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Open Letter to Current AVSPL Players
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September, 2019


I want to thank each of you for your participation, sportsmanship, camaraderie and support this year.    

Ray d’andrade resigned as Secretary/Treasurer earlier in the year.   Ray, along with Neil Panabaker (since deceased), were integral in saving the league 5 years ago when Bill Pridmore abruptly left his role as President and the league after the season.  I want to thank Ray for his dedication and hard work that has allowed the league to survive.

While there are still a couple of weeks of the regular season and the play offs yet to come, it is also time to start preparing for next year.



• Please return to your Manager, myself or John Delaney before the end of September with your registration fee.

• Please read and follow the instructions at the top of the Registration Form.  

• Please ensure that you sign both the Registration Form and the Waiver Form on the back (yes there is writing on BOTH sides)

• If you are not returning, please put your name on a form and write not returning on it.  

• If you are unsure, please complete the form with a note that you are unsure.   We will do a follow up call in early January to get a final decision from you.

• NOTE – We will not be chasing forms and payment to the same extent as in the past.  A reminder will be given after the season however it is your responsibility to get your form and fees in ON TIME.

We will be drafting the teams in late January/early February.  If we only have enough players for 10 teams, we will go with 10 teams next year.



Due to increasing costs, the Registration fee is going to $140 – an increase of $10.   The currently known cost increases are as follows:


• I hope you have noticed that all 3 diamonds at Ancaster now have lights (if you have not, take a look!).  This means they are all considered “B” diamonds by the City.  Whether the lights are used or not, the “B” diamond hourly rate is used.

The cost of a “B” diamond is $25.96 per hour.  Before the lights, the diamonds 2 and 3 were rated as “C” diamonds which cost just over $4.00 an hour.

• The AVSPL was grandfathered at the lower costs for the 2019 and 2020 seasons.  In 2021 the league will have to pay the “B” diamond rate for all 3 diamonds.

• This will increase the cost of the diamond rentals by 48% in 2021.

• A $10 increase does not cover this extra cost.  There may be a need for a further increase in the next year of two.  We are looking at alternatives.



• The cost of umpires increased by $2 a game this year.


• Bats have gone up in price and we are not able to get them as cheaply as we once did.  It is costing about $80 more a bat.

If you have any questions or concerns, please talk to me.

Good luck to all teams as we enter the double knock out playoffs Sept. 22/23 and Sept. 29/30!



Don Pente, President

Ancaster Veterans’ Slo Pitch League.


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Open Letter to Current AVSPL Players