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Umpires and Bats
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For everyone who was wondering, Wilf is the umpire who colapsed 2 weeks ago. Wilf is OK and recovering. He was suffering from a flu, he is still exhausted, but he should be back this year. On another note, the umpires only have 35 umps to cover all the diamonds this year. I am going to join up and help them out. If anyone is interested, it pays $35.00 per game, and the league will look into paying the $40.00 clinic fee. They have lots of Mondays and Wednesdays available. We have had some questions come up about the U.S.S.S.A stamps that are legal. Legal: is the "thumb print" stamp as they call it. you should all know what that looks like. Illegal: The text only stamp, without a thumbprint desighn is no good. It looks like this: U.S.S.S.A BPF 1.20 No JAKD bats are legal, regardless of stamps. I have been informed by the umps and softball Calgary this is non negotiable.

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(5/29/2014) Umpires and Bats
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Umpires and Bats