JANUARY 7, 2015

Member Profiles and Stronger Data in 2015

As 2015 begins we are inspired by the courageous change and growth that we witnessed among Regional and National sport governing bodies last year. We saw National Boards adopt tools for their membership management strategy that have been serving grassroots level stakeholders for 17 years. (If our business was an amateur athlete – we’d be scouted for College this year!). Our Real-Time Membership Verification (RTMV) continues to deliver new benefits to diverse audiences in a way that only the best SaaS is able to achieve. Administrators can now track the status of its membership in categories determined by the Organization using Custom Profile Fields.

For example, the CIAAA is using Custom Profile Fields to track the accreditation of its members according to their educational courses completed. Other sport Clubs and Leagues are realizing the value of this latest development for tracking and assessing their own officials and referees. What key details and characteristic would you like to track for your membership? Implement the appropriate question and track this data across your entire stakeholder group. All of this happens in Real-Time which can mark the death of the excel spreadsheet - if you let it.

The Parent on the sidelines who is also the “Club Registrar” remains to be a key stakeholder as we consult NSOs & PSOs on the implementation of their own database solutions. The National Executive Director is excited by the CRM-style functionality of their membership database populated by grassroots registration across the country. The Club Registrar is happy to see the waivers signed and fees collected, disbursed and deposited each month. The Parent is happy to see which kid needs to be where when, on their synced Family Calendar of all esportsdesk-powered activities.

Remember those holiday gift moments when EVERYONE got exactly what they were hoping for? The esportsdesk platform is delivering this exact scenario to amateur sport administrators at every level, in every sport, all around the globe ... HoHoHo!

Thanks for reading and sharing our newsletters to harness the full power of for your sport organization in 2014. You can expect to see more new approaches to Administrator support using interactive tools to ensure fast and effective implementation of your esportsdesk solution in the new year. Feel free to share this information with Administrators and volunteers in your network as the benefits grow with every additional Club/District that joins the esportsdesk platform. We love speaking with sport administrators and encourage you to get in touch with us directly to find new ways to harness the platform. Please pass this message along to any contacts who may be interested and have them contact us directly for an online demo of the esportsdesk solution with a FREE website.

We hope every amateur sport administrator experienced the Peace and Rest they so richly deserve for the work that they do this holiday season!!

Yours in Sport,
The esportsdesk Team

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