MAY 28, 2014

Monetizing Opportunities for your Amateur Sport Organization

As a company focused on serving amateur sport organizations, our main priority for the past 15 years has been developing tools to assist the administration of this largely non-profit sector. The advent of 'Social-Purpose' business has helped to shift the perspective on charitable and not-for-profit management. A recent TED Talk on this affirms our passion for empowering the organizations that shape our communities. The esportsdesk platform opens a variety of income channels for your organization - with the tools to capture revenue simply and securely.

Membership: This is one of the most overlooked opportunities available to sport organizations.

  • Membership can apply to the athlete and/or supporters (booster clubs)
  • Member vs. non-member pricing becomes both an incentive toward membership and additional income with the higher non-member registration fee.
  • Selling season tickets or game packs is a great way to generate income along with a database of users/ 'members' for your organization.

Online Registration: Our SaaS (Software as a Solution) can operate with a "user-pay" convenience fee which is passed directly onto the user/athlete (93% of esportsdesk clients do this).

Website Advertisements: While some organizations maintain their preference of no website ads, there is a growing group of esportsdesk clients who join our Publishers Network to leverage their web-presence for any remuneration available. It might start with just enough to cover the donuts at the next board meeting, but that new income line on the treasurer's report will only grow over time.

Direct Sponsorship: Keeping an accurate membership database and utilizing all available methods of engagement (website, social media, mobile website etc.) delivers the data that potential sponsors like to see. Utilizing tools that enable direct contact between sponsor and athlete or fan (ie: coupons in SMART; contests on smart phones) is another traction point that major donors and corporate funders get excited about.

Merchandise Sales: How many times has this idea been raised, pursued and ended with a garage full of jerseys? An effective registration system should make it EASY for people to hand you their money for a hat, jersey, and other items that promote your organization and sponsors.

The esportsdesk platform opens all of these income channels with a level of financial transparency and reporting that builds favour with sponsors and governing bodies alike. Income-generating ideas are only as strong as their implementation and uptake and esportsdesk makes it easier than ever to capture revenue from stakeholders while letting them share the fun with their social networks. We encourage you to test the full capacity of esportsdesk to facilitate those great ideas that are described in meetings, but sometimes don't materialize due to a misperception of complexity. Sports should be fun - even from the office.

Yours in Sport,
The esportsdesk Team

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