Enfield Twin Rinks Adult Hockey League: Goaltender Pool List

Men’s League Goaltender Phone List

Please note: Goaltender ratings for level of play are *not* rated by the league. The ratings are self-assessed and/or based on the division they play for. Teams looking for a replacement goaltender may use the league website to view stats from games goaltenders on the list may have played to get an idea of their skill level.

If you are a goaltender and would like to be added to or removed from the goaltender list please send your contact information to Jen.

Name Level Avail Phone #
Jesse Conway A, B, C   860-218-5130(c)
Sean Goodrich     413-204-0259(c)
Kristofer Warash Any Any 860-834-4047
Andrew Barcomb     413-250-1849(c)
Andrew Eccles A, B   860-488-4806
Kevin Rowley A, B Su, Mon, Wed 413-204-0177
Todd Daigneault   Any night after 8:00pm 413-335-5616
Jeff Marek A, B Su, Mon, Tues 860-930-8881
Kris Pause  B, C Any night, ecxept Mondays 413-320-7279
Garret Vose A, B   860-913-8912
Woody Pitkat   B  



Bryan Surprise C  Sundays 413-285-6545 (c)
Chad Surdel A, B  


Matt Stuart B   860-965-0069
Todd Therian B   860-849-1881
Howard Fleischman C   914-419-5660(c)
Justin Boice B   860-335-8513 (c)
Bob Fiedler 40+   413-262-1996(c)
Sam Carman A, B Su, Mon 860-965-8498
Chad McGillicuddy C No Su  413-244-6991(c)
Danielle Chabot B, C any night 860-402-4333
Frank Molander     413-246-0544
Julie Tucker Any Su: Any time Mon-Thurs After 8:30pm
Fri & Sat: Anytime
Nick Oski B, C   860-716-8197
Eric B, C   413-275-7397(c)