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   City Centre Park: Notice Board
December 1, 2014
ERHL League Rules and Details 1) The Winter Season runs from January to March, Spring season runs from April to August, and Winter Season from September to December. Please ensure your players know when the schedule up. 2) We do not "re-schedule or post-pone" games for any reason and defaulting a game will be dealt with stringently. 3) The TEAM ROSTER is capped at a maximum 15 skaters...goalies are additional. All players must play 4 games to qualify for playoffs, (5 games for the Spring season) and your roster is frozen as of February 28th for the Winter, June 30 for the Spring, and October 31 for the Fall Season, so make sure you have your 15 skaters confirmed by that date. (No spares or call- ups will be allowed after that date or added to the roster). If you are currently carrying less than 15 skaters you have until that date to add to your roster and players are only allowed to play on one team per division. 4) Each team can only carry two players that play on other teams up too two divisions above them. Division 4 cannot have Division 1 players. Division 5 cannot have Division 1 or 2 players. If any player plays in those divisions they are no longer eligible to play on the lower division teams. Make sure you know your roster. 5) Any player that is not 18 or older must wear a cage and it is the responsibility of the Captain to enforce this. Players caught without a cage that are under age will result in a minimum one game suspension to the Captain and the player. 6) Players aged 16 and 17 are restricted to two per team and in Division 1and 2 only. More than two require the team to play Division 1 and have an adult Coach that is responsible for these players. 7) Games that end in a tie play a 5 minute running time 3 on 3 OT period and if still tied go to a 3-man shootout, and then sudden death using the entire bench before any player shoots for the second time, if still tied. Penalties that start in OT are one (1) minute. Penalties that carry over from the third period must run to completion in OT. 8) The three penalty rule is in effect: 3 trips to the penalty box result in a game ejection but no suspension. DO NOT let your players get into verbal altercations with the scorekeepers. If there is an issue, the captain must take it up with the ref and find a solution. 9) The 30, 50 and 75 Accumulated Penalty Minutes rule is in effect: after 30 minutes of penalties a player must sit out one game...when hitting 50 minutes it is another one game suspension and anyone hitting 75 minutes will be suspended indefinitely until the discipline committee can hold a meeting with the player and his captain to decide the players fate. 10) All players and their Captains are responsible for their treatment of our facility. Slamming gates, slashing the boards, glass or the floor can result in a two minute "unsportsmanlike" penalty. Any damage caused by a player or team will be charged to them and they will not be permitted to play until the compensation is paid in full. Damage to the property will also result in a suspension based on the amount of damage. This includes every square inch of the property! 11) As a result of a HUGE increase in Fighting majors during the last Seasons, the league has increased the suspension to two (2) games for a first fight (and still three for a second. A third fight will result in an indefinite suspension until the discipline committee can hold a meeting with the player and his captain). All other major penalties are an "automatic" one game suspension and if the league feels the player deserves more, the Captain will be notified. Make sure any player served with a major sits out the next game. It is the team's responsibility to know what the call is. The stats are all available on the website and all suspensions are recorded on the "SUSPENSION NOTICE BOARD" by Saturday following the past week's game (or earlier). 12) Players and their Captains can appeal a suspension with written email to the league and a $50 fee. If the Rep Discipline Committee overturns the suspension, the bond will be returned to the player. 13) The complete scoring/GK stats are on the website here: You can click on the drop down window to find your team or division if you want to check them separately. 14) And finally, remember to have fun! We all like to play competitively but this is not a Pro League and we all have to work the next day and our officials do not need the hassles of being verbally abused while working our games, so keep in players, we all make mistakes and officials will as me..I've seen a few bad calls in the NHL...enjoy the season!