Kirkland Ladies Slo-Pitch League: Notice Board
September 18, 2019
Kirkland Resto Bar wins playoffs in game 4
So...... it all ended tonight !! Lerner put on a great performance but mighty Kirkland Resto Bar were victorious and win the playoff final series 3 games to 1 in a best of 5 series. Final score 11-8 for KRB. Close game !!Sad to see it’s all over but teammates and new friendships were formed to last a lifetime. Another fun season ends tonight. Some lucky replacement players got to extend their season tonight, Sarah Carriere, Anita, Isabelle LAMARCHE ( got it right ) and Kelly Corsi. 2 were on the KRB team and 2 on Lerner’s. KRB’s Lisa Marie, Kristin, and Helene all 3 for 4 ( a beauty DOUBLE for Helene that she snuck down the 3rd base line much to Heather’s dismay ?? And bringing in 2 RBIS!! Bonnie 4 for 4 ( Bonnie always comes through in playoffs right MAC ?? ) Sarah Carriere for Steph Roy also 4 for 4 !! Good addition to this team. Maegan Hupe a nice TRIPLE !! Maegan Hupé made some good plays at short stop. Nancy makes a great catch at catcher and almost gets a double play on the runner to 3rd !! Sarah Carrier blocks a hard hit in LF from Karen putting her body in front of the ball ( take notes outfielders as this is how it’s done to prevent that ball getting by ) Heidi 2 innings in a row had hard plays at short stop. Sarah Carrier was a dream killer when Isabelle Lamarche leading off in the last bats in the 7th gets a big hit to left field and Sarah snaps it out of the air. Next she gets Megan Semenchuk’s left field hit in foul territory. Two outs !! Lerner score two more runs on Kelly Corsi’s HOMERUN but it was not in the cards. Lerner’s hitters were Sattie who hit a ton 3 for 3 all big hits !! Karen Verrillo solid 4 for 4 !! Kayla 3 for 4 with 2 singles and a 2 run HOMER !! Kelly Corsi sparing for Alana was 2 for 2 with 2 walks (small strike zone lol) a single and a big 2 run HOMER in the 7th bringing the score closer. Tania had one of her super star nights making a shoe string catch on a right center catch from Nancy’s hit. Later Tania makes a phenomenal catch on a line drive at 2nd. Lerner makes a nice double play to first then catching Bonnie at home !! Kelly Corsi to Dee at 2nd catch Paige off the bag. Kelly also good range at SS making a running catch behind the mound. Hopefully these couple of games make her hungry to return to the league full time next year !! Karen behind the plate catching makes a great catch with bases loaded on a foul tip from Paige to end the inning !! Kayla makes an amazing fall down catch in left center. The effort was super from both teams and it was a well fought battle. All I heard from players on both teams was how much fun they had and there was no animosity. Both teams had drinks and snacks and from a distance it’s hard to tell who won as everybody was having a blast !! Thanks for the moments and sharing. Forever yours !! Stats girl 2019 last playoff post ??
September 16, 2019
Game 3 of Finals
LERNER gets their groove back and plays an exceptional game to save themselves from elimination. They held it together in the 7th and prevented KRB from scoring any runs to catch them. Final score 12-7 in favor of LERNER. Lerner's 23 hits had Megan Semenchuk as lead off going 2 for 3 with a walk, a single and a BIG TRIPLE and 2 RBIS !!! Darrach follows with 4 for 4 (3 singles and a DOUBLE and 3 RBIS ) Kelly Corsi replacing Alana helps with her 3 for 4 with a single DOUBLE and TRIPLE and 2 RBIS !! Kayla her usual consistent clean up spot is 3 for 4 singles and 4 RBIS !! Kelly Collard is not just pitching with a sore knee but she also is 2 for 3. Sattie and Stacie both had nice DOUBLES.*** Let's talk about their Defense, it was solid with Kelly Collard pitching and Diane Moser and Megan Semenchuk big gloves at first with a hard throws coming from everywhere !! Replacing Kim is Isabelle Roy and she makes two great plays at the plate. One catch off a foul tip (seems like it is routine now for this seasoned catcher) and another play at the plate on a good throw home. The only misplayed play was the almost run down chasing Heidi but there were too many blue shirts and it was not executed properly but this is one of the hardest plays so it might have to be discussed further in case of a repeat :) Kelly Corsi makes the last out of the game on a ball that hit Karen V at 3rd and changed direction to Kelly who gunned it to 1st to get Lisa Marie (in Lisa Marie's defense she was looking to make sure Karen was okay so she wasn't running that hard) **** KRB solid bats were Sarah Carriere (replacing Steph Roy ) Sarah was 2 for 3. Megan Delgrosso (replacing Maegan Hupe) and Helene were also 2 for 3. Our exciting player Paige was the star with 3 for 3 single, DOUBLE and 3 RUN HOMERUN. **** as far as defense, KRB played well led by the solid pitching from Sherrill however there wasn't much they could do on some of Lerners big hits. Bonnie made a great catch in RF on her daughter Kayla PAY BACK TIME. ( Bonnie was happy I had already noted it LOL ) Megan Delgrosso huge catch at 3rd on line drive !! Anita the call up ringer had a nice hit to center field. I heard them razzing Paige about her timing in the outfield when diving for a ball. Don't worry Paige, these others are just jealous because they would never dive head first for a ball so you keep doing what you're doing because the fans love it and so does your team especially when you catch it HA HA. Sherrill plays an inning or two at first and holds on by a toe long enough to get the out. LM good range at 2nd on a few bloopers. There seems to be a new style of playing in this series as most are using other body parts to catch the ball instead of their glove LOL DC gets a TRIPLE but I am not talking about hits...…'ll have to figure that one out !!!! Looking forward to tomorrow nights game Tuesday at 8:00. Stats Girl will be there watching !!! Please continue to entertain me :)
September 13, 2019
Game 2 of finals
Game 2 of finals was a roller coaster of events. Lerner was ahead in the game by 3 or 4 every inning until the 7th. Top of the 7th with KRB at bats, Replacements for Maegan Hupe and Kristin are Megan Delgrosso and Erica who start off the inning both with singles. Evie and DC both follow with singles but DC strong hit to RF brings in 2 RBIS, score is now 9-8. That's when things fell apart for Lerners with Alana re-injuring her same butt muscle but continues playing lame at 3rd with Dee moving to short stop. Communication and effort was lacking and KRB ran away with it scoring 11 runs. Lerners gets 2 more runs in their last at bats but the final score was 17-11 in favor of KRB who lead the series now 2-0. Lerner's Dee was 4 for 4 with 4 singles. Kayla 4 for 4 with 3 singles and a BIG HOMERUN in the 7th bringing in 2 of her 4 RBIS. Stacie was 3 for 3 with 2 singles and a TRIPLE. Sherrill Layne now do you know who Mark Bouchard's daughter is ??? LOL Alana 3 for 4 single DOUBLE and 3 run HOMERRUN in the 2nd inning. Sue St. Louis replacement had to come in to pitch in the 7th when Kelly Collard got a hard liner off the knee !! (don't you hate that when you have shin guards but of course it misses the pads) Good job Sue !! They were dropping like flies out there with the cold making people more injury prone. Kayla "hoover" is amazing in the field making sure she catches anything from her Mom Bonnie !! Tania almost gets a hard liner off Sherrill that goes to RF and in the effort Tania tumbles and face plants. Good effort for sure !! Tania gets Sherrill the next at bat jumping high to get the line drive. Dee does jumping jacks in LF after catching Lisa Marie's hard line drive to LC. Sue St. Louis catches a Paige rocket hit to left. Heather you would have been proud as Sue is not a seasoned outfielder !! *********************************************** KRB's Sarah Carriere (replacing Steph Roy) goes 3 for 4 2 singles and a DOUBLE in the 7th bringing in 2 runs. Heidi 3 for 4 with big hits single, DOUBLE and TRIPLE with 3 RBIS !! Megan Delgrosso replacing Maegan Hupe goes 3 for 4 with one being a TRIPLE in the 7th bringing in 2 duckies. Erica also replacing for Kristin goe 3 for 4. Lisa Marie who's proven to be very versatile, makes some great catches in the field and makes a good DOUBLE PLAY when playing 2nd base. She even has an inning at shortstop. I liked the way Erica didn't stop running and she would have been out if she had given up on a play that ended up being dropped at 1st. Heidi shows skilled base running stopping at the commitment line to see where the ball goes and then high tails it back to 3rd. Heidi also had a good attempt diving for a ball at short stop. Paige our favourite clown has a bit of an overthrow (I am being polite ha ha) so she refrains from throwing later on a player running back to tag up. Phew LOL. Paige also has a weird injury in the outfield ?? I tell you that ball was alive out there. It went off her elbow or something and then her fielder threw it back to her to throw it in not knowing she was hurt !! Megan Delgrosso has an inning at catcher and makes a great play at the plate. Megan can you not just join us and play FULL TIME ? Everybody loves you !!! *********************************************** I hope everybody gets well for Sunday as we don't want a SWEEP of the series do we ? Less enjoyment for the fans !!! KRB has shown staying power and there's a reason why they ended up in 1st place !! GO GET EM LERNER !! your friendly neighborhood Stats. girl
September 10, 2019
Game 1 of FINALS KRB versus LERNER
Kirkland resto bar (Lisa Marie and Paige) take game 1 of finals against Lerner (Alana and Megan) 8-3 for KRB. It was a close well played game by both teams until the 5th inning when KRB broke it open getting 3 runs in the 5th and another 3 in the 6th holding lerners to no runs for the next 3 innings. KRB’s Sherrill layne has an amazing night with 2 TRIPLES and 3 RBIS and pitching well !!! She's a situation !! (this will make sense to the team) She ran those bases like she hadn't played ball all weekend !! Something about noodling in the pool before our games. Bonnie 3 for 3 with a smile from ear to ear !!! a little too much when they got Kayla out !! (and she thinks she's not competitive ya right Bonnie !!! LOL Nancy, Lisa Marie, Paige, Helene and Kristin all 2 for 3 !!! ( Kristin 2 RBIs) Steph Roy a very unlucky night, maybe she’s already in Italian time ! LOL she forgets to run on a tip that drops in front of the plate and Sattie throws her out at 1st. She is a good sport and smiles throughout all the ribbing from her team mates. Steph also gets robbed on a great line drive to right field !!! Steph gets retribution running for a hard liner in left field foul territory. Kristen makes a great catch on a hard liner at 3rd !!! Paige our thrill seeker and entertainer, takes advantage of a small slip by Lerner after diving head first at 2nd (continuing her tide commercial auditions) They overthrow the ball so she manages to run home on the fumble. There was a HEIDI inning where all three up three down involved Heidi. However Heidi did get away with the old trick of attempting to tag the runner to 2nd with the wrong hand while making the double play. She owes Lerner one for that !!! LOL Lerner played well but not lucky with their hits! Kayla and Diane moser 2 for 3. Kayla 2 out of the 3 RBIs !! Tania had an incredible night. First she catches a homerun worthy line drive to right field off the bat of Steph Roy.lisa Marie and Nancy so sure it was gone that they have to race back to tag up. Lisa Marie makes it back to 1 but Nancy gets caught and Tania turns a homerun into a DOUBLE PLAY !! Tania then snags another line drive while playing 2nd !! She also chases down a runner and tags her. Then Tania makes another running catch in the outfield. I’ll have whatever she’s having !!! Cindy forgets her umping duties for a bit while chatting about bowling teams !! You know it is finals when you see 3 umps out there (three blind mice or three wise women whichever it was !!) LOL IGA have a team party with food and drink and Mindies popcorn machine. Mindie must have a 2nd house to store all her entertainment items :) thanks for sharing with everyone !! I have a feeling lerners will be coming out big tomorrow. In case of rain it will be Thursday. Well matched series I’m thinking it could go to five !! Gayle
September 9, 2019
Game 3 WIN versus KRB to advance to Finals
WIN elimination game last night against KRB had spare Eileen go 3 for 3 with 2 RBIs. Kizzie arriving late and batting last goes 3 for 3. Joanie, Erica and Chris lapointe are 2 for 3 with Christine’s DOUBLE bringing in 3 RBIS. Kizzy does a soccer move preventing the ball from going to the outfield. Next she makes a good double play. Then her next at bat Kizzie trips on her way to 2nd and has to get back to 1st !!! Joanie pitched a great game. KRB hot bats were Sherrill 3 for 3 with 3 RBIS. Evie 2 for 2. Paige 4 for 4 with a single, 2 TRIPLES and a HOMERUN and 6 RBIS !!! Lisa Marie, Steph Roy and Megan Delgrosso (spare) all 3 for 4 (Megan a TRIPLE and 2RBIS and Steph a DOUBLE) Carolyn Sak spared and was 2 for 3 and Carolyn was busy at 2nd and even got a ball off the chest. Apparently she’s taller than she looks !! Heidi wore heels to catch MCs hit at SS. Paige is still trying to nail her audition for a tide commercial when sliding to 3rd !! Nancy and Steph Roy big catches. Bonnie bon-bon makes a huge catch in LF (shades of playoffs against MAC where Mac cursed her as “ F______in Bonnie “ Sherrill another good night pitching holding Kizzie to only singles !!! Sorry to see you go WIN, at least you brought them to 3 games and you went to semis :) good season !!! Good luck to our friends on Kirkland resto bar as they advance to finals to play the Lerner sluggers. Monday starts game 1 of finals at 8:00.
September 5, 2019
Semis Game 2 of series KRB versus WIN and JOHNS versus Lerner
Lerner eliminates Johns in a strong defeat 16-7. Dee is 4 for 4 (4 singles) Alana also 4 for 4 2 singles a TRIPLE and a HOMERUN with 6 RBIS !!! Kayla 3 for 4 with a single, DOUBLE and GRAND SLAM HOMERUN bringing her total to 5 RBIS !!! Karen 3 for 4 and Diane moser 2 DOUBLES and 3 RBIS !!! Kelly collard 2 for 3 and pitched well as usual !! Johns lead off Deb Trenholm goes 3 for 3 and pitched well. Lise also 3 for 3 with a single, DOUBLE and HOMERUN and 4 RBIS !!! Sarah Boyes and Mary 2 for 3 ( Mary with a TRIPLE ) Well we say goodbye to another team but maybe a couple of Johns players will get borrowed for other games. Next game Kirkland resto bar come out with a vengeance and beat WIN 17-3. Sherrill, Maegan Hupe, Steph Roy and Bonnie all 3 for 4 with a few RBIS each !!! DC 2 for 3 and Nancy 3 for 5 with 2 DOUBLES !!! Sherrill pitching well and Maegan Hupe great running catch on Kizzie’s right field hit !! Lisa Marie good catches again in the outfield. Auntie Bonnie gets caught coming off the bag. All in all a strong performance by KRB and now the series is now tied up with one game a piece. WIN couldn’t keep their rhythm going. With their captain Sara Dick not being able to play didn’t help matters with the team worried about her. Hopefully Sara can make it to the stands tonight. Kim as lead off was 2 for 3. Joanie and Tilly 2 for 3 both with a single and a DOUBLE. WIN only scored 3 runs losing 17-3. A couple of plays worth mentioning were Steph V with a nice catch in center field, Erica a nice running catch at 3rd and Anita a line drive catch at 1st. Isabelle Lamarche has a nice catch on a foul tip and almost gets a 2nd one but juggles it like she’s in a circus :) Joanie good pitching and Kizzie forgot which sport she was playing and gives DC a hip check at 2nd base. Hope to see you all out tonight at 8:00 pm to see who advances to play lerners, WIN or KRB !!! Gayle
September 3, 2019
Semis Game 1 of series KRB versus WIN and JOHNS versus Lerner
WIN are on a roll. They seemed confident and played well winning first game of the semis 6-3. Steph V. 3 for 4. Erica 2 for 3. Sue St Louis 3 for 3 with 2 RBIS and Sara Dick 4 for 4 and on her third at bat, she slipped running to first base on a close play and tumbled on her arm. She said it hurt but no tears and she still ran on that hit as she was safe. Her last at bat she got another single and we found out after that her arm was broken !!!! She broke her forearm and is in a cast !!! Sara was wondering why it hurt to get her glove on and she had trouble holding the bat !! Sara and Sue Roy have taken team player and playoffs to a new level. Take it easy out there :) Joanie back from vacation gets a pop up over the net. Kizzy males a nice line drive catch off Maegan Hupe at short stop. Joanie, Kizzie and Luisa all involved in trying to stop the SPEED DEMON Paige from getting a home run in the 7th. Kizzie throws home and Joanie backs up Luisa at the plate. Paige is straddled at the commit line and has to dive back to 3rd head first. Of course Paige ended up scoring on the next tag up on Heidi's fly ball but it was good practice and good cover by Joanie. ************************************************************* KRB's Paige was 3 for 3 with a TRIPLE and RBI. Steph Roy 2 for 3. Bonnie got a nice DOUBLE. Lisa Marie with a solid hit to center field in the 7th. Heidi makes a huge catch on a candle high rocket courtesy of Kizzie then rinse and repeat with Heidi catching another fly ball. KRB may be like the tin man from the wizard of oz in need of a little oil or WD-40 after a couple of weeks off. If the Maple Leafs had the lunch line then KRB had the help line with Heidi, Evie and Lisa Marie making all kinds of big catches including another sky high one from Kizzie. LM didn't want to take ownership of it but made a great catch anyways. Helene back makes a nice catch on pop up at 2nd. Evie nice catch on a pop up on the left field line. DC pitches an inning and almost gets caught stealing and has to dive head first back to 2nd. Paige the thrill seeker entertained fans and team mates with her slides and belly flops to be safe on 3rd after tempting WIN by straddling that commit line. **************************************************** Seems like Johns in 2nd place were also a little rusty and lost their first game of semis 19-7 against the Lerners team. Debbie Trenholm and Eileen both 2 for 3. Joanne Lam , Lise and Mary all 3 for 3 singles except for Joanne's 1 was a DOUBLE (a single for most of us but with her newly developed sliding and speed she turned it into a DOUBLE) Joanne also make a spectacular catch on a line drive from Alana at 3rd base. Sue Rack, Lise and Mary catch Tania in a run down and make a successful out. Played like pros !! Sarah Boyes makes an outstanding catch on a fly ball. Debbie DiGregrio makes an amazing running catch in RF and just can't hold onto it on Kayla's line drive. ************************************** ***** Lerner comes out swinging for the fences and get 31 hits !!! convincing win. Dee 5 for 5 Kayla, Heather and Karen V all 4 for 5 and all three of them get 4 RBIs. Mandeep replacing Megan Semenchuk goes 3 for 4 with 2 RBIS. Alana makes a great DOUBLE PLAY. Heather nice catch in LF. Stacie is robbed by Sarah Boyes on her fly ball to center. Diane Moser snags a hard line drive at 1st. See you tonight for game 2 of semis. Will 1st and 2nd place teams come out with a vengeance ? if not they will be eliminated. Show me the money !! Gayle
August 30, 2019
Game 3 WIN versus IGA to advance to Semis
I arrived at the park a bit late and the score was 3-1 in favor of WIN. WIN strong bats were Sara Dick (with her Dad in the stands) had a 3 for 3 night with a DOUBLE and an RBI. Kizzie, Sue St. Louis, Tilly and Luisa all were 2 for 3 with all getting a single and a DOUBLE. Luisa and Sue with 2 RBIS. Kizzie trying hard not to walk fouling off a few pitches but ends up walking her last at bat in the 7th so no HOMERUNS by the QUEEN. Chris Lapointe was the star of the night with 3 for 3 a single and two DOUBLES bringing in RBIS on every at bat for a total of 4 RBIS !!! Josee was a big asset pitching and playing well. Sue St. Louis made a great DP when she was at short stop. She took the ball to 2nd herself stepping on the bag then throwing to 1st. Luisa had a nice catch in RF and she almost threw out runner to 1st from RF in another play. Kizzie makes a nice pick up at SS to Chris at 1st who relays it to Isabelle Lamarche at the plate for the double play. Isabelle gave a great target and was ready !!! Tilly also made a nice catch at the plate catching Mo going home forced off 3rd by her player LOL. In the bottom of the 6th, IGA get their bats going and get 3 runs in but cool headed captain Kim Chatterson calls a time out to hopefully break up their momentum and they get the third out. WIN get no runs in the 7th so the score is 12-5 with IGA last licks. IGA comes back with 3 runs but finally are shut down on running error to end the game. Final score 12-8.************ IGA stars at bat were Kelly B. 3 for 3, Sarah and MC 3 for 4. Mel Campbell with a 3 run HOMER in the 6th. Jody, Mo, Rosemary and Wendy all 2 for 3 but Rosemary's single to LF was key to starting the rumble in the 7th inning. Next up was Wendy and she singles (earlier she hit a DOUBLE) Mindie comes up next with Rosemary and Wendy on base and hits a HUGE DOUBLE bringing in Rosemary. Then MO cashes in the two rookies on base (Wendy and Mindie) It all comes to a sudden halt with the last play of the game being a caught stupid. IGAs defense was off and errors were made by seasoned players. Sarah Carriere made a nice catch on a potential home run hit by Kizzie. Mo pitched and hit well the whole series. Maybe everybody just ran out of steam ………… well there is always Mo's cottage where you can hash and rehash the plays of the game in good company with lots of cold drinks. It is goodbye to another team as IGA is eliminated and WIN move on to semis. See you Monday for some action as we start the semis. Has Johns and KRB been laying around ? are they ready to play ? We shall see if getting a BY is a BLESSING or a CURSE !! Good luck to all, GB
August 28, 2019
game 2 of playoffs
WIN live to play another day as they take game 2 against IGA 8-2 so they will play game 3 tomorrow night Thursday at 8:00. IGA’s Mindie shared her marguerita machine and WIN Anita had purple Jell-O shots to match their shirts :) and there was a purple birthday cake for Anita and Luisa. Happy birthday girls !!! Both teams shared with stats girl so I was very happy. WIN’s Steph V. Was 3 for 3. Kizzy gets a TRIPLE and 3 RBIS. Erica 3 for 3 solid hits. Anita 2 for 2 with a huge hit to LF. Josee DiTomassa replacing Joanie has a DOUBLE bringing in 2 RBIS and in the 5th inning she only has to pitch 4 pitches to get 3 outs. ***** IGA’s Sarah Carriere and Mo are 2 for 3 but it was IGA’s turn to have flat bats. We will see who comes out swinging tomorrow. Mandeep makes a nice foul tip catch behind the plate and MC made some great catches in LF on Sue St Louis and Kim Chatterson. Rosemary makes a solid play to 1st on a hard one bouncer at 2nd **** Physiomentum finishes the 2 innings from the other night but can’t get it going and only have 3 hits in the whole 7 innings. They lose to Lerner 7-0. They play a really great game right after with Jenn 3 for 3. Sharon brings in 4 RBIS. Jill, Terri, Loraine and Cheryl Baron all 2 for 3 (Cheryl replacing Susan Roy) The game is tied in the 6th inning 6-6 but Lerner get 2 runs in the 7th inning and with last bats, Physiomentum just can’t get those 2 runs back. Their season comes to an end but they ended on a strong note with Carolyn Sak stealing the show in LF with a boob catch and a big catch off a liner from Alana and another great catch off Tania which ended the inning. Jenn at SS throws hard to Sharon at 1st getting the runner then turn a DOUBLE play with Sharon throwing it back to Gail at 3rd catching Karen V stealing 3rd. Sandra also had a great catch in LF. Gail makes a great scoop at 3rd but throw is off to 2nd base. All in all it was a great effort by Physio to hang onto the chance to play a 3rd game but the stars were not aligned and they are eliminated by their friends from Lerners. :( ****** Lerners with their huge bats in their first game against Physio that was delayed, come up with a 7-0 win and Heather 3 for 3 and 2 RBIS (she’s hitting a ton) Dee and Kayla 2 for 3. Alana also 2 for 3 with 2 HOMERUNS and 3 RBIS. They move on to the next game and continue their slug fest with 19 hits. Kelly Collard and Stacie Bouchard are 3 for 3. Kayla gets a single and a HOMERUN and 5 RBISs. Heather 3 for 4 as well as Alana with her 3 hits being 2 DOUBLES and a HOMERUN and 3 RBIs. Alana also makes an unassisted great DOUBLE PLAY by touching runner going to 3rd then running to 2nd to touch bag before runner can get there. Diane Moser kills Physio’s buzz by ending the game behind the plate catching a foul tip. Now Lerner waits until Monday to play Johns waiting in the wings. We wait to see who advances to play KRB, will it be IGA or WIN ?? Come out and see !!! GB
August 26, 2019
first games of the playoffs !!!!
The first game Lerners against Physio was stopped in the 5th inning as Sue Roy was seriously injured. I hope she will be alright. They will continue the last innings on Tuesday night at 8:30 then play their 2nd games. ********************************************** IGA and WIN's first match was won by IGA 10-5. Mo and Jody were 3 for 3. (Jody 3 singles and 3 RBIS and MO 2 singles and a DOUBLE with 1 RBI) Sarah Carriere 3 for 3 with 2 singles and a HOMERUN with three RBIS. Mel Campbell 2 for 3 with a HOMERUN and 3 RBIS. Kelly Burah made a great catch running hard to get a really high pop fly in the deep infield off of Kizzie. Jody had a solid night wherever she played !!! *********************************************** WIN replace Joanie with Josee so that is good !! Kizzie is 2 for 3 with a TRIPLE and a HOMERUN with 3 RBIS. Steph V is also 2 for 3 with a DOUBLE. Josee Di gets a hit and gives up no walks. Isabelle Lamarche was 2 for 2 and Erica was 3 for 3. I was told IGA hit the holes and Mo pitched well against them. Tomorrow Tuesday will be their chance to redeem themselves or be eliminated. Make it interesting for us fans and bring it to 3 games please :)
August 21, 2019
IGA highlights to end regular season ...........
IGA start their warm up by tying the 1st place team KRB 8-8 Aug.12th. Sarah Carriere 3 for 4 with a DOUBLE. Melanie Campbell 3 for 4 with a TRIPLE and 2 RBIS. Caylie and DT 2 for 3 (Caylie with a DOUBLE) Aug. 13th Lerner with big bats pounds IGA 21-9. Sarah Carriere was 4 for 4. Mo 3 for 3 and 2 RBIS. Mel Campbell gets a DOUBLE and a TRIPLE with 2 RBIS. Kelly and Mandeep 2 for 3. Next game is Aug 15 and believe it or not it is a tie again against KRB this time 4-4. Caylie and Kelly 2 for 3. DT with 2 RBIS. Sarah Carriere with a TRIPLE. Spares Katherine Chiasson and Josee Fleury finally end up on the same team and go 3 for 6 between them !! Josee also catches Nancy stealing 3rd and made some solid plays. Katherine relaying in the outfield with her sore shoulder. At one point they were both on base one behind the other and I had a conversation about scissor positions. You will have to figure that out :) Mo made an amazing play at the mound on a liner from Paige !! last game of the season Aug 18 IGA beats Physio 10-5 with MC going 5 for 5 (5 singles) and it was nice to see her girls out scoring. They are so sweet. Sarah also 5 for 5 with 2 singles and 3 DOUBLES and 4 RBIS !! Wow !! Caylie bride to be very soon was 4 for 4 with 2 RBIS. It was the rookies night to impress, Mindie (with Mom watching) makes a great line drive stinging catch at rover. Then she throws someone out from deep rover on a one hopper to 1st base perfectly in line. She thinks she has done her quota for the night but then makes and important catch at home plate for the out !!! Wendy not wanting Mindie to hog all the spot light pulls a few of her own tricks out of her hat. She makes an incredible catch on a line drive in RF and another great play later in the game. MC makes a great over the shoulder catch in LF. great game to end the season. Good luck IGA !!!
August 21, 2019
last games of the season
Lerner came through with a win 20-18 against WIN and clinched 3rd place !! Tania 5 for 6, Kayla guitard 4 for 6 (2 singles a DOUBLE and a HOMERUN and 6 RBIs. Heather 5 for 5 with two DOUBLES and 3 RBIs !! Taylor (white pants ) spares and is 3 for 5 and plays awesome at 2nd !! Karen V 4 for 5 with a TRIPLE !! Alana finishes her season with 3 for 5 (2 DOUBLES and a HOMERUN and 3 RBIs!!! Taylor with a few great Double plays. Alana great play in the dirt at Short stop to Taylor at 2nd and great snag off Kizzie line drive !! Tania makes a nice catch in right field !!********************* KRB’s Nancy 4 for 5 and Steph Roy 3 for 5 and 3 RBIs!! Megan Delgrosso 4 for 4 with 2 RBIS!! Bonnie back from vacation goes 3 for 4 with a DOUBLE !! Bonnie is also hot in the field. Maegan Hupe goes a long way from SS to get a pop up. Paige ran a long way to catch Lise’s long ball in LC !! KRB gets to test the first round now !! ***************************************** Win last game of the season was a close one. They lose 20-18 against Lerner. Sue st Lois, Kizzie and Anita all 4 for 5 !! Kizzie another HOMERUN and 6 RBIs. Steph v. as lead off goes 3 for 5 with 4 RBIs!! Tilly 3 for 3. Isabelle is clutch with her 3 for 4 !! Anita makes an outstanding catch in CF. Kim Chatterson makes an equally good catch in LF. Sue St. Louis an amazing play at 2nd !! Isabelle makes An amazing catch at 2nd !!! Good luck in the playoffs !!
August 20, 2019
Johns last games of the season ............
Johns start off last week with a win against Physio 17-13. Mary 5 for 5 (all singles with 3 RBIS). Sarah Boyes 5 for 5 (2 singles and a TRIPLE with 3 RBIS) Lise on route to the batting champ has another amazing night with 5 for 5 (2 singles, 2 DOUBLES and a TRIPLE with 5 RBIS) Joanne Lam 3 for 5 with 2 DOUBLES and a HOMERUN. Missing Debbie Trenholm, Eileen pitched the whole game and did a great job. Aug. 13th against WIN, Johns wins 19-13. Debbie Trenholm 3 for 3, Lise another perfect night with 4 for 4 (single, 2 DOUBLES and a TRIPLE with 5 RBIS !!!) Sue Rack 2 for 3 with 2 RBIS. Eileen ……holy shit...…… she is 3 for 5 and gets a GRAND SLAM in the 5th inning !!!! she also gets a total of 6 RBIS !!! Debbie Trenholm has her usual fantastic game pitching (as she told me LOL) Frankie jumps at 3rd base to catch Anita's liner. Stephanie (spare) gets a couple of singles and makes a nice catch in right rover. Game 3 Aug 15 rainout game they are matched up to WIN again. This time WIN beats them 11-10. Eileen 2 for 2 (single and DOUBLE with 2 RBIS) Joanne Lam, Sue Rack and Lise all 2 for 3 (Lise with 4 RBIS). Last night Aug 19 was Johns last game of the season and it was quite the game between 1st and 2nd place going into playoffs. It ended in a tie 11-11. Debbie Trenholm 2 for 3 with a nice hit over 2nd base (opposite field for Deb LOL)Jen McWade and Joanne Lam 2 for 3. Mary 4 for 4 (3 singles + a DOUBLE and 2 RBIS) Lise the seasoned player, finishes her season with 3 for 4 (DOUBLE+TRIPLE+ last at bat a HOME RUN !! with 4 RBIS) WOW !!! Now John's sits around waiting to see who they play in the semis. Good luck !!!
August 19, 2019
WIN winding up ...........
last week WIN had three games (one rain out) Aug 12 they have a good game beating Physio 17-4 with Kizzie on fire at bat with 4 for 4 (a single, DOUBLE and 2 HOMERUNS)with 9 RBIS !!!! Luisa and Isabelle both get 2 hits and 2 RBIS !!Tilly 4 for 4 with 3 singles and a DOUBLE. Sara Dick and Steph V both 3 for 5. Spares Nevine and Denise both getting 2 hits. Nevine single and DOUBLE with Denise DOUBLE and a TRIPLE and getting 3 RBIS between them. Steph V (PIG PEN) made some diving/rolling catches at 2nd base. Next game Aug 13 against Johns they lost 19-13. Sara Dick had a "four night " with 4 for 4, 4 singles and scored 4 runs. Kizzie is just getting warmed up and has another big night with 4 for 4 a TRIPLE and 3 HOMERUNS bringing in 9 RBIS !!! WOW !! Poor Erica didn't have many RBIS once Kizzie cleared those bases !!! Christine Lapointe with 2 DOUBLES. Tilly 3 for 4 !! Steph and Luisa pitched well with Joanie missing. Anita had great snacks after the game !! Game # 3 Aug 15th rain out from July 30th is their chance to get back John's earlier game. They pull a win out of their hat and have a close game win 11-10. The team got 4 HOMERUNS !! Kizzie with 3 for 3 a single and 2 HOMERUNS, SUe St. Louis 3 for 4 with 2 singles and a HOMERUN and Steph V her first at bat gets a HOMERUN !! Erica, Chris Lapoint and Luisa all 2 for 3 with Luisa's last at bat single bringing in the winning RBI !! Kim and Luisa do their best at pitching in Joan's absence. Kizzie makes a DOUBLE PLAY barehanded then tosses to Chris Lapointe at 1st. Pig pen (Steph V) makes a big play near 1st in the dirt !! a very entertaining game with lots of action. It should be interesting in the playoffs :)
August 18, 2019
Lerner’s journey
Lerner had two games last week. Game 1 against KRB is a close one. Going into the 7th with Lerner down 6-4 they manage to get 1 run but can’t catch up and lose 6-5. Megan Semenchuk was 4 for 4 all singles. Kayla guitard 3 for 4 (3 singles) spares were great nevine and Cheryl baron both got a single. Jill sample rookie spare was 3 for 3 !!! Game # 2 Lerner pounded the ball against IGA 21-9. Diane moser, Karen v, Darrach and Kayla all 4 for 6 with Darrach 5 RBIs and Kayla 7 RBIs !!! Stacie 3 for 5. Heather 5 for 6 and Alana staying in the race with 4 for 4 ( 2 DOUBLES and a TRIPLE and 2 walks and 3 RBIs. The race for 3rd place is still on !!
August 16, 2019
KRB this week in the KLSPL Aug.11-15
KRB has 3 games this week. (one rain out) Game#1 Sunday Aug 11 starting the week with a very close game 6-5 win against Lerner. Good sticks for Steph Roy 3 for 4 with a DOUBLE and Heidi 3 for 4 with 2 DOUBLES and 3 RBIS !! Spares needed were Lindsey with 3 for 4 3 singles followed by Chloe who had a single and Kerstin with 2 singles. Thank you spares !!! Chloe started the game pitching with Sherrill absent, poor kid got a ball in the hand. ICE ICE BABY ICE (thanks DC) glad that our soccer star doesn't need her hand to play !!! Maegan Hupe who was playing in a tournament, was late so started in the field with 9. This did not stop this team. The gloves were big and the defense BIGGER. Everyone was in the game and contributed. Kerstin (spare) made an outstanding catch at the plate on a hard but beautiful throw from other spare Lindsey from 2nd base (I hope Lindsey has entered the accuracy and distance throw because she has a great throw. almost as good as her head first slides !!! LOL) Steph Roy "the wall" in LF was smack talking with Alana all in good fun I think. Lisa Marie in LC, Heidi at SS and Maegan at 3rd all did well and there was good loud communication in the infield (a very important trait of success !! ) Megan Delgrosso a good target at 1st !! DC put on her big girl panties and pitched well again and they gave up no walks !! the team and the weather were hot and lots of bugs out !! Game # 2 Aug 12 another close game ends in a tie 8-8 against IGA. Paige back from vaca is on fire and goes 3 for 4 all DOUBLES !! (probably singles for most normal runners LOL) Kerstin spares again and gets another single. (Kerstin you should play full time next year ?? ) Megan Delgrosso gets a key single in the 7th bringing in 2 runs. Mo walks Maegan Hupe with Delgrosso on base and two outs. (I would probably do the same ) but then the hero of the night comes up..... DC with attitude and she smokes the ball into RF getting the winning RBI scoring Megan Delgrosso. What a HIT !!! Game # 3 yikes KRB and IGA play back to back games last night due to rain outs. Vegas odds did not predict another tie against IGA but what are the chances ? final result 4-4 !! Paige continues her RAM-PAIGE and gets 2 hits but BOTH ARE HOME RUNS !!! bringing in 3 RBIS and barely breaking a sweat or breathing heavy !! Don't you hate that ? I can barely get off the bench !!! Maegan Hupe 2 for 2 and gets walked again. Maegan that is a big compliment :) Megan Delgrosso 2 for 3. Steph Roy makies a running shoe string catch in LF. Paige makes a big catch in CF afraid to blink (you'll have to ask her about it) according to MC, Steph Roy made 32 catches in LF !! HA HA. one involved a move that we're sending to Simone Biles for her floor exercise routine !! Nancy made an over the shoulder catch at 3rd making it look easy. Don't ask her where she hit her homerun from the other night however as I got the stink eye !! I'm not a spy ? I'm just stats. girl LOL. I was just curious !!!Big catches + solid defense and a little celebration with knowing they have clinched 1st place for the season. Some interesting XRATED talk on the bench thanks to Steph Roy !! CONGRATS KIRKLAND RESTO BAR. Great season !!
August 15, 2019
Lerner and Physio's path to play offs ..........
Lerner has a win and a loss. Game #1 Aug 6 they lose to Johns 10-6 with Lerner missing a few big hitters. Darrach was 3 for 4 with a big HOMERUN !!! (too bad no one was on base ) Megan Semenchuk 2 for 3 with a DOUBLE and TRIPLE !! what did she eat ?? Spares Cheryl Baron and Chloe help out with a couple of hits. Game# 2 Lerner has big bats and win 18-5 against Physio. Alana another 4 for 4 night single, 2 DOUBLES and a HOMERUN chasing that batting title in a close race !! Heather was 4 for 4 also !! (my buddy still has it )Karen and Diane Moser both 3 for 5 with Karen 4 RBIS. Great spares Shelley Fox and Isabelle Gagnon. Shelley 2 for 4 with a TRIPLE and 2 RBIS. Isabelle 3 for 3 with 2 singles and a HOMERUN and 3 RBIS. Alana pitched and did a great job (she hasn't pitched since she was 12 ??) I think this no arc necessary is helping new pitchers develop as it is a bit easier ??? What do you think ?? Stacie had an unassisted DOUBLE PLAY. She caught a line drive behind 1st base and caught Sue Roy off the bag. Great heads up play rookie !! Lerner are fighting also for 3rd spot. standings are close. Good luck this week !! ********************************************** Physiomentum two tough losses. I hope they don't lose faith as playoffs are anyone's game. I have seen last place team win the whole thing. KRB beats them in game 1. Physio only getting 7 hits. I was not there so not sure if KRB had good defense or bats were just flat ? Julie was 2 for 2 and Carolyn Sak got a DOUBLE and scored a run. Marcela with a single and the only RBI. Game #2 a loss against Lerner's big bats. Susan Roy goes 3 for 4 and gets an amazing HOMERUN (no one on base DAMN) Susan also made an amazing shoe string catch hogging the lime light. Jennifer Lupachow is 2 for 4 with a TRIPLE and 2 RBIS. Sharon and Jill both 2 for 3. Lorraine (rookie) is so close to Marcela that she tosses it in her face !! No harm done. Lorraine can run and she's a boot camp girl (you can tell by the nice running legs !! LOL) Let's see some fire girls with the coming playoffs. Under dogs RULE :) Good luck !! Stats girl
August 14, 2019
crunch time as we head to playoffs with Kirkland Resto bar and Johns
as we head to playoffs starting next week, let's take a look at the two top teams battling for top spot, both have guaranteed a by in the first round as after last night's games no team can catch either of them. If KRB win tomorrow they will clinch 1st place. If they lose and Johns win, they will go head to head on Monday to see who is TOP DOG. Don't get too comfy however as history has shown that sitting out a round is not always a good thing. Facing a team after they finish their round and are still hot may be hard so make sure you get a practice or team bonding :) KRB comes out big against Physio in a 15-1 win. Their bats were hot with everyone including spare Chloe getting at least 1 hit and an RBI. Megan Delgrosso smacked the stitches off the ball. DC had a great game 3 for 3 Heidi and Sherrill 3 for 4 with Sherrill 2 DOUBLES and a TRIPLE and pitching her usual solid game and giving up no walks. Defense was a wall behind her and Heidi, Steph Roy and Maegan Hupe were practically standing on their heads in the infield making plays. the next game on Aug 6 was not the best of what the team is capable of (maybe back to back games ??? ) WIN takes advantage and beats them 14-5. Lisa Marie, Maegan and Heidi all 3 for 4 but no body on base to cash them in. Spares Katherine and Diane Heaganton try to help with a couple of hits but it was WIN's night. Mike (Meg Delgrosso's hubby) produces another clean score sheet much to this stat girl's delight :) Steph Roy, Lisa Marie, Heidi and Maegan made some key catches. ******************************************** John's have two games a win and a loss. This team has been steady and won 7 or 8 in a row. I am impressed with the leadership from rookie captains. They are organized and have no internal player problems. A very happy and fun team. Game 1 they beat Lerners 10-6 Joanne Lam perfect at bats with 3 for 3 a walk and single, DOUBLE and a HOMERUN !!! I guess those ytube videos actually do teach you as she has mastered sliding and various other techniques from watching and practicing !! LOL Deb Trenholm and Mary both 3 for 4 and Lise has a TRIPLE. 2nd game Aug 8 is their 1st loss in a very long time and the team knew they were flat and were still in good spirits which is great. They are missing their Eileen. Sarah Boyes, Lise and Joanne Lam all 2 for 3. Lise with a TRIPLE. Have a rest girls and start over again next week :) Over and out, Gayle
August 14, 2019
WIN and IGA’s road to playoffs Aug. 5-8th
WIN Aug 5 missing some big players, have a tough loss 12-4 against IGA. Kim the captain does her best by getting a big HOME RUN her first at bat as lead off !!! She goes 3 for 4. Kim also makes big catches in left field. Josee Fleury sparing goes 3 for 3 and does a great job at short stop ! Game 2 aug 6 WIN comes out to play with a vengeance beating the top team KRB 14-5 !! Anita has a perfect night at bat with 4 for 4. Sue St. Louis was 4 for 5. Joanie and Kim 3 for 5 Kim with a TRIPLE. Kizzie starts her HOME RUN Derby with one of many to come. Kizzie and Sue St. Louis make some great plays from their knees. Yummy rum punch was shared after the game. Lovely bunch of girls and I hear the players saying how much fun they’re having so these rookie captains are doing a fine job !!! *********************************************** IGAs aug 5th big win against WIN 12-4 with captain DT missing in action. Katherine sparing has a 3 for 3 night at bat playing against her partner Josee Fleury !! Lol !! Jody and Melanie Campbell go 3 for 4 (Mel with a single, DOUBLE and TRIPLE !! Kelly Burah and Mindie are 2 for 3 (Kelly got a TRIPLE) IGA are on a roll and are still chasing 2nd place and make that possibility closer by beating JOHNs 8-3 !! MC leading off with 4 for 4 and a DOUBLE. Sarah Carrier also goes 4 for 4 with 2 DOUBLES and 3 RBIs. Caylie 3 for 4. Caylie also has another good night playing 1st in DTs absence !! Mindie not only makes a great catch in the outfield off “ la grand Lilly “ Lise, she also brings her Margaritaville machine and makes the team some delicious drinks with fresh strawberries. They also celebrated Caylies upcoming wedding and presented her with a lovely group gift !! How nice is that ?? Keep chasing 2nd place !! it’s within reach :) GB
August 11, 2019
Last games of July KRB, IGA and JOHNS
Kirkland Resto bar game #! July 22. Nancy gets her first HOME RUN bringing in 3 RBIs and is very excited !! Heidi hot at SS including a running catch near 2nd base. Steph Roy at 2nd makes a zig zag catch. Lotsa BBCs (big Bonnie catches) in LF and Bonnie also gets a TRIPLE !! Sherrill also gets a TRIPLE. The whole team gets at least one hit and scores at least 1 run. Catherine Dube and Maegan Hupe both 4 for 4. Lisa Marie, Paige and Steph Roy all 3 for 4. Game 2 July 23 Lisa Marie and Megan Delgrosso are 4 for 4. Megan’s rocking them deep but Lisa Marie not so much ( take it up with your team members Lisa ) Steph Roy 3 for 4 and 3 RBIs. Paige with a HOME RUN and 4 RBIs running up Lisa Marie and Steph’s Butt !! Nice to see Carol Ann out sparing !! Maegan Hupe solid at SS with an absent Heidi. Sherrill Layne strikes out both of IGAs spares !! Good to see DC trying her hand at pitching again !! Good on her :) Game # 3 July 29 Maegan Hupe goes 3 for 3. Paige on a ram-Paige ( good one DC ) has a big glove in CF catching a Kizzler that went into another postal code. Paige goes 3 for 3 with a single, DOUBLE and a 3 run HOME RUN !!! Maegan Hupe 3 for 3 amongst the oohs aaaahs when Laura Swinburne shows up with her new baby boy Jameson :) Megan Delgrosso has a big catch at rover losing her hat, glasses and landing on her butt. Is that a triple play ? Lol. Then Megan D is such an eager beaver that she bats out of turn. Lucky we love her anyways as well as her hubby Michael who is a gentleman and huge supporter as well as a great scorekeeper ( trust me I know ) this scoresheet was a doozer to figure out !! ******************************************** IGA game #1 was a rough game but fan favourite Mandeep was 2 for 2 an Caylie and Jody 2 for 3 but they only scores two runs losing 11-2. Game # 2 Caylie is a buzz kill for KRB playing really well at 1st !! Watch out DT she might be after your job !!! MC 3 for 4 and Jody, Mo and rookie Wendy all 2 for 3 but it was a tough loss against the top team !! Game #3 the team is back on track with a win and Sarah carrier is back and is 3 for 5 with a TRIPLE. Mel Campbell is the star at bat with 4 for 5 with a 3 run HOMER and a TRIPLE bringing her RBIs to 5. ********************************************** Johns first game both captains are missing so a couple of seasoned players step up and the team played amazing !! Debbie Trenholm leads off with 4 for 4 and 2 DOUBLES !! Lise also 4 for 4 single, 2 DOUBLES and a TRIPLE with 4 RBIs !!Joanne Lam and Mary 3 for 4 !! Eileen a DOUBLE and a TRIPLE and 3 RBIs!! Debbie Digregorio played well at 2nd. The outfield made great catches. Mary had some great stretches at 1st. Everyone contributed to the score sheet. Debbie Trenholm gets an amazing DP in the 7th with a strike out and a fall off !! Sue rack has great snacks !! What a great night !! Thanks for your commentary Lise. Game # 2 was a squeaker where Johns pull ahead 11-10 in the 6th and holds Lerner for the win. Joanne Lam gets a HOMER bringing in 2 !! Lise 3 for 4 with a 3 run HOMER bringing her RBIS to 5 !! Mary 2 for 3 with a TRIPLE!!
August 11, 2019
July last games continued !!
Lerner game # 1 July 22 play top team and both teams have a slug fest. Lerner loses by 16-13 but Megan Semenchuk leads off 4 for 5. Tania and Kayla 3 for 5. Karen V. 3 for 4 and Alana 4 RBIs !!! Every player got a hit !! Game # 2 July 28 Lerner loses by 1 run. Megan Semenchuk and Tania 3 for 4 !! Alana and Diane Moser are 3 for 4. Rookie Stacie makes a great DP !! Karen a DOUBLE and a TRIPLE on two hours sleep due to her nursing schedule !! Game 3 July 29 Lerner pounded the ball and ended the week on a win. Everyone got at least one hit including spare NADINE who was 3 for 5 a DOUBLE and 2 RBIS. Heather and Diane Moser both 4 for 5 with three singles and 1 DOUBLE !! Diane also had 5 RBIS !! Megan Semenchuk, Sattie with 4 RBIS. Kayla and Kelly all had 4 singles. Karen V. 3 singles and 4 RBIS. Rookie Stacie with 3 for 5 with 2 singles and a DOUBLE and 4 RBIS. Top hitter of the night was Alana with 5 for 5 3 singles, a DOUBLE and a TRIPLE. Not much you can do when there are 8 walks thrown in there and then good hitters to bring in the bacon !! ********************************************** WIN game #1 July 23rd. They lose 10-14 against Johns. Sara Dick 3 for 4 with a TRIPLE. Kizzie 3 for 3 DOUBLE, TRIPLE and 3 run HOMERUN !! Erica 3 for 3 with 2 DOUBLES and 3 RBIS. Anita 2 for 3 with 2 DOUBLES !! 3 CS (caught stupids) didn't help the cause. There was a couple of running errors. I saw Erica go a long way into foul territory to get a foul ball at 3rd base. Game #2 July 29 was a good effort against the top team and KRB beat WIN 15-12. WIN had good bats with Sara Dick 5 for 5, Kim 4 for 5 with a TRIPLE and 3 RBIS.Kizzie 3 for 4 with 2 DOUBLES and 3 RBIS. Sue and Tilly both 3 for 4 (Tilly with a DOUBLE and 2 RBIS) Erica with 4s all over the place..... 4 for 4 with a DOUBLE and 4 RBIS. *********************************************** Physiomentum game # 1 beat IGA 11-2 and Jill pitched most of the game and only gave up 1 walk. This is key !!! Jill also made some great defensive catches at the mound in the 1st inning. Gail S. made 2 key catches at 3 and Rover. Isabelle Gagnon (spare) was strong at SS. Rookie Kristina has a perfect night with 4 for 4. Susan Roy 3 for 4 with 2 DOUB LES and 2 RBIS. Marcella and Michelle Terry both 3 for 4. Spare Isabelle Gagnon was 2 for 3 with a BIG HOMERUN bringing in 3 RBIS. Isn't she a pleasure to have ? a great player and always fun and smiling. I wish we could steal her from Pointe Claire :) Game #2 IGA comes back with retribution and takes the win 14-6. Jill and Susan Roy lead the pack with 3 for 4. Kristina 2 for 3 with a DOUBLE (too bad you can't keep her eh ?) Terri has a perfect night with 3 for 3 !!! Spare Lindsey (wow what a spare) goes 3 for 3 with a DOUBLE. Game# 3 Physio lost by a big score. Giving up 8 walks helped Lerner who have big bats to cash the runners on base in. Sharon Hyland had a good night with 4 for 4 and 2 RBIS. Gail S. 2 for 3. Marcela and Susan Roy both 3 for 4 but that's all she wrote...….. **********************************************
August 7, 2019
I'm a grandmother (Lise Begin)
Jonathon's wife gave birth today at 1:30 to a healthy baby boy. Lise we need more details and a picture :)
July 23, 2019
JOHN's week of July 14-18
John's moves into 2nd place after winning all three of their games. Debbie Trenholm has a good week 2 for 3, 4 for 4and 3 for 3. That should move her up in the batting race !! She is solid every game at pitching and even catches a liner on her glove side despite the NET which she loves (NOT) LOL. Lise the team's top hitter in game 1= 4 for 4 (single, DOUBLE, and 2 TRIPLES !!! ) with 4 RBIS. In game 2 she gets another TRIPLE with 3 RBIS and game 3 she has a HOMERUN with 3 RBIS. Lise and Michelle Campbell almost collide in the infield going for the same ball and their reaction was super funny giggling like two little girls. Lise a wall at SS. Jen McWade 2 for 4 with 2 RBIS in game 1. Welcome back to Megan Delgrosso as spare. Michelle Campbell plays only game 2 but goes 4 for 4 !! Mary gets a TRIPLE. In game 2 Frankie had a 3 for 4 night and is a solid wall at third getting everything near her including a ball she scooped up before it hit the ground to win the game leaving the tying run at 1st. Joanne Lam + Eileen both 3 for 4 in game 3. Sarah Boyes and the Digregrio sisters (Deb+Cindy) all save the bacon in the outfield on some great catches. Impressive week for rookie captains Cindy and Jen McWade.
July 23, 2019
West Island update week July 14-18
West Island Nursery had only two games. They had a tough week losing both their games. They managed to go ahead in the first game against IGA but then they had a fall apart inning in the 7th ...……..brain farts or nerves ?? They let IGA get 4 unearned runs to take the lead. Sara Dick made some nice catches in LF. Steph owes the team some sangria for getting the game mixed up :) at least that is what we charged players right Kim ?? Kim Chatterson gets a HOMERUN !! Joan, Sue St. Louis and Kizzie all 3 for 4 with Kizzie a DOUBLE + TRIPLE trying to cash in but getting caught by a perfect throw and catch at the plate !!! Steph was 2 for 2. The next game they play KRB the top team who they let get 5 runs in the 7th. This team runs out of steam late in the game !! Come on girls !!! It was lovely to have Dana out to spare and she was 3 for 4 with 3 RBIS !! Great job Dana !! Kizzie gets another TRIPLE and Kim Chatterson does her part by going 4 for 5 with a DOUBLE and a TRIPLE and 2 RBISs. Kim is getting her momentum going. Joan solid pitching and 2 for 4 with a DOUBLE and 3 RBIS. Let's see what you do tonight against Johns who are on a hot streak. GB
July 23, 2019
LERNER July 14-18
LERNERS have 3 games and win 2 of 3. Kelly is a rock solid pitcher. She also had a few good hits and brought in 4 RBIS. Heather had a good week with 3 for 3, 3 for 5 and 2 for 4 and an RBI in each game. Karen 2 for 3 and 3 for 4 in her two games she played and 3 RBIS. Kim Shaar does her part in game one bringing in 2 RBIS. Megan, Darrach, Karen and Alana all 3 for 4 in game 2 with Alana 2 DOUBLES and a HOMERUN with a whopping 4 RBIS. Heather 3 for 5 and Kayla Bourassa is 5 for 5 with and incredible 6 RBIS...……their game 3 it is Kayla and Alana again 3 for 4. Kayla had a HOMERUN and 3RBIs. Dee (Darrach) made an awesome DP with a hop and a jump to 1st. Lerners welcomes Diane Moser to replace Christine Van de Velde who is out injured. WELCOME DIANE !! GB
July 23, 2019
Physiomentum July 14-18
Physiomentum have a tough week losing their three games. Chloe Riccardo tried to help in game 1 going 3 for 3. Good job kid !!Marcela solid batting with 3 for 4, 3 for 4 and 2 for 3. Game 2 spare Debbie Austin goes 3 for 4 and makes and incredible catch in foul territory playing first base !! Not bad at all for a first game of the season !! Jenn Lupachow does her part with 2 for 4, then 4 for 4 with a HOMERUN in game 2 and 2 for 3 with a TRIPLE in game 3. Jill and Gail 2 for 3 in game 3. Sharon came late but got a TRIPLE. keep up the effort girls :) GB
July 23, 2019
IGA July 14-18
I don't remember much about game 1 where IGA beat WIN as we were all too busy looking at Melanie Campbell's new nephew. Michelle and Mom came to watch Mel play much to Mel's pleasure. So much so that Mel had an amazing night with 4 for 4 3 DOUBLES and a HOMERUN !!! she also was 3 for 4 in her 2nd game. MC 3 for 4 as well as Kelly Burah and DT (DT also has a DOUBLE) Caylie gets a big TRIPLE and makes the catch of the game in RC off of Kizzie who would have had a grand slam. Can we talk about Jody's hubby and kids ? Hubby is nice and their brood of 4 were adorable and so well behaved watching Mom from the bench along with their cousins (I think)Jody gets a couple of hits much to the delight of her fans and brings in 3 RBIS. Wendy (rookie) has a great night in game 2 going 3 for 3 and spare Josee Fleury is back and goes 2 for 3. MC had some great catches in the outfield and had a 3 for 5 night in game 3. Mo goes 4 for 4 in game 3 as well as spare Taylor (white pants) and the other spare Cheryl Baron helps out the team also. GB.
July 23, 2019
Kirkland Resto Bar week of July 14-18
Kirkland Resto Bar win both their games. Lisa Marie gets a TRIPLE in game one and goes 4 for 5 in her 2nd game. Maegan Hupe 3 for 4 in game 1 with a TRIPLE and entertained the fans with her catch while playing 2nd base with the momentum taking her off the field with the ball in her glove to the oohs and aahs of the crowd. Nancy and Maegan Hupe both played well at 3rd and Meagan had a pig pen moment when she drew up the dust at SS. Heidi 2 for 3 and made an over the shoulder facing LF catch making it look easy :) Steph Roy great night with 4 for 4. Sherrill Layne 3 for 3 perfect night with a DOUBLE and 2 RBIS. Catherine Dube and DC both 2 for 3 and DC with 3 RBIs and even got back in the saddle and pitched an inning in preparation of pitching when Sherrill is away. Good for you DC !!! Game two has DC pitching most of the game and there were only 3 walks !!! Heidi has a 4 for 4 night with 2 RBISs...… Catherine as lead off is 3 for 5. It was a night of doubles with two Catherines (Dube) and Katherine Chiasson (spare) who had good catches in the outfield. the next set of doubles is Meagan Hupe and Megan Delgrosso who is replacing for Helen who is injured. Welcome back to Shelley Fox who spared finally. Both spares Shelley and Katherine go 3 for 4 with 4 RBIs between them and both make great catches in the OF. Maegan Hupe had to dive back 3rd on her stomach to avoid the tag from Erica. Steph Roy uses her full set of boobs to help her catch a few balls. Everyone on the team scored a run and the weather was a factor which was like the wind in "The Wizard of Oz " and that's all for now folks. GB
July 16, 2019
recap of West Island Nursery JUly 2-9
West Island Nursery had 4 games 2 wins and 2 losses. Top 3 batters on the team are Kizzie .648 (8th in the league), Steph Vallieres .622 (10th in the league) and Sue St. Louis .531. I think Sara Dick and Kim Chatterson will be crawling up that ladder as they are both hitting well and have good speed. Game 1 Kizzie and Steph V. are both 3 for 4. Game 2 Anita, Steph V and Sue St. Louis are 3 for 4 (Sue with 3 RBIs) Sue I don't know how you're losing weight being on that team with all the good food !!! Sara Dick 2 for 3 and Joanie 3 for 3 with 2 RBIs (She's not just there for her pitching !!!) This game 2 was a loss but it was close 14-12 and every player got a HIT !! Game 3 Sara Dick and Sue St. Louis are both 2 for 3 and Steph V. is 3 for 4. Game 4 last Tuesday the bats were hot hot hot. Kim C. Steph V. and Sue S all 3 for 5. Joanie 3 for 4 with a DOUBLE and Erica 3 for 4 single, DOUBLE, TRIPLE and 5 RBIs. Luisa 2 for 3 a DOUBLE and 3 RBIs as well as Tilly 2 for 2. Kizzie had a great night with 4 for 5 single, DOUBLE and 2 HOMERUNS cashing in 6 RBIs. Good vibe on the team and they haven't had to call for a spare yet !! Dedicated players :) Defensive : Saw game 1. Steph V in the field made a rolling catch. Sue S. was hot at 2nd and made some great plays. Anita made a great catch high at 1st base. Kizzie made a blooper when she threw it to Erica at 3rd when she wasn't looking :) West Island are in the middle of the pack which all teams in the middle are within a couple of points of each other which is fun. See you at the park, GB.
July 14, 2019
IGA recap of July 2-8
IGA win 2 and lose 1. Sarah Carrier is IGA's top hitter with 703 which is 7th in the league. In game 2 she goes 2 for 3 then she has an incredible game 4 for 4 going for the cycle !! Do you know how rare that is ?? A single, DOUBLE, TRIPLE and HOMERUN !!! With 6 RBIs. MC is on a hot streak 2 for 3, 2 for 3 and 4 for 4. Jody rookie is hitting .537 and is a solid addition to the league. Shout out to DT, Mandeep, Caylie and Kelly Burah who had 2 for 3 games. Defense: Caylie tried her hand at pitching and even though it was hot she did a good job. Jody is quite the rookie. She is a solid infielder and great bat. Sarah Carrier is solid wherever she plays. Kelly Burah is looking good out there running and fielding and playing well after her knee surgery. I saw Mel Campbell make a great catch at SS and spare Denise in game July 8 pitched really well (Mo was on vacation) Denise also went 3 for 3 with a DOUBLE. Thank goodness for our spare list with the upcoming holidays :) I am liking the looks of IGA's well balanced team !!! GB.
July 13, 2019
re-cap johns July 1-9
Johns had a good couple of weeks winning 3 of 4 games and two against the top team. There are some good hitters on this team. Lise Begin is batting 3rd overall in the league with an average of .735 and has the most RBIs with 35 !! Quite impressive as she is consistently in the top ten every year and she is about to be a GRANDMA. Joanne Lam is right behind her with .733 with only her 3rd ? year in the league and has speed and good bat speed. Debbie Trenholm is 10th also a seasoned batter with speed with average of .633. Lise game 1 has a 4 for 4 night with 2 singles, a TRIPLE and a HOMERUN with 4 RBIS. game 2 3 for 4 with a TRIPLE then game 4 she goes 4 for 5 with 2 DOUBLES, a TRIPLE a HOMERUN and 8 RBIS !!!! Joanne Lam 2 for 3 with a TRIPLE, 3 for 4 with a single, DOUBLE and TRIPLE, 2 for 3 and 4 for 5. Deb Trenholm 3 for 3 in game one and four. Cindy has a 4 for 4 night with a DOUBLE and 4 RBIS !! Awesome night for the captain !! She also goes 3 for 5 in game 4 with 3 more RBIS !! Sister Debbie Digregorio goes 3 for 4as well as Sue Rack. Eileen has good bats with a DOUBLE and TRIPLE and 4 RBIs then 2 for 3 with 2 RBIs and 4 for 5 with 3 RBIs. Mary Norman has a 3 for 3 and 4 for 5 game as well as Sarah boyes 2 for 3 and 4 for 5. Nice to see Michelle Campbell is back to replace for a few games and she has a great night 2 for 3 with 3 RBIs. Welcome back Michelle !! Defense highlights none written but my observations are that Lise has great range on a few shallow pop flies. Debbie Trenholm solid always at Pitching and rarely misses which is a very important factor for captains :) Cindy is becoming quite a good solid outfielder and Mary Norman is a hoover at 1st base. Nice to see her play there because she's a good outfielder so she usually doesn't get to play 1st even though she loves it !! Johns caught a couple of players stealing from Lerners. They are a nicely rounded team. GB
July 12, 2019
recap of KRB in the first two weeks of July
Recap of Kirkland Resto Team. Be on the lookout for your team featured next. What's happening in July so far in the KLSPL ? Who's hot ? As the weather heats up, so are the teams..... let's talk about the top team Kirkland Resto bar lead by seasoned Lisa Marie and rookie assistant Paige. This team is consistent and is doing well in bats and defense. They have 4 players in the top ten, Paige, Lisa Marie, Meagan Hupe and Steph Roy. They have only lost 4 games and only Lerner and Johns have beat them both twice. The first two weeks of July they had 3 games. Paige with an average of 760 goes 3 for 4, 3 for 4 and 2 for 4 with a total of 5 RBIs. Lisa Marie batting 706 goes 4 for 4, 2 for 4 and 2 for 4 with 2 RBIs. Meagan Hupe excelling at bats and has climbed to 706 to match her captain's average. She only played one game but had an incredible 3 for 4 (Single, TRIPLE and HOMERUN with 2 RBIs ) what a go kid and best of all you hit your home run off your Mom's pitching !!! (Sorry Deb Lol) Steph Roy is hitting an honorable 625 with 3 for 4, 3 for 4 and 3 RBIs in the 2 games she played and she is enjoying playing infield eh Steph ? We should send all the youngsters to the Outfield with their young legs and no injuries !!! We saw our friend Nevine out sparing and she got a hit. Nancy gets a nice TRIPLE and rookie EVIE (Lynn Rainville's daughter who played with us) Evie who is not only a cutie but is a good runner and is hititng .559 which is excellent for her first year in the league. Now for their defense and highlights :Canada day game there were plenty of bugs helping celebrate. Nancy was hot at Rover as well as Paige in Center and Steph was hot wherever you put her !! Sherrill Layne pitched and fielded well.Bonnie hoovered them up in LF. Game 2 Nancy snags a hot one at 3 base for the out at 2, Paige was hot in the field and Sherrill was hot at 1st base even curtseying to make one of the outs. Apparently the Queen was in the stands. Steph snagged whatever was in the vicinity. Game 3 Lisa Marie fires a nice relay to Meagan Hupe to tag Joanne Lam out on a slide. Maybe by the end of the season Nancy will finally call the ball on all those pop flys she gets ? Good attempts by Paige sliding but John's for the 2nd time have too many hits in the gap and are successful coming up with the win again. Vincent Dube-Thall (Caroline Thall's son) was the sought after score keeper who scored for both teams that night !!! GB
July 12, 2019
recap of Physiomentum July 1-9
Physiomentum recap of their 3 games in July. Sadly Marcela their top hitter with 656 is missing but Jill is on a hitting streak going 2 for 3, 3 for 5 and 3 for 4 with 2 DOUBLES and a TRIPLE in the mix !!! Jill is batting .615 and Julie Belanger is hitting a ton trying to catch her elusive Mom (grandma to be Lise) Julie is hitting .556 and goes 2 for 3 and 4 for 5 in two of the games with a couple of duckies also. Captain Jenn Lupachow in fine form with .537 and always fun spirited. One of the games she was 3 for 5 with a couple of RBIs. Michelle Terry had 2 DOUBLES. Gail Sumeraj back from vacation and has a 2 for 3 night with a DOUBLE. Nice to see Carol Ann sparing in two of their games and she was 4 for 4 with a DOUBLE and 3 RBIs in their win against West Island Nursery. DEFENSIVE recognition: Terri Hill in game 1 against KRB added some sizzle to the already HOT corner playing an excellent game and even took one off the CHIN !! Rookie Kristina (lovely addition to the league I must say ) she is replacing Sandra Command who is injured. Kristina is a great speedster on base and made a couple of awesome catches !!! Carolyn Sak great catches in the outfield. Josee DiTomasso also spared a game. She pitched a few innings and too bad she's not out for rent :) for any teams that are missing a pitcher, Josee you picked a good night to spare with the wine and cheese and SMORES !!! GB
July 12, 2019
recap July 1-8 for LERNER
Lerner recap of 3 July games..............Alana is in top spot in the league with an average of .846. She was still missing in game 1 and game two she was back but was walked all three times at bat !!! So game 3 she comes back strong with 3 for 4 a single, DOUBLE + HOMERUN and 3 RBIs. Great night !! Kayla Guitard in the same game goes 4 for 4 with a single, 2 DOUBLES and a HOMERUN and 3 RBIs !! I'd like to see what these two had or didn't have for supper :) Kayla is batting .609 in her rookie year as a full time player !! Yay Kayla !! Rookie pitcher Kelly goes 3 for 3 in game 1. Karen Verrillo 3 for 4 with a TRIPLE in game 3 and 2 RBIs. Lindsey spares in game 1 and plays all over the place. GOOD SPARE !!! Lindsey goes 1 for 1 with 2 walks. Lerner gets a couple of CS (caught stupid) in game 1. DEFENSE : Christine Van De Velde tries pitching and does well. Kayla Guitard was awesome in center field with insane catches out there !! GB
July 2, 2019
The last couple of weeks of June
The last few weeks the girls have been hitting up a storm !! Win’s Kizzy playing well at SS and hitting 11 for 13, lots of doubles and 11 RBIs and 2 homeruns one which was a grand slam. Kim Chatterson has a 4 for 5 game, Chris Lapointe makes a great double play. Sue St Louis has a new edge in the infield maybe it’s the mask she’s wearing ?? Sue also hitting up a storm with a couple of good games 6 for 7 with a homerun !! Isabelle Roy has a 2 for 3 night and has a few key hits and RBIS. Erica a couple of 3 for 4 games and solid line drive catches at 3rd base. One game she splits her lip and doesn’t skip a beat. Anita has a 3 for 3 game. Steph V 2 for 2 and 3 for 3 with RBIs and always gives it her all. Tilly has a 4 for 4 night and her first HOMERUN. Luisa 3 for 4 and a TRIPLE. IGA’s Sarah Carriere 4 for 4 with 3 RBIs in one of her games and solid defense wherever she plays. Mo pitched great and has a 3 for 4 game with 4 RBIs. Josee Fleury replaces Mel Campbell for a few games. 3 for 4. Mandeep goes 2 for 2 before the game gets rained out. Rookie Jody always hits the ball hard one game 5 for 5 with 2 RBIS. Kelly Neiman has a 3 for 4 game. Nice to see Isabelle Gagnon ( spare ) and she goes 2 for 3. Lerner’s Alana our for a couple of weeks replaced by Taylor who has a 3 for 4 game and has a crazy slide getting those white pants dirty !! Darrach Triple in her 2 for 3 game and 2 RBIs as well as 3 for 4 and getting a game winning RBI. Kayla guitard has a 4 for 4 game with a triple and 3 RBIs. Karen V always hitting hard and has a 3 for 3 game. Tania 3 for 3 game and becoming quite the hitter !! Rookie Kelly collard the pitcher strikes out a few batters and has a 2 for 2 game. Josee Fleury back on the spare list goes 3 for 4. Heather 3 for 3 and a great catch in the Outfield !! KRB Lisa Marie 10 for 11 with a homerun in there. Sherrill pitching well and has a 3 for 3 night. Paige 11 for 12 with a couple of homeruns in there and one game she had 8 RBIs !! Paige also manages a sliding catch attempt in the outfield without getting a raspberry. Maegan hupe 10 for 10 with lots of doubles and RBIs and a couple of homeruns thrown in. Steph Roy 6 for 8 and enjoying playing infield. Rookie Evie 2 for 3 and 3 for 4. Helene 3 for 4 with a couple of RBIs. Nancy has a good game 3 for 4 and Heidi 3 for 3 with 2 doubles and 4 for 4 with 3 RBIs. DC gets a double. Nice to see Lindsey out and she goes 2 for 3 and plays a few positions. Johns Jen Mcwade has a 3 for 3 game. Frankie gets a triple !! Eileen 2 for 3 with a triple and 3 RBIs. Lise is having great bats 4 for 4 with 7 RBIs !! Then 3 for 3 with a triple and 2 RBIs. 4 for 4, 3 for 4 with a homerun !! Mary Norman solid at 1st and having a 4 for 4 night and one game 5 RBIs and a triple !!joanne Lam has two games of 3 for 4 one of them with a double homerun and 2 RBIs. Deb Trenholm 4 for 4. Physio Marcela great bats all season. Jen Lupachow also. Jill endicott 2 for 3.
June 25, 2019
June 3-6 batting stars
Week of June 3-6 batting stars KRB only one game Maegan Hupé 4 for 4 and Evie Haugland (rookie) 2 for 3 with an RBI. DC 2 for 2. Lerner two games Alana 3 for 3 with 2 doubles and a home run bringing in 4 RBIs then next night 2 for 3 a double and triple with the triple bringing in the winning run in the 7th ending the game. She captured 3 RBIs that night making a statement before her surgery !! Tania Duczak 3 for 4 and 2 RBIs. Christine Vande Velde had a 3 for 3 night a double and RBI. Win had one game Kizzie, Sue St-Louis and Erica Law all 3 for 4 all getting 2,2 and Erica with 3 RBIs. Christine Lapointe 2 for 2. Physio had two games. Game 1 Marcela Donoso 3 for 4 with 3 RBIs. Game 2 Jenn Lupachow 3 for 4 with 4 RBIs, spares Kelly Corsi, Nadine and Kristina all help going a combo of 6 for 10. IGA’s one game has MC 3 for 3 and Josee Fleury 3 for 3 with a RBI. John’s one game Jen McWade 3 for 3.
June 4, 2019
Thursday May 30 highlights
Thursday May 30 WIN (Kim+Sara) get their first win in the 7th inning last bats beating Johns (Cindy + Jen Mcwade) 5-4. WIN Isabelle Lamarche gets a key single loading up the bases. Joanie the hero brings in Anita and Luisa for the go ahead runs ending the game with two outs. Win highlights: Anita catches another hard liner at 3rd. Sue St Louis playing 2nd makes great catch deep RC also getting double play on Eileen off the bag at 1st. Christine Lapointe 3 for 3. Joanie 3 for 4 with winning RBIs and pitching well. Johns stars were Sarah boyes in the outfield. Debbie Trenholm goes a long way for a pop up nowhere near her mound and also goes 3 for 4. Lise’s hat flies off during a play and her hair is flying around like Farrah fawcett and she still makes the play. Game two is a tie 8-8 between IGA (DT+Kelly) and Lerner’s ( Alana+Megan ) IGA MC 3 for 4 and Rosemary 2 for 2. Mo 3 RBIs. Lerner’s Alana 3 for 3 with a. Nice Triple to RC and 3 RBIS. Tania is hitting up a storm and is a fast runner. Tonight she was 2 for 3 but clocked the ball and got a triple and HOMERUN. Kim Schar gets robbed on a big hit to LC. A good night for ball with both games evenly matched. GB
May 30, 2019
Monday and Tuesday games May 27+28
Physiomentum highlights(Jenn+Marcela) Monday May 27 beat Lerner (Alana+ Meg) 9-6. Marcela, Jill and Susan Roy all pitched sucessfully. Sharon had 2 double plays and Gail a nice 3rd base liner. Sue Roy 4 for 4, Sharon 2 for 2 and Sandra with a double and 4 RBIS. Tuesday May 28th they lose 12-1 against IGA (DT+Kelly) Jill 3 for 3. Marcela 3 for 3 with the only RBI. Giving up 6 runs in the 6th inning killed them. Lerner highlights (Alana +Meg) May 27 9-6 loss against Physiomentum. Darrach with 3 for 3 and a Triple. Christine V tried pitching and worked hard. IGA highlights (DT+KELLY) May 28 beating Physiomentum 12-1. Josee (replacing Mel Campbell) goes 4 for 5. Sarah C. 4 for 4. Caylie + Kelly Collard both 3 for 4 with 2 RBIs. Johns highlights (Cindy+Jen M) May 27 lose to Kirkland Resto Bar 20-7. Ouch !!! Joanne Lam 3 for 3. Mary 3 for 3 with 4 RBIS. Kirkland Resto Bar highlights (Lisa Marie+Paige) are the front runners and are HOT HOT HOT. May 27th win 20-7 against John's We had Lisa Marie 5 for 5, Bonnie 5 for 6, Steph Roy, Sherrill + Nancy all 4 for 5 but the record breaking batter (it must be a record) was Paige with 3 Homeruns + Single (4 for 5 ) with 10 RBIS. I have never seen that in one game ?? Have you ?? Next game May 28 against WIN they win 16-6 with Lisa Marie+Steph Roy 4 for 4 (Lisa Marie is tired and not cold anymore after her Triple ) Paige, Sherril and Kristin Landry 3 for 4 and made a super hero catch at home and a deep CF throw from Heidi who was cut off for Kizzie's hard hit ball "LA KIZZLER" WIN highlights (Kim C + Sara D) May 28 losss against KRB 16-6 have Sara Dick robs Bonnie on a line drive in LF off the very first pitch of the game. Kizzy fires one to Anita at the plate and gets the runner at home for a caught stupid :) Erica strong defense. The 5th inning was the inning from hell and they allowed KRB 10 runs otherwise the game would have been closer !! Sara D, Tilly and Kizzie all 3 for 4. Will report on tonight's games. 7:00 is Johns versus WIN and 8:30 Lerner versus IGA. GB
May 27, 2019
May 26 SUnday
Rainout games Sunday may 26 Kirkland Resto Bar (Lisa Marie/Paige) beat IGA (DT/Kelly Neiman) 3-2 in the 7th inning with two outs and Helene Papineau bringing in the winning RBI on her single. This was a tight battle with the sunshine an issue for fielders. KRB highlights: 2nd inning Another KRB H to H play Heidi’s radar finds Helene for the 3rd out ( you will be hearing a lot of this Helene and Heidi combo) in the 4th Lisa Marie makes a great running catch from LF satisfying fans in the stands. Paige a terror in CF. Sherrill does it all, she pitches, she fields low balls and uses momentum to get her out at 1st. Star at bat was Paige with a homer and 2 RBIs and Helene’s winning RBI. IGA highlights were Rosemary with a double play. Caught a fly ball and threw to 1st to double off the runner. MC nice catch on Paige’s fly ball. Mindie first game of the season goes 2 for 3. 8:30 game Lerner ( Alana/Megan Semenchuk) gets their first win against WIN (Kim Chatterson and Sara Dick) Lerner takes the game 14-6 Lerner highlights are Heather with two great shoe string catches in LF ( how low can you go ) Kelly Collard has something on her pitches and pitches another great game as WIN has trouble connecting. Kayla Guitard 4 for 5 followed by Alana with 5 for 5 and 3 RBIs (2 doubles ) Alana trying to get those hits in before her surgery !! She’s on fire. Heather also 5 for 5. Karen V. With 4 RBIs. Tania with a nice double and Sattie hitting the ball hard with an RBI. Win highlights: Kim Chatterson with a great stab at 2nd getting Darrach. Erika solid at 3rd getting a double play then getting a hard play while catching and throws out runner at 1st. WIN good defense but bats need to come alive. Chris lapointe 3 for 3 and an RBI. Kizzie with a triple. That’s it for tonight. Your friendly neighbourhood stats girl ??
May 23, 2019
May 21 Tuesday
Tonight’s games Tuesday May 21 starts with IGA beating WIN 13-2 but first game for both these teams. IGA has spare Jackie go 4 for 4 and rookie spare Anthea with an impressive 2 for 4 and a RBI. Rookie Jody 3 for 4 with 3 RBIs. Josée Fleury and Sarah Carriere also 3 for 4. Kelly B. Able to run and field well after her knee surgery. IGA didn’t look too rusty. WIN took their defeat as if it was their exhibition game and their bats will come alive. Steph V. 3 for 3 and Sara Dick, Kizzie and Joan all 2 for 3. Steamies and fries with yummy desserts made for a quick recovery after the game. That’s a big part of the fun !! ************************************* 2nd game last night was Physiomentum’s retribution as they get their first win against Johns 15-6 with help from their spare Cheryl Baron who pitched the whole game. John’s captain Cindy was 3 for 3 with Sara boyes, Joanne Lam and Eileen all 2 for 3 but missing their star pitcher Debbie Trenholm had an impact. Joanne Lam, Mary and Eileen stepped up to pitch . Not sure if Lise also pitched as I missed part of the game. Physio's Captain Jenn Lupachow is on fire with 3 for 3 (single, double, and 1st HOMERUN of the season !!!!)Marcela 3 for 4 with 5 RBIS WOW. Jill, Sharon and Cheryl also 3 for 4.
May 21, 2019
First games of the season May 20th
Well last night was the start of the official games. Game 1 Johns win versus Lerner 8-4 Rookie captains for Johns (Cindy and Jen McWade )get their first win under their belt. For John's : Lise with 2 for 3 and 3 RBIs, Joanne Lam 2 for 3 with 4 RBIS. Pitcher Deb T gives up no walks and goes 2 for 2 *************************************** For Lerner: Alana 3 for 3 and 2 RBIs. Defensive plays: Rookies are heating things up with Kayla Guitard making an awesome catch in the outfield and Kelly Collard pitches gettin hotter by the minute ******* Game #2 KRB (Lisa Marie/Paige) versus Physio (Jenn Lupachow/Marcela) KRB wins 14-0 it was freezing out there !!! KRB has a good start with Sherrill Layne with great pitching. Helene Papineau returns and has a stellar night at bat and in the field. 2 for 3 and a double play at rover H to H (Helene to Heidi) as well as a combo effort on a hard hit from Sharon to Sherrill who gets it in the stomach but whips it to Helene at 1st who also gets it in the stomach but they still make the out. Physio gave up 11 walks so that didn't help but they are testing out a variety of pitchers and I am sure will adjust. Lisa Marie, Heidi and Paige all 3 for 3 with Heidi bringing in 3 RBIs. Steph Roy with 4 RBIs. Paige was a menace in the field making some big catches. Physiomentum's Julie goes 2 for 2