Kirkland Ladies Slo-Pitch League: Notice Board
May 18, 2018
Thursday game May 17/18
Physiomentum beats KRB 12-7 however both teams were missing players. (KRB missing 6 and Physio missing 4) This could be a good thing if players miss now instead of later ?? Physio offensive stars of the night were Lindsey 2 for 2, Lisa Marie another perfect night 3 for 3 with 3 RBIs (this girl is on fire) Bonnie, Caylie (rookie) and Halina all go 2 for 3 with Halina a double and 4 RBIS !!! The defense highlights was Steph V. (rookie ) pitching and makes a great play to 1st. Halina and Sheila (spare) also were lights out on the pitching mound. I gather after her hitting that Halina is getting used to that net after being hit a few times. Debbie A. makes great snag at 1st as well as Marilyn at rover. I was told I missed a diving in the dirt play at SS by Lindsey who has mastered this art (LOVE IT !!!) not bad after the 50 kids she's popped out recently LOL. *********************************************** KRB offensive stars of the night were Megan Semenchuk who was lead off and went 2 for 3 followed by Darrach (ROOKIE) 2 for 3 with a double and an RBI. Lise her strong bat with 3 for 3, Karen Deip (ROOKIE) has made her way from the volleyball court to the softball field and went 2 for 2 (single and a double) Julie gets a huge double over Lisa Marie's head in center field and brings in 2 RBIS !! GOOD JOB. Nadine (SPARE) helped out in pitching. That's it for this week in the KLSPL. Have a good long weekend and see you all next week !!! GB
May 16, 2018
Lorraine Descoteaux May 3rd Christine Van de Velde May 6th Tracy Wrench May 13th Tricia Brown May 16th Lisa Charbonneau and Michelle Terry-Worth May 17th Kelly Hamilton-Corriveau May 22nd Carol Ann Odorico May 27th
May 16, 2018
May 15 Tuesday games
IGA wins their first game versus John's 8-3 IGA star Kate almost goes for the cycle 3 for 4 single double triple with 2 RBIS. Eileen 2 for 2. Jenn L.+ Mo go 2 for 3 (Mo with a double and RBI) with Mindy leading the way with 3 for 3 (one was a double) and 2 RBIS. They also held seasoned captains DT+ legend Sue to 3 runs with a couple of double plays. Johns great lead offs MC + Sylvie go 2 for 3 and rookie Karen V gets another double. Watch out for this rookie !!! ********************************************** 2 game Monster takes KRB 11-4 with Monster's veteran Dana 3 for 4 (single,double,homerun) with an RBI and scoring every time she gets on base. Have you ever seen Dana after she plays limping around with those sore achilles? She manages to push through the pain and is a crowd favourite. Heidi great night with 4 for 4 (1 double) and 2 RBIs. Joanne Lam great speed 2 for 3 with one double and an RBI. Paige debuts at SS and dives in the dirt to get a ball that maybe the rover was right there but always we like a pig pen :) KRB Joanie pitched well and went 3 for 3. Elana Christine and Tania all go 2 for 3 as well as captain Lise with her usual big hits with a double and a triple. You will get them next time. Gayle
May 15, 2018
First game of the season Lerner versus WIN !!
First game Lerner versus WIN. Lerner holds on to their lead with WIN adding 2 runs in the 7th to make it 13-12 Lerner. Lerners: Chris Lapointe has an incredible 1st game at bat with 2 f0r 3 a double + triple and 3 RBIS. Big Mac 4 for 4 with 3 RBIs one was a triple over LF. Gail 3 for 3. Alana looks like the big weight loss hasn't lost you any power with 3 for 4 (1 Double) and 3 RBIS. Cat as lead off was 3 for 4 (2 doubles) speed kills !!! WIN: Rookie captain Kelly Corsi not only brought good snacks but also great hitting 4 for 4. Michelle C. ,Susan Roy and Erica all 2 for 3. Erica had an incredible night on defense. This girl is not afraid of those hard hit balls. Nice hard throws to seasoned 1st base Sue Roy. Michelle Campbell plays all bases and even pitches. Well rounded player. Nice to see the sisters together. All in all a great night for ball and fun game to play.
May 15, 2018
Game 2 Johns Versus Phsio
Johns scrapes by a win by 1 Johns 7 Physio 6 Physio tries out a few pitchers, Steph V, Marcela, Halina with only 4 walks between them. Pretty good start. Lisa Marie great night at bat hitting 3 for 3 (1 double) and 2 RBIs. Steph V, Lindsey, Marcela, Deb Austin all 2 for 3 with Marcela's 2 hits big Double and triple. Johns has Sylvie with 2 for 2 (great catches also) and Kelly Burah 2 for 2 (not just a pretty face and good D) Sue(legend) has a solid 2 for 3 with a homerun and 3 RBIS. Maegan Hupe makes a good debut adjusting her pitching from fast pitch to our slow pitch. I was very impressed with rookie Karen V. as she preformed as my notes from rate a rookie which said "good strong hitter" Karen it shows that you played even if it was many moons ago :) A very exciting close game to watch showing the first 4 teams evenly matched.
May 13, 2018
Let the games begin
Captains : the rules have been updated under downloads with all changes highlighted in yellow. Don't forget to follow our rules about players not allowed to sit twice before everyone has sat once. (except pitchers who don't have to sit if they are the main pitcher and captain choose not to sit them ) please email or text me your score sheets if I am not at park to give them to. Good luck to all tomorrow. Gayle
February 19, 2018
Gayle with a Y is back :)
Good Afternoon, Your friendly neighborhood stats. girl is back. Dust off those gloves and clean up those cleats. Be on the lookout for news and headlines in the next couple of weeks. email me anytime Gayle with a Y