Kirkland Ladies Slo-Pitch League: Notice Board
June 17, 2019
*** hello from Italy and Amsterdam **
Sorry for the lack of highlights but we’ve been travelling since June 7 so lack of wifi and reading the scoresheets well has prevented any exciting updates. I’ve just been updating the scores. Will report soon !! Keep them coming Gayle (stats girl )
June 4, 2019
Thursday May 30 highlights
Thursday May 30 WIN (Kim+Sara) get their first win in the 7th inning last bats beating Johns (Cindy + Jen Mcwade) 5-4. WIN Isabelle Lamarche gets a key single loading up the bases. Joanie the hero brings in Anita and Luisa for the go ahead runs ending the game with two outs. Win highlights: Anita catches another hard liner at 3rd. Sue St Louis playing 2nd makes great catch deep RC also getting double play on Eileen off the bag at 1st. Christine Lapointe 3 for 3. Joanie 3 for 4 with winning RBIs and pitching well. Johns stars were Sarah boyes in the outfield. Debbie Trenholm goes a long way for a pop up nowhere near her mound and also goes 3 for 4. Lise’s hat flies off during a play and her hair is flying around like Farrah fawcett and she still makes the play. Game two is a tie 8-8 between IGA (DT+Kelly) and Lerner’s ( Alana+Megan ) IGA MC 3 for 4 and Rosemary 2 for 2. Mo 3 RBIs. Lerner’s Alana 3 for 3 with a. Nice Triple to RC and 3 RBIS. Tania is hitting up a storm and is a fast runner. Tonight she was 2 for 3 but clocked the ball and got a triple and HOMERUN. Kim Schar gets robbed on a big hit to LC. A good night for ball with both games evenly matched. GB
May 30, 2019
Monday and Tuesday games May 27+28
Physiomentum highlights(Jenn+Marcela) Monday May 27 beat Lerner (Alana+ Meg) 9-6. Marcela, Jill and Susan Roy all pitched sucessfully. Sharon had 2 double plays and Gail a nice 3rd base liner. Sue Roy 4 for 4, Sharon 2 for 2 and Sandra with a double and 4 RBIS. Tuesday May 28th they lose 12-1 against IGA (DT+Kelly) Jill 3 for 3. Marcela 3 for 3 with the only RBI. Giving up 6 runs in the 6th inning killed them. Lerner highlights (Alana +Meg) May 27 9-6 loss against Physiomentum. Darrach with 3 for 3 and a Triple. Christine V tried pitching and worked hard. IGA highlights (DT+KELLY) May 28 beating Physiomentum 12-1. Josee (replacing Mel Campbell) goes 4 for 5. Sarah C. 4 for 4. Caylie + Kelly Collard both 3 for 4 with 2 RBIs. Johns highlights (Cindy+Jen M) May 27 lose to Kirkland Resto Bar 20-7. Ouch !!! Joanne Lam 3 for 3. Mary 3 for 3 with 4 RBIS. Kirkland Resto Bar highlights (Lisa Marie+Paige) are the front runners and are HOT HOT HOT. May 27th win 20-7 against John's We had Lisa Marie 5 for 5, Bonnie 5 for 6, Steph Roy, Sherrill + Nancy all 4 for 5 but the record breaking batter (it must be a record) was Paige with 3 Homeruns + Single (4 for 5 ) with 10 RBIS. I have never seen that in one game ?? Have you ?? Next game May 28 against WIN they win 16-6 with Lisa Marie+Steph Roy 4 for 4 (Lisa Marie is tired and not cold anymore after her Triple ) Paige, Sherril and Kristin Landry 3 for 4 and made a super hero catch at home and a deep CF throw from Heidi who was cut off for Kizzie's hard hit ball "LA KIZZLER" WIN highlights (Kim C + Sara D) May 28 losss against KRB 16-6 have Sara Dick robs Bonnie on a line drive in LF off the very first pitch of the game. Kizzy fires one to Anita at the plate and gets the runner at home for a caught stupid :) Erica strong defense. The 5th inning was the inning from hell and they allowed KRB 10 runs otherwise the game would have been closer !! Sara D, Tilly and Kizzie all 3 for 4. Will report on tonight's games. 7:00 is Johns versus WIN and 8:30 Lerner versus IGA. GB
May 27, 2019
May 26 SUnday
Rainout games Sunday may 26 Kirkland Resto Bar (Lisa Marie/Paige) beat IGA (DT/Kelly Neiman) 3-2 in the 7th inning with two outs and Helene Papineau bringing in the winning RBI on her single. This was a tight battle with the sunshine an issue for fielders. KRB highlights: 2nd inning Another KRB H to H play Heidi’s radar finds Helene for the 3rd out ( you will be hearing a lot of this Helene and Heidi combo) in the 4th Lisa Marie makes a great running catch from LF satisfying fans in the stands. Paige a terror in CF. Sherrill does it all, she pitches, she fields low balls and uses momentum to get her out at 1st. Star at bat was Paige with a homer and 2 RBIs and Helene’s winning RBI. IGA highlights were Rosemary with a double play. Caught a fly ball and threw to 1st to double off the runner. MC nice catch on Paige’s fly ball. Mindie first game of the season goes 2 for 3. 8:30 game Lerner ( Alana/Megan Semenchuk) gets their first win against WIN (Kim Chatterson and Sara Dick) Lerner takes the game 14-6 Lerner highlights are Heather with two great shoe string catches in LF ( how low can you go ) Kelly Collard has something on her pitches and pitches another great game as WIN has trouble connecting. Kayla Guitard 4 for 5 followed by Alana with 5 for 5 and 3 RBIs (2 doubles ) Alana trying to get those hits in before her surgery !! She’s on fire. Heather also 5 for 5. Karen V. With 4 RBIs. Tania with a nice double and Sattie hitting the ball hard with an RBI. Win highlights: Kim Chatterson with a great stab at 2nd getting Darrach. Erika solid at 3rd getting a double play then getting a hard play while catching and throws out runner at 1st. WIN good defense but bats need to come alive. Chris lapointe 3 for 3 and an RBI. Kizzie with a triple. That’s it for tonight. Your friendly neighbourhood stats girl ??
May 23, 2019
May 21 Tuesday
Tonight’s games Tuesday May 21 starts with IGA beating WIN 13-2 but first game for both these teams. IGA has spare Jackie go 4 for 4 and rookie spare Anthea with an impressive 2 for 4 and a RBI. Rookie Jody 3 for 4 with 3 RBIs. Josée Fleury and Sarah Carriere also 3 for 4. Kelly B. Able to run and field well after her knee surgery. IGA didn’t look too rusty. WIN took their defeat as if it was their exhibition game and their bats will come alive. Steph V. 3 for 3 and Sara Dick, Kizzie and Joan all 2 for 3. Steamies and fries with yummy desserts made for a quick recovery after the game. That’s a big part of the fun !! ************************************* 2nd game last night was Physiomentum’s retribution as they get their first win against Johns 15-6 with help from their spare Cheryl Baron who pitched the whole game. John’s captain Cindy was 3 for 3 with Sara boyes, Joanne Lam and Eileen all 2 for 3 but missing their star pitcher Debbie Trenholm had an impact. Joanne Lam, Mary and Eileen stepped up to pitch . Not sure if Lise also pitched as I missed part of the game. Physio's Captain Jenn Lupachow is on fire with 3 for 3 (single, double, and 1st HOMERUN of the season !!!!)Marcela 3 for 4 with 5 RBIS WOW. Jill, Sharon and Cheryl also 3 for 4.
May 21, 2019
First games of the season May 20th
Well last night was the start of the official games. Game 1 Johns win versus Lerner 8-4 Rookie captains for Johns (Cindy and Jen McWade )get their first win under their belt. For John's : Lise with 2 for 3 and 3 RBIs, Joanne Lam 2 for 3 with 4 RBIS. Pitcher Deb T gives up no walks and goes 2 for 2 *************************************** For Lerner: Alana 3 for 3 and 2 RBIs. Defensive plays: Rookies are heating things up with Kayla Guitard making an awesome catch in the outfield and Kelly Collard pitches gettin hotter by the minute ******* Game #2 KRB (Lisa Marie/Paige) versus Physio (Jenn Lupachow/Marcela) KRB wins 14-0 it was freezing out there !!! KRB has a good start with Sherrill Layne with great pitching. Helene Papineau returns and has a stellar night at bat and in the field. 2 for 3 and a double play at rover H to H (Helene to Heidi) as well as a combo effort on a hard hit from Sharon to Sherrill who gets it in the stomach but whips it to Helene at 1st who also gets it in the stomach but they still make the out. Physio gave up 11 walks so that didn't help but they are testing out a variety of pitchers and I am sure will adjust. Lisa Marie, Heidi and Paige all 3 for 3 with Heidi bringing in 3 RBIs. Steph Roy with 4 RBIs. Paige was a menace in the field making some big catches. Physiomentum's Julie goes 2 for 2