FEBRUARY 6, 2014

February 2014 Newsletter

And just like that, January is done; Hockey playoffs are on the radar for our Junior Leagues; registration is in full-swing for our Soccer clients; and Spring Training for Baseball is right around the corner. This February newsletter turns the spotlight on an esportsdesk tool that some clients are benefitting from - while others may be overlooking the potential.

Within our SMART platform lies the Membership Cards function, which can produce a variety of items for our diverse client base:

Photo ID cards

  • Align with Sport Association & International Mandates
  • Players and Fan Club Members can engage direct Sponsor offers
  • Lanyards for Tournaments/Conferences/Events

Ticket Sales

  • Season Tickets with or without Photo ID
  • Game Pack "punch-cards"
  • Banquet & Event Tickets

In January it was great to see a Premier Soccer League utilize the photo upload function of SMART during their registration (from mobile devices!). This League can now print ID cards for their Players at any point during the season -- or give permission for members to print their own.

We are happy to provide an online demonstration of SMART for your organization when you are ready to engage more of our comprehensive solution. Executive Directors and Sideline Volunteers are finding all their needs met by the vast tool suite and simple user-interface of There is no need to layer multiple software or "MacGyver" an out-dated process. We look forward to contributing to your most successful season yet!

Yours in Sport,
The esportsdesk Team

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