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May 29, 2008
See new PMOSL web site -
Clinton Randall has created a new site for our stats, schedule and much more. See
April 27, 2008
2008 Schedule Posted, start May9, New Team names,
There are 4 name changes for 2008, 4 new sponsors: Tradex was previously Rayco. Gilberts Design was Woodarts. Electric City was Groh Electric. Royal Lapage was Tim Hortons Also, let's acknowledge and thank our old friends who have been around for a few years now as sponsors: Allan Dunn, Cidco, Nuttall & Associates, Logikel Controls, Remax- Team Schofield and WorldWideWebDesign.
April 23, 2008
Rule stands: Slide tackle out! See clarification
The Slide Tackle by-law was up for review again this year. There was a referendum on the registration form asking your input as to whether the law change should continue to apply for our club. A majority vote confirmed that most agree to letting this rule stand. Clarification was to be made with the referees that sliding to capture the ball is not an infraction. An infraction occurs only when there's another player involved with playing the ball. Peterborough Men’s Oldtimers Soccer League, at its AGM held April 2007, passed a resolution that slide tackling was to be banned from our Oldtimers games. Infractions would be penalized with an indirect free kick. So, even if you win the ball with a slide tackle, it will turn over to the other team. Note also that a tackle from behind that turns out to be a dangerous play is punishable by ejection from the game - that's FIFA talking! A caution, yellow card, will not be given specifically for slide tackles. If a slide tackle is deemed a dangerous play then a caution might be given, or if a player repeatedly makes slide tackles then a caution might be given because it is then covered under the area of persistent misconduct, a FIFA rule. Persistent misconduct covers all areas of play so players who have committed several fouls over the course of a game and then execute a slide tackle might receive a caution for persistent misconduct, possibly leading to ejection.
April 23, 2008
Registration under way for 2008 - Executive
Registration forms are available for 2008. The cost will be $150 per player prior to March 31st, $175 after that date. New players phone Ken Prentice for your form, 743 8019. First games May 9th, season runs until Sept 27th. Executive changes slightly with Pres/Vice flip and some "new blood": President: Peter Graham Vice: Bill Shaw Treasurer/Registrar: Ken Prentice Secretary: Barry Clements Equipment Manager: Geoff Heale Publicity: Clinton Randall New, new !!
April 21, 2008
League Expansion for 2009 - A possibility?
For the 2007 season and again for 2008 the 10 teams had rosters of about 20 players, on average. Through the summer months numbers of players aren't available, some on the mend due to various injuries. Some teams will probably have more than 5 substitutes at games, while others will actually be short a player or two for some games. However, we follow the approach of sharing players to ensure that there are full or equal sides on the field. Each season there are a few players who drop out, but that is more than compensated by new players wanting to join the league. The question is, are we at the point of needing to expand by one or two more teams next year? We will know better when registration forms are received next March. However, by the time of the organizational meeting not enough reg forms are received to warrant expansion. Same old, same old! The current teams should discuss this option and pass along your team consensus to the executive. There will be a need, of course, for some current players to form a nucleus for any new teams. There will be an option to indicate willingness to move to another team presented on this year's registration form. One of the concerns expressed in the past has been the availability of an additional field and of another referee. Since no other leagues play on Friday nights, this problem is easily solvable.
March 7, 2008
Registration Form
A copy of the registration form is available on-line. See: Thanks to Clinton Randall for making this available.
February 5, 2008
PMOSL Registration Policy
Registration forms for 2008 are available. Phone Ken Prentice at 743 8019. MEN WHO HAVE TURNED 35 PRIOR TO JAN 1, REGISTRATION YEAR, CAN REGISTER FOR THE OUTDOOR SEASON. There are at least a hundred situations listed on the reg form that you need to worry about, but following are representative concerns. In registering, players accept certain risks: Risk: There is a risk of injury during participation in soccer, as in any sport. PMOSL endeavours to provide a safe environment for games. Rules have been established for participation to reduce the chance of injury. Player Registration Agreement: I understand that this is a recreational league with the objective of camaraderie and the enjoyment of a Friday evening of soccer. I understand the risks associated with the game of soccer. I agree to accept these risks and be responsible for any injury or other loss that I might receive while participating in this sport. I release the league organizers of responsibility for any claims, demands, actions and costs that might arise from my participation. I accept the obligations of registration with the Peterborough Men's Old-Timer Soccer League. I agree to abide by the rules published by the Ontario Soccer Association and the East Central Ontario Soccer Association and those established by the PMOSL. I understand that providing false information or withholding information can result in a player being suspended from soccer activities for one year. Ontario Soccer Association Regulations: Players last registered in another country might require an International Transfer before registering. Any player suspended from all soccer activities may not register. A player last registered as a professional or non-amateur requires reinstatement to amateur status before registering. The Club shall be disciplined if players do not comply with the registration rules. PMOSL Privacy Policy: All information provided on the registration form will be kept confidential by the PMOSL. Player’s names, with phone numbers will be included on team lists for other team members. Player’s names with scoring statistics will be published on our web-site or in local newspapers, with no other details. The OSA privacy policy is much more nebulous, but we hope that players' details will be kept private.
November 14, 2007
There are Other Teams in this League!
Send me your stories. If you read the headlines for the past few years (since there have been PMOSL headlines), you could come to the conclusion that there are only two teams in the league. Logikel and Remax have been battling for the top position in the standings (though standings don't matter!) for the past few years. However, because the teams are so close in competitive level, there is a precarious difference among those at the top. Also, teams that are near the top in one year sometimes submerge in the ensuing year, to emerge again in the near future. So don't give up hope, any of the teams could easily forge ahead of the pack in any given year. So, if you want your team highlighted, send me your story. There's a tab somewhere on the website to facilitate doing that. It might take a while, but let's include everyone.
October 18, 2007
Logikel leads again in 2007
Logikel again were on top of the pack in points for the 2007 season. Although they were merely among the leaders through the first half of the season, they won 8 of their last 10 games to move ahead of the other teams. Again this year, there was fairly good balance across the league. There were 12 points separating the first 8 teams, with Rayco and Allan Dunn trailing by a few points. However, those latter teams were not easy wins for the leaders, Allan Dunn spoiling Team Remax run for the top and Rayco defeating Logikel in July, as well as both teams playing in a few tight games. A successful season for all!
October 18, 2007
Player Milestone
Wayne Flood passed a few milestones in the 2007 season. This Allan Dunn stalwart retired from GE this year, though it didn't appear to "take". He is still seen around the halls of the Nuc Dept at GE. This year Wayne scored his first goal in modern history as well as receiving his first ever game ejection. "That was all a big mistake" says Wayne. And "What a beautiful goal. You should have seen it. But since you didn't, here's how it was played ..." Congratulations Wayne.
October 17, 2007
Friday Night Indoor
The Friday night group are back at play again this year at the SPIPlex. If you are interested, there might still be openings. Check the web site
October 15, 2007
Ron Thompson Scholarship Presentation
Ron Thompson was one of the initial players in the Oldtimers league. He was also one of the founders of the Peterborough Youth Soccer Club, initiated in 1972. Ron passed away as a result of cancer in 1995. Since that time the PYSC has presented scholarships in Ron's name to students heading off to university or college. The presentation has been to worthy students who have been involved in the game throughout their youth. PMOSL have contributed to funding that scholarship based on Ron's involvement in our club. During the 2007 PYSC Player Awards event, scholarships were presented to Kristina Garbutt and Alyssa Welch. Both of these individuals were players, coaches and convenors for the youth soccer club.
October 1, 2007
2007 Season Ended Sept 28th
The 2007 came to a successful end on September 28th. Teams were well balanced, leading to close standings for the season. Sign-up for the 2008 season will begin in March. The PMOSL is made up of male players who are over 35 by the 1st of January. This is a recreational league; play for the joy of it! We don't keep standings, though you might notice results posted on the web-site! Although team rosters fill quickly, we welcome new players who want to play. New players could be added to a waiting list if they have not registered by the closing date. Applicants might never have played before, but if relatively fit, can apply to play this great game! League games are played on Friday nights starting at 6:30, from mid May to late September. The league now has 10 teams, and will continue at this level unless there's an influx of significantly more players. Registration Forms need to be submitted by April 1st to ensure that you will be assigned to a team. There might be a waiting list after that date. Register early to ensure being placed on a team. Contact: Winston Ernst, 705 742 6935.
March 8, 2007
Plans for New Peterborough Soccer Facilities
The City of Peterborough, Recreation Department, recognize that the various soccer clubs are bursting at the seams and need room to grow. For several years now, there has been a moratorium on soccer growth due to the overuse of the existing facilities. The Rec Dept has selected a likely option for growth: adding four new fields adjacent to (over the fence from) the current fields at Milroy. This option requires purchase of property that is part of a planned subdivision in the north end. This will require substantial funds; the soccer community has made a commitment to the city to fund about 1/3rd of the cost. This commitment has been made through the Peterborough Soccer Council, of which PMOSL is a member. The cost will be about $25/player per year for 10 years. Though the new facilities might not have a direct effect on all outdoor clubs, there is an inherent benefit to all. Additional fields will lead to better condition of fields available to all clubs. The centralized location of the new facilities could lead to all Oldtimers games being played in close proximity, enabling easier sharing of players when some teams are short during mid summer. Additional involvement in the game of soccer helps the development of the character of our youth, and keeps Oldtimers off the streets!! Note that the new field allocation was included in the 2008 budget and went unchallenged. Groundwork should start this year, with at least 3 of the fields potentially ready for play in 2009.
Logikel again on top for 2007
ReMax Team Schofield Rises to Top 2006
Logikel Top Team for 2005
Remax - Team Schofield defeats Logikel
Logikel Undefeated in 2004 Season