Duties of Elected Officers


  1. President

  1. Chair all meetings of the LEAGUE.

  2. Represent the LEAGUE in dealing with any issues regarding the LEAGUE.

  3. Organize and schedule the AGM and any special or other meetings.

  4. Act as a Purchaser (or designate one) of all equipment needed by the LEAGUE.

  5. May attend all committee meetings.

  6. Be a signing officer.


  1. Vice President

  1. Act for and on behalf of the President, in the President’s absence.

  1. Act for and on behalf of the President, in the President’s absence.

  2. Assist in any activities assigned by the President

  3. Be a signing officer.



a) Record minutes of all LEAGUE meetings.

b) Provide copies of said minutes to all Officers and Team Managers within a two-week period.

c) Provide notice of all proposed amendments as indicated in ARTICLE IV Section 5 of the Constitution.

d) Maintain a database of LEAGUE membership

e) Coordinate the Player Registration process

f) Be a signing officer


  1. Treasurer

a) Keep accurate financial records of all LEAGUE revenues and expenses.

b) Prepare and present a financial statement at the AGM.

c) Authorize the issuance of all cheques and issue receipts as required.

d) Prepare and provide a detailed budget at the beginning of each season of play.

e) Be a signing officer.



By-law 8: Duties of Team Managers


  1. Shall be the Team Managers of the LEAGUE.

  2. Attend all Executive Committee meetings.

  3. Convey information from the Elected Officers and the Executive Committee to their players.

  4. Prepare for and attend the draft, select their team and call their players as soon as possible after the draft to let them know of which team they’re on.

  5. Pick up and/or store team bats and balls.

  6. Be responsible for regular two-way communication with their team.

  7. Prepare a team line-up prior to each game, having insured beforehand who would be at the game.

  8. Arrive at the park early (a guideline of 15 minutes before game time) with a prepared team line-up, having insured beforehand who would be at the game and arranged for replacement players as necessary.

  9. Distribute and collect registration forms and cheques for the upcoming season, and follow-up as needed.

  10. Complete and submit player ratings at the end of the season.


By-Law 9: Committees


  1. The Good Sportsmanship Committee reviews reported unacceptable behavior and makes their recommendations to the Executive Committee.

  2. The Rules Committee reviews new or existing rules and makes their recommendations to the Executive Committee.

  3. All Committee Chairs are appointed by the Executive Committee for a one-year term, and may continue annually thereafter subject to the re-approval of the Executive Committee.

  4. Committee makeup is at the discretion of the respective Chairmen with approval of the Executive Committee.

  5. Other Ad Hoc Committees for such duration and as determined by the Executive Committee (i.e. Player Rating Committee, Player Assignment Committee.)


By-law 10: League Dissolution


  1. Should the LEAGUE dissolve, all monies in the LEAGUE, after expenses, shall be given to charities identified by the Executive Committee.




Revised: January 25, 2017


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