Chilliwack Spring Kickoff: Tournament Rules


Chilliwack Spring Kick-Off Tournament Rules


Team Registration

We ask that all teams check-in a minimum of 1 hour prior to the start of their 1st Game.  At each rink there will be a table set up that will have all the game sheets, gifts etc for all teams playing that day.



We will follow BC Hockey rules in each division.  Score will be kept on the clock (to a 6 goal differential).

Any gross/match penalties will be reviewed by the tournament organizers, and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, which may include a game suspension or ejection from the tournament.



Home Team will wear dark jerseys.  Visitors will wear light jerseys. In the case of teams with only one set, arrangements can be made by team officials prior to the start of the game, between the 2 teams involved.  Please communicate jersey colours with other teams at least 45 mins before game start.


Game Sheets

A team official from each team is responsible for verifying rosters and completing game sheets, prior to the start of each game.



Teams will be allowed four (4) officials and up to nineteen (19) players in the designated bench area during the game.  All teams must have a minimum of ten (10) players including the goalie. The tournament director may waive this minimum player rule.



The only players eligible to play in the tournament are those listed on the roster submitted by the team prior to commencement of their first game of the tournament. No additional players are permitted without the approval of the tournament director.



2006 - 5 team round robin with 4 games each.  Top 2 teams play for championship

2010/2009 - 8 teams = two 4 team round robin, top two teams will then play a 4 team championship, 1v2, 1v2 crossover, winners play for Gold championship. 3rd place teams in round robin will play for 5th place overall,  4th place teams in round robin winners will play for 7th place overall.

2007 - 4 AA teams, 4 A teams.  Each division will play a 3 game round robin with playoffs.

2008 - 12 teams = 6 AA teams play a 4 game round robin.  Top 2 teams play for championship.  4 A teams play a 3 game round robin, followed by semi finals (1v4, 2v3) and a championship game.

2011 - 4 team round robin of 3 games each.  Playoffs will be 1v4, 2v3 followed by championship game.

** We will do our best to place teams in divisions that will be equal ability.  If at the end of the round robin play we have an imbalance inside divisions, teams will be contacted and re-pooling may be considered.**

  Points: Team standings in the round robin will be determined as follows:

2 points for a win

1 point for a tie

0 points for a loss

Game Times - For Round Robin Games

Each team will be allowed a four minute warm up period prior to each game and a one minute break between periods.  Each game will consist of 3 stop time periods of 15 minutes each (third period will reflect time remaining in ice slot and my be shortened at the referees discretion)  There will be no ice cleans between periods. There will be no overtime in round robin games. No timeouts in any games.


Round Robin Tie-Breaker Criteria

In the event that teams are tied in their divisional standings after the round robin series, the following tie-breaker criteria will be used to determine the final standings:

  • head to head (winning team advances)

  • most wins

  • fewest losses

  • least goals against

  • least penalty minutes

  • First goal scored in head to head

  • Coin flip

(We are trying to avoid having teams running up scores)

Game Times – For Final Games

In the Championship round the period lengths will be 15-15-15 (or half of remaining time with overtime allocation considered to be determined by the referee).  In the event of a tie we will have a 3 minute, 3 on 3 sudden death period.  In the event that the game still remains tied we will have a single elimination sudden death shootout.  No player can shoot twice until the entire player roster has shot.   There will be no timeouts allowed in any games. Any penalty in sudden death overtime is an automatic penalty shot for the other team.



No protest will be heard regarding a referees on-ice decision.  All referee decisions are final. Please feel free to discuss with tournament directors for future tournament considerations.



We will  provide qualified officials for all games.  Please remember that the refs may be children too.  Any abuse of officials will not be tolerated, tournament officials will step in and intervene with any parents or coaches who are abusive towards the referees.


**We have hired Connor McCracken as our referee coordinator this year.  Connor is a Jr. level qualified referee. He was selected last year by BC Hockey to officiate at the Western Canadian Championships.  We are happy to have him working for us this year. Connor will not only be scheduling all the referee’s for the weekend, but he will also be reffing games and being present at the rinks throughout the weekend.**


The Fine Print

If for any reason games are not played, there will absolutely be no refunds. If a game is not played due to an “Act of God”, it will be considered a 1 -1 tie.


As always, the most important rule is to have fun!


If you have any questions with regards to the above rules please contact one of the tournament officials.

Twin Rinks - Clarke Wismer (604) 217-6116

Prospera Centre - Jeff Dods (604) 897-6262

Centre Ice - Yvonne Dods (604) 378-4019