Kings Basketball League: Rules & Policies
Important Information/Reminders

•League Fees - are $1100 (plus $100 performance bond) per 
team. The default fee covers facility rentals/insurance, officials, score 
keepers, awards, administration and supports King George School's 
Registration forms are to be filled out in FULL. Player(s) with 
information that is not filled out accurately or completely will not be 
registered or allowed to play in the league. It will be up to the team 
captain to pay a convenience fee to re-register a player with the proper 
information, if information is not filled out properly or with accuracty the first time around.
The Registration forms are due on or before September 2nd, 2017. Late submissions will be subject to late charges of 
$10/day. *Once your final Registration form is submitted, you will not be able to add players to your roster until after the 1st week of games. After that you can request to add a player with a $10 registration fee per player you are adding, before 3pm on Thursday of every week!

League fees and the Default Fee are due IN FULL  before tip-off of 
your second regular season game on September 17th, 2017. Late charges of $25/day will apply to teams that are overdue on their fees. No REFUNDS and No Exceptions!!!

•    Gyms – All games will be played at NOTRE DAME
SECONDARY SCHOOL in Vancouver, unless otherwise noted.  There may be instances during the season, from time to time where we will need to alter the schedule. All captains will be informed of any time and/or venue change, (minimum of 24 hours notice), via email. 
It will be the responsibility of the respective captains to convey any 
changes to the rest of their team members.
•    Game Times – Games are scheduled to be played, mostly on 
SUNDAYS between 10:00am and 7:20pm. However, there are certain 
weeks through out the season where games will be played on 
both Saturday and/or Sunday or start time will vary. Check Winter 2015 Schedule on the website. Games will start promptly as listed. Time posted is Tip-off time, team warm-ups start 5-15 minutes prior. 

•    UNIFORMS:  All players MUST wear a numbered Uniform 
(Jersey with matching Shorts) and MUST keep their numbers consistent throughout the season. It is mandatory and a requirement that players wear a uniform to every game! NO REVERSIBLES PERMITTED! Due to the fact that we are keeping statistics, you will be expected to keep your uniform (jersey with #) consistent through out the season. There is no excuse for not having a uniform, however, with the understanding that mistakes happen, the league has adopted the 3 strike rule. *There will be a 2 game minimum grace, collectively as a team for this infraction to be tolerated by the league officials. The infractions will be marked down and kept on file and on the third infraction (if a team has a player or players without a uniform (team jersey with matching shorts) they will NOT be permitted to play.

•    COLOR CLASH with CUSTOM UNIFORMS: In the event of teams who have their own custom uniforms clash with the color of the league's uniforms or another team's custom uniform, the league has arranged to have a set of White uniforms that the team can rent for the game. It is the team's responsibility to come ahead of time and request for these unis and organize their team and notify the scorekeepers of the new jersey numbers for their players (just for this game). After the game it is the captain's responsibility (or he can designate someone on his team) to wash these uniforms (using COLD WATER CYCLE) and have them at the next game in the condition it was when they received it! No EXCEPTIONS! If the uniforms are damaged the team will need to cover the cost of each uniform that is damaged. 

•    Playoffs – 6 teams will advance to playoffs. Rankings of 
teams will be determined by Points. In case of a tie, teams will be 
looked at Head-to-Head between those games, then 'Points For and Points Against', followed by Defaults if necessary. All 6 teams that advance will participate in the KINGS CHAMPIONSHIP.  
It will be played in a tournament style playoff, which is slated to be played on the weekend of November 25th, December 2nd and Finals on the 9thth. Eligibility for players is a minimum of 3 games to part take in the playoffs!

Important Dates:

September 17th League FEES DUE IN FULL (LATE CHARGES 


September 10th weekend, FALL Season COMMENCES

December November 25, December 2nd and 9th - PLAYOFFS AND FINALS! (EXACT DETAILS -ON WEBSITE)


General Regulations

1. Teams must register a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 13 
players on their roster. Players must have their name on the roster 48 
HOURS before the start of the game, or they will not be eligible to play. 

*If a registered player in the league does not have the minimum 
games assigned by the league, to participate in the playoffs, they will 
not be permitted to play in the playoffs. NO EXCEPTIONS!

2.  For facility liability reasons, any changes to your roster (ie: adding a 
player) through out the season, must be submitted 48 hours prior to 

3.  Teams may not pick up random individuals in the gym on 
game day, to play with their team.

4. Once a player is registered with a team, he may not play with 
any other team for that season. *Registration costs $10/player annually 
(calendar year) as long as the player is consistently on the roster from 
season to season.

5. All Teams will be required to report jersey numbers and name 
to scorekeepers prior to tip-off.  If this is not done accurately and 
promptly, the team will be served with a penalty in the form of a 
technical foul for delay of game. If this is an on going issue teams will 
be forced to default their game and will be fined for their violation.

6. Each team must pay a $100 Performance Bond that will be 
forfeited if the team defaults a game. The $100 Bond will need to be 
replenished to the league prior to the next game. This bond is 
intended to discourage defaults and to help recover fixed costs of a 
game.  At the end of the season, all teams in good standing will have 
their Bond reimbursed.
To avoid forfeiting the full $100 bond, notify us @ 48 hours prior to your game time and 
you will only be penalized $50 instead. 

~    1st defaulted game and each default thereafter = loss of 
performance bond. Team is responsible to replenish the $100 before 
their next scheduled game

~    2nd defaulted game and each default thereafter = loss of 
performance bond. Team is responsible to replenish the $100 before 
their next scheduled game

~    3rd default = loss of performance bond and loss of playoff 

8. All teams shall play FIBA Men’s Basketball Rules with these 

specific modifications:    

•    Games will be played in 12-minute running time quarters 
with the final 3 minutes of each half being stop time. If the games 
score is not within a 15 point spread, the remainder of the game will 
be played out in running time. However, at anytime in the remaining 2 
minutes, if the score comes within the 15 point spread it will become 
stop time.  At anytime within the final 2 minutes, if the score is beyond 
a 15 point spread it will switch over to running time.

•    Overtime games will be set for 3 minutes. Double and Triple 
overtime games will be set for 2 minutes

•    All teams will be awarded one full time out (60 seconds) and 
one half timeout (30 seconds) per half, with an additional full time out 
for each, over-time period necessary. Unused time-outs do not carry 
over from the first half to the second half, nor can they be used in 

•    Technical fouls will result in the opposite team receiving 2 
free throws and possession of the ball at half court.

•    Flagrant fouls with intent to injure, will not be tolerated. The 
opposing team will receive 2 fouls shots and possession of the ball at 
half court.  Kings League officials will review the call and decide if 
suspension is necessary.

•    When a forfeit occurs, the players who have shown up can 
scrimmage, however, the referees will not part participate... no exceptions!

(BC HIGH SCHOOL modifications to FIBA Basketball)

Amend Rule 1 Section 2 Art 2 by adding the following: except for
the 3 point line which shall be the same as per the dimensions
specified in FIBA Rule 2 Art 3.5 – 3.5.2. when practical. (The 3 point
lines on high school basketball courts do not conform to the NCAA
rulebook but are used for all high school games)

Amend Rule 2 Section 14 Art. 1 to read: Referee will call out when
10 seconds is remaining on the shot clock.

Delete Rule 3 Section 4 Art. 10 (substitutes who desire to enter
the game do not have to wait until prior to the last free throw of a
multiple attempt to enter the playing court).

Delete Rule 3 Section 5 Art. 10. (a) Insert: All uniform numbers
shall be legal but shall not exceed two Arabic numerical digits.

Amend Rule 3 Section 7 Art.7 by adding: Medical Alert Bracelets
may be worn provided they are properly covered and are not
dangerous to other players.

Delete Rule 4 Section 11 Art. 1(Amen). Insert: A player in control
in the frontcourt only, holding the ball is closely guarded when his
opponent is in a guarding stance at a distance not exceeding 3 feet. (A
player is not considered by rule to be closely guarded if they are
dribbling the ball)

Delete Rule 4 Section 11 Art. 2 (does not apply)

Delete Rule 4 Section 11 Art. 4 (does not apply)

Delete Rule 9 Section 14 Art. 1 b. (1) Insert: A closely guarded
player anywhere in his frontcourt holds the ball for 5 seconds. (A
player can only be considered to be closely guarded, if they are holding
the ball) 

Delete Rule 9 Section 14 Art. 1 b. (2) (does not apply)

Delete Rule 10 Section 3 Art. 14. Insert: Players are NOT
permitted to dunk a dead ball during warm-up, before the first
quarter, during the intermission, between quarters or half time

*Clarity on rules:

Over and back ~
Over and back can only occur if the player in the front court
has control of the ball. for example I pass to my teammate who has
front court status, both feet on the ground and he misses the pass
and hits him deflects back to me or a teammate in the back court ,
this is not over and back.

Subbing in or out ~
Either team can sub at any time when we are handling the ball, that
is front court or back court. That would be on a foul in the back
court , or any whistle in the front court. Please rememeber to sit at the chair provided (in front of the score keepers desk) and the refs will recognize that you need a sub.

Calling a Timeout ~
Either team can call a timeout at any dead ball as long as the ball
is not in the hands of the team with possession.
With the no handling in the back court. the team in the back court can only call the timeout.

Previously it was 2 shots and the ball. Now a technical foul will consist of
1 foul shot and possession of the ball.

Technical Calls called as follows ~
Unsportsmanlike fouls: If a player is not in the act of shooting, 2 shoots
 and possession of the ball.
*If a player is in the act of shooting, 2 or 3 shoots ( depending on the the
 2 or 3 field goal attempt) and possession of the ball.
*If a player is in the act of shooting, and the basket is made, 1 additional shot and possession of the ball.
9. Teams are held responsible if any team member, or guest
causes injury or damage to any person or property during any game,
warm-up or post game activity.  Please respect the facility in terms of
garbage disposal and keeping the washrooms clean. We need to keep
in mind that we are using a High School facility and abide by the rules
provided for us.

10. Players are expected to participate with the spirit of fair play
and respect. Officials, opponents, timer/scorers and facility staff are to
be treated with courtesy and respect. There will be a “Zero Tolerance”
policy in effect to enforce the rules and regulations for the league and
to keep the integrity and quality of the league intact.

11. Kings Basketball League is a competitive men’s league.  Thus,
to be eligible to play you must be at least 18 years old as of the 1st
game of the season. Females are welcome to play with the approval of
the league officials for safety and liability reasons.

Discipline Procedures

The following will describe and categorize varying infractions by
degrees of severity and then outline the penalties incurred by such
infractions. The objective is to ensure consistency is maintained.

Discipline administered may encompass more than one section
per incident. The terms of suspensions listed are a minimum for each
infraction. A player's past record is considered and will influence the
decision. Initiation and retaliation, where applicable, will also be
considered in determining discipline. Probationary periods may also be

This is designed for dealing with infractions committed by
player(s), teams and guests of teams. Incidents of misconduct directed
against GAME OFFICIALS will be taken very seriously and dealt with by
the Kings Basketball League Administration who include the
Commissioner and K.B.L. Officials

A player who fails to immediately leave the facility after being
ejected, will incur further penalty. Any player under suspension for any
of the following sections shall not involve himself with the game in any
way and shall not enter the gym when his team is involved in any
regular season game(s) falling within his suspension.

Game suspensions will be carried over from one season to the
next, and apply to an individual no matter what team he plays with.

The disciplinary committee, where required, will hold discipline
hearings, within a reasonable period of being notified of the infraction.
Players will be notified verbally or in writing of the decision made.

One to Six Game Suspensions

The length of suspension for the following will be determined
based on circumstances.

•            Any player accumulating two technical fouls in a game will be
immediately removed from the game and receives an automatic one
game suspension.

•            A further two technical fouls will result in an additional two
(2) game suspension.

•            An additional technical foul, (fifth of the season) will result in
removal from the remainder of the season without refund

•            Any player ejected from a game, except for players leaving
the game for having five fouls in one game must leave the facility

•            Any player or spectator who abuses and/or harasses

•            Any player playing under the influence of drugs or alcohol will
be asked to leave the facility immediately

•            Foul and abusive language or indecent gestures towards
players, officials or facility staff, which resulted in game ejection, or for
any such behavior occurring after the game.

•            Striking opponent or official with the ball will be taken
extremely seriously

•            Leaving bench to join altercation.

•            Joining an altercation between 2 or more players.

•            Intentionally kick, punch, push or otherwise strike an
opponent prior to, during or after the game.

•            Fighting, more than one punch thrown.

•            Intent to injure. (Second such offense will result in a playing
ban for the remainder of the season at minimum)

•            Players who refuse to leave the gym when directed to by an

•            Spitting on a player, facility, floor or official will be taken
extremely seriously

•            Failing to treat gym staff, equipment and facilities with care
and respect.

•            Damaging of the facility will result in a minimum 1 game
suspension and reimbursement for damages cost. 

•            Failing to leave gyms by the official closing time.

(Second offence of any of the above (or combination of more than
one) will result in a minimum of three games suspension and a
maximum of suspension from the league).

Season or Permanent Suspensions

•            Players involved in a violent altercation, or threat against
opponent(s), official(s), facility staff or patrons during or after their

•            Players that assault, threaten, harass or otherwise abuse
officials or scorekeepers during or after games.

•            Players that accumulate 3 or more game ejection's during a
season (excluding fouling out) and/or who demonstrate an ongoing
disregard for league officials and/or regulations.

•            Any combination of any of the above infractions may result in
either season, multi-season or permanent expulsion from the league
depending on the severity of the incident(s).

•            Any action that seriously jeopardizes KBL’s reputation or
facility bookings.

Team Discipline

Please be considerate to the teams that are playing not to bounce
the balls at any time during the game. As you can see it is running time
and we do not need to waste time or stopping playing time to tell the
players on the sidelines to hold the basketballs.

Teams will be fined or disciplined for the following infractions:

1. Teams may start a game with minimum of five players,
however, if a Team has less than 4 players show up to play their
scheduled game, they will lose their $100.00 performance bond and
must replenish the bond prior to playing their next game.

2.  Teams who are short players can start with 4 players at the
scheduled start time. At the end of the second quarter, if a 5th player
has not shown up to play, a default will be called. Upon this time the
referees will stop referring and the gym will be available to scrimmage
(only for league players) for the duration of your game time.

Teams with only 3 or less players present at tip-off time, will
automatically forfeit – NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. Teams who do not take steps to control disruptive behavior by
their players and guests, which result in injuries or damage to other
persons, property, the facility/staff or KBL’s reputation, prior to, during
or after the game



5. NO ONE is allowed on the STAGE or TEAM BENCHES during the
league other than designated personal.  There is plenty of room by the
entrance of the gym to be used. There have been too many
unnecessary issues with individuals hanging around the stage.  Teams
are responsible for their guests and entourage to conduct themselves
by the rules that the league has in place. Failure to abide by these
simple rules will cost the team involved penalties that may result in
suspensions if the matter escalates.

Commissioner Responsibilities

1. Ensure that team representatives and players are notified of
the following information in advance:

•            Important season dates

•            Confirmation of all teams participating in the KBL
(returning/new teams)

•            Location of play

•            Advise date when rosters and fees are due by

•            Ensure fees are collected and receipts issued

•            Advise teams when the schedule will be available

•            Have an Evaluation form for general feedback to improve KBL

•            Review rules and regulations

2. Advise team representatives that in addition to representing
their team, they are responsible for the actions of their team members
and guests on the court and in the facility where games are played.

3. Make sure that each team is aware that the KBL has a policy in
place for complaints or concerns about our league.

4. Ensure that each team has at least one copy of the league
regulations and is aware of league information available on the league

5. Ensure team standings and player statistics are updated on our
website ( at least on a weekly basis

6. Monitor on a weekly basis the status of player infractions,
ensuring that the situation is dealt with on a timely basis. If discipline
is needed, make sure that the individual player and team
representatives are notified

Team Captain / Representative Responsibilities Agreement
I am aware and understand that as a KBL Team Representative,
my responsibilities are:
1.   To provide my team a schedule of all regular season and
playoff games or show them how to find it at
2.    Ensure team players are aware of KBL rules and regulations
(rules are available on our website and are also provided in print to the
captain of each team

3.   Ensure team players wear jerseys/uniforms as per KBL

4.   Inform all players that once a player is registered with a team,
he may not play with any other team for that season.

5.   Notify players of any fines or suspensions and ensure that any
and all suspensions are served.

6.   Encourage the spirit of fair play with your team. Players are
expected to respect their opponents, referees, scorekeepers, guests
and facility staff.

7.  Inform team players that unacceptable behavior by individual
players, the team and/or its guests either on or off the court will result
in suspensions.

8.  Ensure that team members in playoff games have played at
least 8 regular season games.

Winter 2018 Season ~ Game 22 June June 17
Winter 2018 Season ~ Game 21 June 10
Winter 2018 Season ~ Game 20 June 3
Winter 2018 Season ~ Game 19 May 27
Winter 2018 Season ~ Game 18 May 13
Winter 2018 Season ~ Game 17 May 6

2008 Winter/Spring Season runner-up for Rebound King Title