Multicultural Soccer Association : Notice Board
February 18, 2009
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August 14, 2008
1st. Div. Silviu Fortuna 17 Brett Gandy 15 Bryan Dottier 15 Cristian Lung 14 Vladimir Serrano 13 2nd. Div. Eddie Small 14 Mazzimo Pannozzo 14 Armando Hernandez 11 Victor Perez 11 Stuward Allister 10 3rd. Div. Charlie Carrick 15 Victor Gomez 13 Umar Collins 10 Sosa Plansic 9 Ryan Chandra 9
July 28, 2008
Suspended players
Pablo Ramos Alianza Rutilio Cruz Pumas Jrs. Carlos Delavega Pumas Jrs. Marvin Vargas Pumas John Arrano Estrella de Chile Mike Arrano Estrella de Chile Gerardo Duran Estrella de Chile Dorin Ranisav Romania Sirin Simbrea Romania Stanley Navarro El Salvador Crlos Noe Vanegas Salvadoreno
June 10, 2008
Playing Fields
All Fields and specially those at the schools it is absolutely no drinking and loud music allowed, We have received notice from Parks and recreations that if this continues we are going to loose the privilege or cancel the use of the facilities. As of this coming weekend if anybody its spotted drinking penalties will be assessed from: $200.00 to 2,000.00 and possibly being kicked out of the league. Also make sure that when filling up the team list put the ID number as well.
April 21, 2008
Please take note: During games ALL SUBSTITUTIONS must have a substitution slip and ID card if the player is going in for the first time, and a subs slip in re-entering the field. Players Registration dro off untill wednesday ONLY no excemtions. Payments and ID pick up on Fridays from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm ONLY. No Excemptions. For all the new amendments and changes please go to the RULES AND POLICIES Section. To download the rules and regulations please go to downloads. Any other question please make it in writting to: